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Altering The Pan Settings; Tilting; Switching Off; Power Failure - Electrolux Thermetic 583394 Operating Instructions Manual

Thermetic tilting boiling pans, round, gas heated


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the cooking time appears on the display (AD).
The program-linked cooking process is switched off by
pressing the HACCP button (C). The appliance is then
switched off according to 5.5.
A separate set of operating instructions contains information
on the programming, analysing, logging and documenting of
cooking processes using an external computer.

Altering the pan settings

Altering the nominal values while working
All the nominal values programmed in originally can be easily
altered during the working process by setting the buttons for
temperature (T), for the cooking time (D) and for the starting
time (Z) to the new values. When the buttons are turned, the
nominal value will appear flashing on the relevant display. If
the nominal value is not altered for a few seconds, the display
reverts to the actual value.
Altering the cooking programmes while working
Switching off the button (TT) will interrupt the heating/cooking
process. Switching off the cooking time button (DT) reverts to
continuous cooking. Switching off the starting time button (ZT)
deletes the programmed-in starting time. The appliance can be
started manually.


The boiling pan is tilted with the help of an electric motor. It
only works when the power isolator (H) (only available as an
option) and the control switch (S) are switched on by turning
from position 0 to I.
Lamp (LS) will light up.
Tilting at variable speed by turning the tilting knob (K):
Emptying the pan turn to the right
Tilting back turn to the left
Turning the knob further will accelerate the tilting function.
Tilting knob
Fig. 6
Left-hand console (at the top)
Tilting is only to be activated with lid fully open and with the
swivel outlet of the water mixing unit in the correct position
(precisely towards the front) and where no object is present
under the appliance in the tilting zone. The boiling pan is tilted
down by turning tilting switch clockwise (to the right) and tilted
up by turning it anticlockwise (to the left). Tilting at variable
speed will only take place as long as the tilting switch (K) is
held in the tilting position. On being released, the switch
returns to the neutral, centre position and due to the drive self-
locking, the boiling pan immediately comes to rest, whatever
the position and filling level. The tilting motor is automatically
switched off in the extreme positions of the boiling pan; the
horizontal and fully tilted positions, so any further actuation of
the tilting switch (K) has no effect.
The heating can no longer be operated with even the smallest
degree of tilt from the horizontal.
Select the rate of tilting so that the produce is discharged in the
region of the pouring lip. This is easy to do by varying the tilting
speed. Avoid spillage of the contents over the rim of the boiling
The appliance is shut down by turning the power isolator (H)
(available as an option) as well as the control switch (S) to
zero. All lights will go out when this is done.
In the case of faults, the appliance must also be disconnected
from all supply connections (mains supply, gas)
The loss of mains electricity while a cooking pan is being used
can result in cooking being halted or interrupted. Cooking staff
are then required to make an additional intervention in the con-
trols or to monitor further processing.
Power failure when:
The cooking process is taking
The cooking process has
been programmed with a
starting time although this has
not yet expired

Switching off

Power failure

The measure to be imple-
mented to restart the cooking
process after the mains sup-
ply has been restored
Press the key (TT)
After the mains supply has
been restored, the starting
time comes to an end and the
heating process starts auto-
matically without any interven-
tion in the controls
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