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RCA CHU1 Instruction Manual

RCA CHU1 Instruction Manual

Single unit rapid charger professional two-way radio charger


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Single Unit Rapid Charger
Model: CHU1
Intended Use
This universal rapid charger can charge a wide
range of two-way radio rechargeable batteries. The
charger works with the following:
A. Lithium-ion, Lithium Polymer, Ni-CD, Ni-MH
B. Battery capacities between 700mAh and
1. Do not make any modifications to the equipment.
2. Do not replace the battery adapter or the
power adapter with similar parts. This can cause
damage to the charge unit or to the rechargeable
batteries, and will void your warranty.
3. Never attempt to charge alkaline or dry cell
batteries. They may burst causing damage and
personal injury.
4. Never let metal, wire, or other electrical
conductors touch any internal part of the charger.
5. Make sure battery and charger contacts are
always clean; otherwise batteries may not fully
6. Use indoors only. Never expose the charger to
rain, snow or any liquid.
7. Never incinerate used batteries as it may cause an
8. Keep the charger away from television sets or
radios to prevent interference.
9. When charging Li-ion battery, your outlet must
have a protection circuit.
Avoid overcharging – Radios/batteries must
be physically removed from the charger to stop
charging. Batteries should not be left in the
charger for more than 15 hours after the LED
indicator has turned green.
If your batteries have little to no capacity
even after being fully charged, completely
discharge them and then fully charge them again.
If they have very little charge or do not retain a
charge, please purchase a new battery.
Charger Description
1. Power supply adapter
2. 110-240V power supply
3. Charging base. (LED
indicator in front.)
Charging Procedure
1. Connect the adapter (1)
to the charger jack on
the rear of the charging base (3).
2. Plug the power supply (2) into an AC outlet.
3. The LED in the front of the base will be orange
for a few seconds as the unit runs a self-diagnosis.
4. Slide a battery or radio into the charger. Be sure
5. The LED indicator will be orange during battery
6. The LED indicator will be solid red during
7. The LED indicator will begin blinking green when
8. The LED indicator will be a steady green when
9. You may remove the radio and/or battery when
When the LED flashes red, a fault condition exists.
There are three different flash patterns, each
indicating a specific type of issue. The flash patterns
and fault conditions are as follows:
One Flash - Indicates charging complete, but
Two Flashes - Indicates battery contact is "open"
Three Flashes - Indicates over-current condition
1. After a charged battery is removed, the LED
2. Using the charger outside the specified
CHU1 Specifications
Dimensions: 4.5" x 5.4" x 2.6" (115 x 136 x 66mm)
Operating Temp:
Storage Temp:
Adapter Output:
The LED will go dark when the unit is ready.
radio is turned off before insertion into charger
diagnostics, which may last from a few seconds to
a few minutes.
charged capacity is over 90%.
charging is completed.
the LED indicator is steady or blinking green.
battery is under charged. Battery voltage is
below minimum level required. This warning
happens after charging is complete.
and current is not passing through the (+)
and (-) contacts on the battery. This warning
is provided after the initial diagnostic stage
is complete. Check charging pod to confirm
compatibility with battery or contact your RCA
caused by battery short circuit. Have the battery
checked by an RCA technician. Do not attempt
to charge the battery if a short circuit exists.
indicator may remain on for a few seconds. Please
wait for the LED to turn off, before putting
another battery/radio into the charging slot.
temperature range (59° - 86°F/15° - 30°C) may
lead to erratic operation, and batteries can be
9.7 oz. charger only (275g)
59° - 86°F (15° - 30°C)
32° - 149°F (0° - 65°C)
15 - 18V {500mA - 900mA)
FCC Approval
Communications Systems



Summary of Contents for RCA CHU1

  • Page 1 Batteries should not be left in the caused by battery short circuit. Have the battery charger for more than 15 hours after the LED checked by an RCA technician. Do not attempt indicator has turned green. to charge the battery if a short circuit exists.
  • Page 2 6. Connect the power supply to the CHU1. You are broken body or frame, and/or damaged charging or now ready to charge a battery compatible with accessory ports.