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RCA AH30BR User Manual
RCA AH30BR User Manual

RCA AH30BR User Manual

Universal ac/dc adapter


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Universal AC/DC Adapter
User's Guide
The RCA brand Universal AC/DC Adapter allows you to power portable
devices requiring 300mA or less (AH30BR) or 500mA or less (AH50BR)
using a conventional AC electrical outlet.
1. Set the voltage selector switch to the proper setting for your device.
Refer to the device's user manual for the correct voltage requirement,
or determine the voltage by multiplying the number of AA, AAA, C, or
D batteries required by 1.5—for example, 4 batteries x 1.5 = 6 volts.
Note: Voltage setting may also be found next to the DC jack or on device
information plate.
2. Select the adapter plug tip that best fi ts device.
3. Before inserting the plug tip into the
AC adapter receptacle, you must fi rst
determine the correct polarity of your
device. Polarity is represented by the
following symbols.
Note: Polarity information may be found
next to the DC jack, user manual, or device
information plate. The adapter plug tips have a positive (+) symbol on one side
and a negative (-) symbol on the other side. The AC adapter receptacle says
"TIP" on one side.
4. If your device has positive polarity, align the word "Tip" on the AC
adapter receptacle with the (+) symbol on the adapter plug tip. See
diagram below.
positive adapter receptacle
adapter receptacle
If your device has negative polarity, align the word "Tip" on the AC
adapter receptacle with the (-) symbol on the adapter plug tip. See
diagram below.
5. Connect adapter plug tip into DC jack of your device.
6. Plug the AC adapter into a 110/120-volt standard electrical outlet and
operate device as usual. Important: This power unit is intended to be
correctly oriented in a vertical or fl oor mount position.
7. If your device does not work, IMMEDIATELY unplug the AC adapter and
recheck the instructions carefully, particularly the voltage and polarity
1. Never attempt to power a device for which the voltage or polarity is
unknown. Improper voltage or polarity settings may result in severe
damage to the device or AC Adapter.
2. This AC adapter should never be used with any device that requires more
than 300mA (AH30BR) or 500mA (AH50BR) of current.
3. Disconnect the AC adapter from electrical outlet when not in use.
adapter receptacle
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