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Acer Aspire User Manual

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User's Guide
User's Guide
User's Guide
User's Guide


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  • Page 1 Aspire Aspire Aspire Aspire User's Guide User's Guide User's Guide User's Guide...
  • Page 2 To solve your problem(s), refer to the "Need Help?" Chapter in the following pages.) Copyright Notice Acer and the Acer logo are registered trademarks; Aspire is an Acer Inc. and Acer America Corporation trademark. Microsoft Windows and the Windows logo are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
  • Page 3 Table of Contents Welcome ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Your Aspire Computer: an Overview ---------------------------------- 7 Using the Audio System at its Best------------------------------------ 20 Adding Options to your Aspire Computer----------------------------- 22 Need Help? -------------------------------------------------------------- 25 Technical Support ------------------------------------------------------- 28 CD-ROM Safety Warning Lithium Batteries Precautions ----------------------------------------- 30 Warranty...
  • Page 4: Before You Start

    • Do not try to service your system: opening or removing its covers exposes you to several risks, including electric shocks. Have your system serviced only by qualified operators. Service and maintenance by people not belonging to the Acer Authorized Technical Support may invalidate your product warranty.
  • Page 5 Unplug your system from the outlet, and contact qualified service personnel, if one (or more) of the following conditions occur(s): a • The power cord or power plug is damaged or worn out. b • Liquid of any kind has been spilled or poured on the product. c •...
  • Page 6 How to Place and Install your System at its Best It is important that you place your computer taking into account ergonomic and security issues. Here you can find some hints to make your working environment safer, handier, and more pleasant.
  • Page 7 Your Aspire Computer: an Overview The system: Aspire Microtower Device Slot Door System LEDs and Hard Disk Activity LEDs Opening Notch Power Switch...
  • Page 8 Installing your Aspire Computer Refer to the Easy Installation step by step supplied with your computer for quick installation instructions. Switching your Computer On and Off You can switch your computer on by pressing the on button, while you have to complete the shutdown procedure (described in the following pages) before switching your computer off.
  • Page 9 Your Mouse Your Mouse Maintenance The screen pointing Your mouse uses a cursor called pointer. Pointers may have different device movements are shapes, generally they assume the shape of an arrow. controlled by a rolling ball Your mouse has a rolling device, and two buttons: placed underneath your a left button, and a right button.
  • Page 10 Your Keyboard Your keyboard has been designed to simplify your computer operations. Some keys directly take you to frequently used applications, while a special knob allows you to adjust the audio volume or to activate the Mute function. Some of the keys may act in different ways according to the application program you are using.
  • Page 11 End Key • Takes you to the end of a line. Page Up / Page Down Keys • Takes you one screen up or down. Backspace Key • Similar to the Canc key, deletes the characters to the cursor's left one by one.
  • Page 12 Your Monitor Refer to the documentation provided with your monitor, for more information about your monitor characteristics and usage. Computer Unit Whether it's dealing with one of your personal letters or with a software program you bought from your reseller, your computer is capable of elaborating data in an electronic format, and storing them on its drives (hard disk, floppy disc, etc.).
  • Page 13 Bay for 3 1/2" Drives Bay for 5 1/4" Drive Protection Door Using Your Floppy Disk Drive Floppy disks are used to copy data on a computer or to copy data from it. They are a useful and cheap way of handling small files. 1 •...
  • Page 14 Formatting a Floppy Disk How to Write Protect a Floppy A floppy disk is a flexible support covered with a magnetic substance, similar Disk to a magnetic tape, on which you can store data in electronic formats. Floppy disks are protected by a rigid plastic case. When the write Before using a floppy disk, you have to format it, to make it able to receive protecting tag is...
  • Page 15 CD and DVD Maintenance Unlike floppy disks, CD-ROM/DVD-ROM can be used only to transfer data to your computer. Your Acer computer can use two types of CD-ROMs: audio disks, A CD/DVD has two sides: and data disks. • The title side, which specifies the CD/DVD Data CDs can contain a lot of information, and big programs.
  • Page 16 Your Aspire computer is ready to be connected to the Internet. Once you have Internet access, you can visit the Acer Web site for updates, send and receive email messages, book your holidays, keep up to date about movies, and many other interesting subjects.
  • Page 17: Connecting An Optional Printer

    Connecting an Optional Printer To use your system at its best, you should connect a printer to it. Using a printer will allow you to generate paper copies of your documents and work. Color printers have become quite inexpensive lately, and using one of them will allow you to get excellent quality graphics: letters, photos, etc..
  • Page 18 Connecting an Optional Serial Device Serial devices are also available on the market, and your computer can handle also a serial interface. The following lines explain how to install a serial device. 1 • Ensure that your computer has been switched off, and that the power cord has been disconnected from the plug.
  • Page 19 Connecting a Joystick or an Optional MIDI Device The Games/MIDI port transforms your Aspire computer into an exciting equipment for entertainment and games. Here are the steps you have to follow to connect the game or MIDI device to your system. 1 •...
  • Page 20 Using the Audio System at its Best Listening to an Audio CD If you want to listen to some music while working on your system, insert an audio CD in the CD-ROM drive, wait from ten to twenty seconds, till your computer automatically detects your audio CD format, and starts to play the CD.
  • Page 21 2 • On the taskbar in the lower part of your screen, click the Volume icon. The volume control is displayed (see picture). You can adjust the volume using your mouse. 3 • Open an application program which includes audio mixer functions.
  • Page 22 Several expansion devices, such as hard disks, memories, and Connecting an USB expansion cards to accomplish several other tasks can be added to Device your Acer Aspire system. Your Aspire computer can support USB Adding expansion devices to your system requires a certain level of...
  • Page 23 Lateral panel screws, and panel sliding directions Removing Covering Panels Lateral Panels Sliding Directions Putting the Covering Panel Back...
  • Page 24 Precautions to Avoid Electrostatic Discharges Before installing a new component, to avoid electrostatic discharges (ESD) always follow these precautions • Electrostatic discharges can cause permanent damage to your computer. • Do not remove a component from its anti-static wrapping unless you are ready to install it.
  • Page 25: Need Help

