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Features; Door Ice Bin; Drop Down Dairy Bin; Door Ice/Water Filter - GE CFE29TSDSS Owner's Manual & Installation Instructions

Ge cafe series energy star 28.6 cu. ft. french-door ice and water refrigerator
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Table of Contents
About the features .

Door ice bin

1. Open left fresh food door.
2. Pull down latch to release bin door.
3. Using handhold lift ice bucket up
and out to clear locators in bottom of bin.
4. To replace the ice bucket, set it on the
guide brackets and push until the ice
bucket seats properly.
5. If bucket cannot be replaced, rotate the
Ice Bucket Fork 1/4 turn clockwise.

Drop down dairy bin

1. Open right fresh food door.
2. Depress both buttons on lower sides and
bin will drop down.
3. Reverse to reinstall.

Door ice/water filter

Remove filter/bypass plug
Push the indent on the cover and open filter
door. Pull up on filter/bypass plug and pull
straight out to remove.
nstalling the filter cartridge
Push the indent at the bottom of the cover
and open. Lift door and align tabs on filter
to filter/holder and push filter into place.
Filter cover is designed to be
reinstalled if accidently removed
Ice bucket
Do not twist
Water & Ice Filter (in door)
Drop tray
(tray open)

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Table of Contents

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