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Xerox 8560DT - Phaser Color Solid Ink Printer Evaluator Manual

Phaser 8560 series
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Xerox Phaser


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Phaser ® 8560 color printer Xerox Phaser 8560 ® Evaluator Guide...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Product Overview........1 Xerox Phaser 8560 Configurations ..... . . 2 Section 2 —...
  • Page 3: Section 1 - Introducing The Xerox Phaser 8560 Solid Ink Color Printer

    Solid Ink Color Printer PRODUCT OVERVIEW The Xerox Phaser 8560 solid ink color printer is a high-performance color printer based on Xerox-exclusive solid ink technology. It is designed for busy workgroups in both small and large companies. The Phaser 8560 delivers fast print speeds, an affordable purchase price and unique solid-ink ease of use —...
  • Page 4: Xerox Phaser 8560 Configurations

    Includes all capabilities of the Phaser 8560DT, custom-size paper with the following upgrades: Print Features • Standard — Custom-size pages, Xerox installer, intelligent ready, booklet Controller: printing, Smart Trays, remote printing, job accounting, printer neighborhood, • Hard Drive — Standard 40 GB...
  • Page 5: Section 2 - Evaluating Workgroup Color Printers

    Based on years of experience and research into the real-world needs of color printer users, Xerox has identified some key issues for you to consider as you conduct your color printer evaluations. Workgroup printers are typically shared by as many as 25 people on a day-to-day basis; even more people are likely to use it on a sporadic basis.
  • Page 6: Evaluate Printing Performance

    HOW THE XEROX PHASER 8560 EXCEEDS THE PRINTING PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENT OVERALL PRINT PERFORMANCE The Phaser 8560 is a high-performance color printer based on Xerox-exclusive solid ink technology. It is designed to handle the daily demands of busy workgroups within both small and large companies. Most importantly, it is designed with user flexibility foremost in mind.
  • Page 7: Evaluate Print Quality

    Xerox Solid Ink Technology offers a wide color range that strengthens color control; solid ink output is also more resilient than other printing technologies to changes in temperature, humidity, and media type.
  • Page 8: Evaluate Installation

    IT assistance. For larger organi- zations, the IT department can simply send an email to end users with a link to CentreWare IS or the website, enabling them to launch the print driver installer and follow the same simple installation process.
  • Page 9: Evaluate Ease Of Use

    • Output Options — Settings for walk-up features like secure and proof printing and insertion of separation pages • Xerox Color Correction— Offers a set of advanced features for controlling the color output of your Phaser 8560, with settings for matching the color of other printing devices and computer displays •...
  • Page 10 EVALUATE EASE OF USE (CONTINUED) PRINTINGSCOUT When you send a document to the Phaser 8560, the Xerox-exclusive PrintingScout utility monitors and reports any printer condition that might prevent a print job from completing successfully. A pop-up help window pro- vides appropriate how-to instructions, illustrations and links to help the print job owner quickly identify and resolve his or her printing problem.
  • Page 11 Xerox offers cyan, magenta and yellow solid ink sticks in packs of three, which deliver an average of 3,400 standard pages. Black solid ink sticks are sold in packs of 3 sticks, which deliver an average of 3,400...
  • Page 12: Evaluate Management

    CENTREWARE WEB NETWORK MANAGEMENT UTILITY The CentreWare Web utility provides enterprise management solutions for all devices connected to your network — not just Xerox devices. Install, troubleshoot, configure and produce asset reports for all your devices. Simply install CentreWare Web on a server or computer running Microsoft Windows 2000Professional/Server/Advanced Server, XP or 2003 with Internet Information Services 5.0 or higher,...
  • Page 13 The Advanced Network Management Tools CD shipped with the Phaser 8560 includes: • CentreWare Microsoft Management Console (MMC) — allows seamless installation, configuration and status monitoring of Xerox network printers in the Windows 2000 environment • CentreWare for UNIX — provides enhanced printing and management capabilities for UNIX or Linux environments •...
  • Page 14: Section 3 - Solid Ink Technology

    SECTION 3 Solid Ink Technology INSIDE A SOLID INK COLOR PRINTER Drum Printhead ADVANTAGES Preparing to print. As the printing process • A simple, robust, reliable printing mechanism begins, the long-life maintenance roller • Maintenance roller lasts up to 30,000 prints quickly applies a microscopic layer of (8560 Extended Maintenance Kit only) silicone oil to the heated drum for reli-...
  • Page 15: Section 4 - Configurations, Specifications, Supplies, Support And Information Sources

    10/100Base-TX Ethernet, USB 2.0, IPv6* Print features Custom-size pages, Xerox Installer, Intelligent Ready, Embedded Web Server, PrintingScout, PhaserSMART, Usage Analysis Tool, Booklet printing, Smart Trays, Remote Printing, RAM Collation, Email alerts, Job Accounting, Printer Neighborhood, Job Pipelining, Run Black Productivity kit...
  • Page 16: Specifications

    Xerox CentreWare ® Printer Management for Microsoft, Novell and UNIX; Xerox CentreWare ® IS Embedded Web Server; Device Management Xerox CentreWare Web; Xerox NDPS Gateway; Usage Analysis Tool; PrintingScout ™ ; MaiLinX email alerts; PhaserSMART ® Microsoft: Windows ® XP/2003 Server, Vista; Apple Mac OS ®...
  • Page 17: Supplies, Options And Extended Service Agreements

    PHASER 8560 SUPPLIES, OPTIONS AND EXTENDED SERVICE AGREEMENTS Supplies Part Number Description Capacity Toner Cartridges 108R00723 Genuine Xerox Solid Ink, Cyan (3 sticks) Average 3,400 standard pages 108R00724 Genuine Xerox Solid Ink, Magenta (3 sticks) Average 3,400 standard pages 108R00725 Genuine Xerox Solid Ink, Yellow (3 sticks)
  • Page 18: Support And Information Sources

    SUPPORT AND INFORMATION SOURCES UNRIVALED SERVICE AND SUPPORT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION SOURCES Behind every Xerox product is a large network of customer support Phaser 8560 Front Panel: that’s unrivaled in the industry and available when you need it. • The front panel offers tools and information pages to...
  • Page 20 XEROX CORPORATION in the U.S. and/or other countries. Total Satisfaction Services is a service mark of XEROX CORPORATION. All other trademarks are the property of their respective manufacturers. PANTONE Colors generated may not match PANTONE-identified standards. Consult current PANTONE publications for accurate color. PAN- TONE ‚...