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Acer Aspire Notebook Series Quick Manual

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Aspire Notebook Series

Product registration

When using your product for the first time, it is recommended that you immediately
register it. This will give you access to some useful benefits, such as:
Faster service from our trained representatives.
Membership in the Acer community: receive promotions and participate in customer
The latest news from Acer.
Hurry and register, as other advantages await you!
How to register
To register your Acer product, please visit Select your country, click
PRODUCT REGISTRATION and follow the simple instructions.
You will also be asked to register your product during the setup process, or you can
double-click the Registration icon on the desktop.
After we receive your product registration, you will be sent a confirmation email with
important data that you should keep in a safe place.
Obtaining Acer accessories
We are happy to inform you that Acer's warranty extension program and Notebook
accessories are available online. Come and visit our online shop and find what you need
The Acer store is being progressively rolled out, and, unfortunately may not be available
in some regions. Please check back regularly to see when it will be available in your
Quick Guide


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Acer Aspire Notebook Series

  • Page 1: Product Registration

    Come and visit our online shop and find what you need at The Acer store is being progressively rolled out, and, unfortunately may not be available in some regions. Please check back regularly to see when it will be available in your...
  • Page 2 © 2012. All Rights Reserved. Aspire Notebook Series Quick Guide Original Issue: 05/2012 Model number: __________________________________ Serial number: ___________________________________ Date of purchase: ________________________________ Place of purchase: ________________________________ Acer recommends... Productivity Software ® Work Great with Microsoft Office 2010 - Express your ideas, solve problems and simplify everyday projects with Office 2010.
  • Page 3: First Things First

    First things first We would like to thank you for making an Acer notebook your choice for meeting your mobile computing needs. Your guides To help you use your Acer notebook, we have designed a set of guides: First off, the Setup Poster helps you get started with setting up your computer.
  • Page 4: Your Acer Notebook Tour

    Your Acer notebook tour After setting up your computer as illustrated in the setup poster, let us show you around your new Acer notebook. Screen and front view Icon Item Description Webcam Web camera for video communication. LCD screen Displays computer output.
  • Page 5: Keyboard View

    Keyboard view Icon Item Description For entering data into your computer. Caution: Do not use a keyboard protector or Keyboard similar cover as the keyboard includes ventilation intakes for cooling. Touch-sensitive pointing device. The touchpad and selection buttons form a single surface.
  • Page 6: Rear View

    Rear view 3 4 5 Icon Item Description Connects to a Kensington-compatible Kensington lock slot computer security lock. Wrap the computer security lock cable around an immovable object such as a table or handle of a locked drawer. Insert the lock into the notch and turn the key to secure the lock.
  • Page 7: Left View

    Left view 3 4 5 Icon Item Description DC-in jack Connects to an AC adapter. Optical drive Internal optical drive; accepts CDs or DVDs. Optical disk access Lights up when the optical drive is active. indicator Optical drive eject Ejects the optical disk from the drive. button Ejects the optical drive tray when the computer is turned off.
  • Page 8: Base View

    Base view Icon Item Description Allows the computer to stay cool. Ventilation and cooling Do not cover or obstruct the openings. Simulates removing and reinstalling the battery Battery reset pinhole Insert a paperclip into the hole and press for four seconds to reset the computer. Speakers Deliver stereo audio output.
  • Page 9: Connecting To The Internet

    Acer Green Instant On The Acer Green Instant On feature allows your computer to wake up from Sleep mode in less than the time it takes to open the lid. When you close...
  • Page 10 LED will be turned off. In this state, battery life lasts up to 50 days. Press the power button to wake up from Deep Sleep. Note: You can change the delay before entering Deep Sleep with Start > All Programs > Acer > Deep Sleep Settings. Part no.: NC.RZC11.001 Ver.: 01.01.01...

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