    Need Help? Acer made their best to provide you with an easy to service and reliable computer. However, unexpected issues may arise. Refer to the hints and tips provided by this troubleshooting section, to diagnose and solve your problems. Troubleshooting Answers to the most frequently asked questions follow: The Start button is not displayed on the screen.
  • Page 26 2 • If this doesn't happen, check that your keyboard's cable has been inserted into the rear panel connector in the right way. 3 • If the problem persists, contact Acer Technical Support. If at boot time your system gives the following warning: Keyboard Error, No Keyboard Connected or Keyboard Interface Error Check that your keyboard has been properly connected, and that it hasn't been unplugged.
  • Page 27 The sound quality is not very good, or it is unusual, or the system doesn't produce any sound at all. 1 • Turn the volume up, using the knob on your keyboard. 2 • In Windows Me, double click the Volume icon (on the taskbar, close to the clock) to verify that the volume is active, and that the mute control has not been activated, or use the knob on your keyboard.
  • Page 28: Technical Support

    Acer are implementing a policy to respect and protect legal rights of intellectual property. Acer do believe that, only when everyone supports such a policy, Acer will be able to provide the users with quality services. Acer are a member of the Technology Committee of the Pacific Basin Economic Council, which encourages the protection and the application of intellectual property rights all over the world.
  • Page 30 CD-ROM Safety Warning Warning: Laser devices release invisible but dangerous radiation: DO NOT OPEN THE CD- ROM DRIVE. CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT PRODOTTO LASER DI CLASSE 1 APPAREIL A LASER DE CLASSE 1 LASER KLASSE 1 LOUKAN 1 LASERLAITE PRODUIT LASER CATEGORIE 1 Precautions Related to the Lithium Batteries Warning: in case of wrong replacement, batteries may explode.
  • Page 31 W W a a r r r r a a n n t t y y G G a a r r a a n n t t i i e e G G a a r r a a n n z z i i a a G G a a r r a a n n t t i i e e...
  • Page 32 Limited Product Warranty...
  • Page 33 6. Carry-In service is performed at Acer Authorized Service Centers. If you chose this service option, installed. the Product will be held for pick - up by you at the Acer Authorized Service Centers after the repair 3) Media & Software Limited Warranty service is completed.
  • Page 34 Software Support 180 days Accessories 6 months Mail-in Please see the Limited Product Warranty in the Acer Customer Services and Warranty Guide for details regarding warranty coverage. For technical support, please call the corresponding phone number in your Country (1) Mail-in: Customer ships the unit to Acer’s...
  • Page 35 Garantiebedingungen Ihr alleiniges Rechtsmittel bei Inanspruchnahme der hier festgelgten c) Acer haftet mit Ausnahme der bereits in Pkt A) Z 3 genannten Datenträger nicht für Schäden an oder eingeschränkten Garantie von Acer ist. den Verlust von Programmen, Daten oder nicht fest mit dem System verbundenen Datenträgern. Die...
  • Page 36 6 Monate Mail-in Genauere Informationen zu den Garantiebedingungen finden Sie im Abschnitt "Beschränkte Produkthaftung" in den Kundendienst- und Garantiebestimmungen von Acer. Technischer Support steht Ihnen unter der entsprechenden Rufnummer Ihres Landes zur Verfügung. (1) Mail-in: Der Kunde schickt das Produkt an die Fachwerkstatt von Acer.
  • Page 37 Per quanto riguarda il software fornito da Acer in dotazione al Sistema, Acer garantisce che i servizio Carry-in o Mail-in nel caso in cui il tecnico inviato da Acer determini che l’area in cui il supporti "rigidi", per esempio dischetti o CD-ROM su cui questo software viene fornito, saranno prodotto si trovi non sia ragionevolmente accessibile o sicura.
  • Page 38 Produits Estensione della garanzia Per ulteriori informazioni o per ordinare un’opzione di upgrade della garanzia, visitare l’indirizzo Internet di Acer oppure chiamare il numero telefonico indicato per il proprio paese. La rottura del sigillo annulla la garanzia...
  • Page 39 à l’extérieur du " Champ Territorial " de la présente Garantie, (à 9. Vous devrez fournir à Acer la preuve du lieu et de la date d’achat (par ex., vous devrez joindre au Produit une copie de la facture d’achat d’origine).
  • Page 40 Système d'exploitation (OEM) Accessoires 6 mois : Mail-in Les détails concernant l’étendue de la garantie sont fournis dans le Guide des services d’assistance et de Garantie d’Acer. Pour le support technique, appeler le numéro de téléphone de votre pays (1) Mail-in: Le client envoie l’unité...
  • Page 41 Acer contacts 016150820215 B - L +32.078150023 018009369 01805009898 38487342 902101429 0825002237 036101800 02073652486 0931469411 EIRE 014073214 80084880 09002020767 0858770543

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