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Troubleshooting Tips - GE CFE29TSDSS Owner's Manual & Installation Instructions

Ge cafe series energy star 28.6 cu. ft. french-door ice and water refrigerator
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Before you call for service...

Troubleshooting Tips

Save time and money! Review the charts on the following
pages first and you may not need to call for service.
Water filter indicator light
remains lit after replacing filter
Water filter indicator light is not lit
Handle is loose/handle has a gap.
Refrigerator beeping
Not cooling
Water has poor taste/odor
Water in glass is warm
Water dispenser does not work
Water spurting from dispenser
Possible Causes
Water filter indicator must be reset
This is normal. This indicator will turn
on to tell you that you need to replace
the filter soon.
Handle needs adjusting
This is door alarm
The cooling system is off
Water dispenser has not been used
for a long time
Normal when refrigerator is first
Water dispenser has not been used
for a long time
Water system has drained
Water supply line turned off or not
Water filter clogged or filter/bypass
plug not installed
Air may be trapped in the water
Water in reservoir is frozen because
the controls are set too cold
Newly installed filter cartridge
What to Do
On the LCD screen select
Select RESET.
See About the Water Filter for more
See Attach Fresh Food Handle and
Attach the Freezer Handle sections for
detailed instructions.
Turn off or disable with door closed.
If door open and alarm is sounding, you
can only snooze the alarm.
See About Controls.
Dispense water, until all water in system
is replenished.
Wait 24 hours for the refrigerator to
completely cool down.
Dispense water, until all water in system
is replenished.
Allow several hours for replenished
supply to chill.
See Installing the Water Line.
Replace filter cartridge or remove filter
and install bypass plug.
Press the dispenser arm for at least 5
Set the refrigerator control to a warmer
setting and wait 24 hours. If the water
does not dispense after 24 hours, call for
Run cold water from the dispenser for
5 minutes (about 2 gallons)..

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Table of Contents

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