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Service - Truth Or Myth - GE CFE29TSDSS Owner's Manual & Installation Instructions

Ge cafe series energy star 28.6 cu. ft. french-door ice and water refrigerator
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Before you call for service, review the detailed troubleshooting tips in the Owner's
manual. If needed, service can be scheduled by visiting us online GEAppliances.
com or calling 800.432.2737
Truth or Myth
Truth or Myth?
The refrigerator water filter may require replacement,
even though the filter indicator has not turned red, or
reads "Filter Expired."
The automatic ice maker in my refrigerator will
produce ice when the refrigerator is plugged in to a
power receptacle.
After the refrigerator has been plugged in and
connected to water, I will immediately have unlimited
chilled water available from the water dispenser.
After water dispenses, a few drops of water are
I will never see frost inside the freezer compartment.
When the refrigerator is installed, or after replac-
ing the water filter, I must dispense water for five
To fill the ice bucket to the maximum capacity, I
should dispense 12 and 18 hours after installation.
I can use the water filter bypass plug to determine if
the filter requires replacement.
The top of the refrigerator doors will always be
Refrigerator door handles can be easily tightened.
There may be odor and taste problems with your ice.
I can make fine adjustments to the fresh food doors
to align them.
Door handles should always be removed for
The water filter indicator will indicate the need to replace the water filter
every six months. Water quality varies from city to city; if water flow from
the dispenser slows, or ice production decreases, the water filter should
be replaced, even though the filter indicator may not indicate the need for
The refrigerator must be connected to water, and the ice maker must be
turned on. Make sure the ice maker is turned on, only after the water line
is connected and water is turned on. The ice maker can be turned on/
off from the controls and ensure the ice maker is on, as indicated on the
refrigerator control panel. See About the Automatic Ice Maker.
The water dispenser tank located inside the refrigerator stores water
for dispensing. The water in this tank requires 24 hours to chill after
installation. High usage conditions will not allow time for the water to
A few drops of water may fall from the dispenser, after the dispenser
paddle has been released. To minimize the drops, remove the glass
slowly from the dispenser.
Frost inside the freezer typically indicates that the door is not properly
sealed, or has been left open. If frost is found, clear the frost using a
plastic spatula and towel, then check to ensure that no food packages
or containers are preventing the freezer door from closing. Check the
refrigerator control panel to ensure the door alarm is on.
A newly installed refrigerator or water filter contains air in the water lines.
Press the dispenser paddle and dispense cold water for at least 5 minutes
to remove air from the water line, and flush the filter.
Dispensing 3-4 cubes 12 hours and 18 hours after installation, allows ice
to disperse within the ice bucket, which in turns calls on the ice maker to
produce additional ice. Normal ice production = 100 cubes in 24 hours.
Decrease in flow from the water dispenser, or decreased ice production,
may indicate the need to replace the water filter. Install the water filter
bypass plug (provided with the refrigerator), and check flow from the
dispenser. If water flow returns to normal with the bypass plug in place,
replace the water filter.
Several things can affect the fresh food door alignment, including the
floor the refrigerator is installed on, and loading of doors. If the top of
the fresh food doors are not aligned, use a 1/4" allen wrench to adjust
the right hand door. The adjustment screw is located on the bottom right
hand side of the door; open the freezer door to access the screw. The left
hand fresh food door may be raised using spacers. Call 800-GECARES to
obtain the spacers.
If door handles are loose or have a gap, the handle can be adjusted using
a 1/8" allen wrench, on set screws located on the ends of the handles.
After starting the ice maker throw away 24 hours of ice production to
avoid odor and taste problems.
If the fresh food doors are not aligned, use a 1/4" Allen wrench to adjust
the right hand door. The adjustment screw is located on the bottom of the
right door. Open the freezer door to access. The left hand fresh food door
may be raised using spacers. Call 800-GECARES to obtain the spacers.
Check chart on reverse side of this instruction. If the doors must be
removed do not remove the handles, or if the refrigerator will fit easily
through the passage way opening. Adjust handles that are loose or have
a gap, by adjusting 1/8" set screws on either end of handles.

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Table of Contents

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