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JVC KD-R540 Instruction Manual

Jvc - cd - apple ipod -ready - in-dash deck with detachable faceplate.
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8/15/12 3:41:14 PM

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    EN_KD-A645_R640_540_440[J]f.indd 1 8/15/12 3:41:14 PM...

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    EN_KD-A645_R640_540_440[J]f.indd 2 7/24/12 12:21:21 PM...

  • Page 3: Faceplate & Remote Control

    L SOURCE VOL + VOL – L SOURCE SOURCE L SOURCE DISP EN_KD-A645_R640_540_440[J]f.indd 3 8/23/12 3:19:11 PM...

  • Page 4: Settings

    CLOCK CLOCK ADJ AUTO: The clock time is automatically set using the Clock Time (CT) data in FM Radio Broadcast Data System signal. ; OFF: Cancels. CLOCK DISP ON: The clock time is shown on the display even when the unit is turned off. ; OFF: Cancels.

  • Page 5: Using Radio

    MENU [TUNER] MENU L SOURCE SSM 01 – 06 / SSM 07 – 12 / SSM 13 – 18: Automatically presets up to 18 stations for FM. “SSM” stops flashing when the first 6 stations are stored. Select SSM 07 – 12 / SSM 13 – 18 to store the following 12 stations. AREA AREA US: For North/Central/South America, AM/FM intervals: 10 kHz/200 kHz.

  • Page 6: Cd/usb/ipod

    Label side 1 ∞ 2 5 5 ∞ USB input terminal USB 2.0 cable (commercially available) MENU USB input terminal MENU USB 2.0 cable (accessory of the iPod/iPhone) iPod. 4 iPod MODE [HEAD MODE] [IPOD MODE] [EXT MODE] [HEAD MODE] [IPOD MODE] [IPOD SWITCH] ( [HEAD MODE]...

  • Page 7: Aux, Illumination

    3.5 mm (1/8") stereo mini plug with “L” shaped connector (commercially available) Portable audio player MENU Auxiliary input jack [COLOR] [COLOR SETUP] [ON] [AUX] [SRC SELECT] ( L SOURCE MENU COLOR [BUTTON ZONE] [DISP ZONE] [ALL ZONE] BUTTON ZONE COLOR 01 to COLOR 29: The selected color is shown on the selected zone. [COLOR 06] USER: The color you have created in [COLOR SETUP] is shown on the selected zone.

  • Page 8: Pandora Internet Radio, Siriusxm

    Antenna [ON] [PANDORA] [SRC SELECT] ( SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner Expansion port on the rear panel MENU USB input terminal [NEW STATION] [FROM TRACK] [FROM ARTIST] USB 2.0 cable* (accessory of the iPhone/iPod touch) MENU L SOURCE [BY DATE] [A–Z] L SOURCE MENU [THIS TRACK]...

  • Page 9

    CH LOCK To unlock settings: 1 Turn the volume knob to select a number. 2 Press E / F to move to the entry position. 3 Repeat steps 1 and 2 to enter the current pass code. (Initial pass code is [MATURE CH] [ON] 0000.)

  • Page 10: Audio Settings

    AUDIO FADER R06 — F06 (00): Adjusts the front and rear speaker output balance. BALANCE L06 — R06 (00): Adjusts the left and right speaker output balance. BASS BOOST +01 / +02: Selects your preferred bass boost level. ; OFF: Cancels. LOUD LOW / HIGH: Boosts low or high frequencies to produce a well- balanced sound at low volume.

  • Page 11

    “JVC Music Control.” Reader. • When you use an audio file with database added using the “JVC • This unit can play back multi-session discs; however, unclosed • Connecting a cable whose total length is longer than 5 m may Playlist Creator”...

  • Page 12

    Symptom Remedy Symptom Remedy • Adjust the volume to the optimum level. • Check the connection between this unit and iPod/iPhone. • Check the cords and connections. • Detach and reset the iPod/iPhone using hard reset. • Be sure the rear ground terminal connected to the car’s chassis •...

  • Page 13

    20 W RMS 4 Channels at 4 Ω USB 1.1, USB 2.0 and ≤ 1% THD+N Max. 12 Mbps 4 Ω (4 Ω to 8 Ω allowance) Mass storage class 40 Hz to 20 000 Hz FAT 32/16/12 80 dB A (reference: 1 W into 4 Ω) MP3/WMA 2.5 V/10 kΩ...

  • Page 14

    • The unit can only be used with a 12 V DC power supply, negative ground. • Disconnect the battery’s negative terminal before wiring and mounting. • Do not connect Battery wire (yellow) and Ignition wire (red) to the car chassis or Ground wire (black) to prevent a short circuit.

  • Page 15: Wiring Diagram, Parts List & View

    Signal cord (not supplied) JVC Amplifier A Faceplate Front output Rear/subwoofer output Rear/subwoofer output Fuse (10 A) Vehicle dashboard Rear ground terminal Remote wire B Mounting sleeve (not supplied) Antenna terminal Factory wiring harness Light blue/yellow To the steering wheel...

  • Page 16

    EN_KD-A645_R640_540_440[J]f.indd 16 8/15/12 11:43:19 AM...

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