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Shutting Down; Additional Functions - Electrolux Thermetic 583394 Operating Instructions Manual

Thermetic tilting boiling pans, round, gas heated


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Shutting down

TT Button, activation of settings
Lamp, cooking temperature
DT Button, cooking time
LD Lamp, cooking time expires
ZT Button, starting time
LZ Lamp, starting time
LR Lamp, soft settings
Button, acoustic signal
Button, soft
LS Lamp, temperature
AT Display, cooking tempera-
Temperature selection knob
AD Display, remaining cooking
Cooking time knob
AZ Display, time
Starting time knob
Control switch
Fig. 4
Right console
An acoustic signal sounds when cooking is over. This is
acknowledged by pressing the button (Q).
The power supply is then switched off.
All activated functions are subsequently switched off:
Press the pre-set temperature button (TT) for some sec-
Lamp (LT) goes out.
Press the cooking time button (DT).
Lamp (LD) goes out.
Press the starting time button (ZT).
Lamp (LZ) goes out.
Switch off the Soft button (R), if this was activated.
Switch off the control switch (S).
Turn from position I to 0. Lamp (LS) goes out.
0 = Off
Switch off the power isolator (H) (only available as an
Turn from position I to 0.
0 = Off
After cooking has been completed, the control switch (S) is
switched off.
Turn from position I to 0.
The lamp (LS) goes out.
0 = Off
Switch off the power isolator (H) (only available as an option).
Turn from position I to 0.
0 = Off
The appliance can be switched off before cooking has been
If the function buttons (TT), (DT) and (ZT) are switched on and
switching off is only done by means of the control switch (S),
all the functions and previously set data for temperature, cook-
ing time and starting time remain saved and active when the
switch (S) is turned on again.
If the appliance develops a fault, the electrical switch in the
building must also be switched off and the main gas valve
must be closed.
Pressing the Soft button (R) adapts the power supply to the
food, i.e. reduces it.The lamp (LR) on the button (R) lights up if
the soft setting has been switched on.The following functions
are activated by pressing button (Q):
1. All displays
Food temperature (AT)
Cooking time (AD)
Starting time (AZ)
flash indicating the nominal value that has been pro-
grammed in.
2. Acknowledgement of the acoustic signal when cooking has
been completed.
3. Acknowledgement of error messages (see section 12, Trou-
ZT Button, starting time
LZ Lamp, starting time
LR Lamp, soft settings
AZ Display, time
Fig. 5
Cooking using the SOFT setting
Normally (Soft setting deactivated), the food is heated up at
maximum power and in the shortest possible heating-up time.
This method of operation is suited to food with a high water
content and which has good heat conductivity properties.
When maximum power is used to heat them up, viscous, pasty
and difficult to heat food (dairy products) tends to dry out along
the heated surface of the pan, to turn dark and to burn. When
the Soft setting is activated, the heating power is automatically
adapted via the temperature difference to the type of food.
Heating-up times are extended a little although the pre-set
temperature is reached without the food sticking or burning.
Display (AZ) shows the clock time and display (AT) shows the
actual temperature of the pan when the control switch (S)
alone is switched on.
If the energy supply is switched on by the (TT) button, the
actual temperature of the boiling pan is shown on the display
(AT) and the excess pressure in the boiling pan jacket is
shown in bar on the display (AZ). To emphasis the latter, a "P"
is placed in front of the pressure value.
Appliances can be optionally equipped with the program-linked
cooking process procedure THERMACAM. Cooking proc-
esses can be programmed, analysed, logged and documented
and are thus part of the HACCP system (HACCP = hazard
analysis and critical control points).
The program system is started by pressing the HACCP
button (C).
The lamp (LC) lights up.
The number of the cooking program appears on the display
(AZ): HP 00 to 99.
The program number can be changed by turning the knob
After setting the desired program, the cooking process is
started by pressing the key (TT).
The nominal temperature is shown on the display (AT) and

Additional functions

Button, acoustic signal
Button, soft
Starting time knob
Right console
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