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Brother BAS-416 Manual page 6

Wiper problems and solutions
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Checking the thread guide solenoid base, thread presser base, and wiper holder plate.
Thread Guide Solenoid Base
Move the solenoid arm in the direction of the arrow with your finger. The upper thread
guard hook (wiper) should move easily. If not loosen the three mounting screws and
rotate the thread presser base until it does. Will need to go back and adjust the wiper
holder plate after finishing.
Thread Presser Base
If the first or last needle, 9 or 12, cause the upper thread guard hook (wiper) to stick at
one end then loosen the two screws at that end and adjust the thread presser base until
the wiper moves freely in and out. After adjusting make sure that the presser foot does
not touch the thread presser base after adjustment.
Wiper Holder Plate
First in inspect the wiper holder plate to make sure that it is not bent. Then check that it
very lightly touches the thread hook plate with the wiper in the up position. If not, loosen
the screw that attaches it to the machine and adjust as necessary.
Solenoid Arm
Wiper Holder Plate
Thread Hook Plate
Upper thread guard Hook (Wiper)
Presser Foot
Thread Guide Solenoid
Base mounting screws
Thread Presser Base
mounting screws
Thread Presser Base


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