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Kenwood DVF-3500 Instruction Manual

Dvd/vcd/cd player
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Declaration of Conformity with regard to the EMC Directive
Kenwood Corporation
2967-3 Ishikawa-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo, 192-8525 Japan
EU Representative's:
Kenwood Electronics Europe BV
Amsterdamseweg 37, 1422 AC UITHOORN, The Netherlands
© B60-5767-08/00 (E, X)


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 DVD/VCD/CD PLAYER DVF-3500 INSTRUCTION MANUAL Declaration of Conformity with regard to the EMC Directive 2004/108/EC Manufacturer: Kenwood Corporation 2967-3 Ishikawa-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo, 192-8525 Japan EU Representative's: Kenwood Electronics Europe BV Amsterdamseweg 37, 1422 AC UITHOORN, The Netherlands © B60-5767-08/00 (E, X)
  • Page 2: Before Applying Power

    Before applying power Caution: Read this page carefully to ensure safe operation. Units are designed for operation as follows. Australia ..........AC 240 V only Europe ...........AC 230 V only Information on Disposal of Old Electrical and Electronic Equipment (applicable for EU countries that have adopted separate waste collection systems) Pr o d u c t s w i t h t h e s y m b o l (c r o s s e d - o u t...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Caution: Read this page carefully to ensure safe operation. Read Instructions – All the safety and operating instructions 12. Servicing – Do not attempt to service this product yourself should be read before the product is operated. as opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous Retain Instructions –...
  • Page 4: Accessories

    If any accessories are missing, or if the unit is damaged or fails to operate, notify your dealer immediately. If the unit was shipped to you directly, notify your shipper immediately. Kenwood recommends that you retain the original carton and packing materials in case you need to move or ship the unit in the future.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Special features • Higher video quality than S-VHS video and LaserDisc • Higher audio quality than music CD • Graphical User Interface (G.U.I.) • MPEG1 , MPEG2 fi les, DivX ® video playback • MP3, WMA and JPEG fi les playback This document classifies the applications of each feature using the following marks.
  • Page 6: Disc Information

    Disc information Types of playable discs The system this unit is using does not only play music from CD but can also play the discs listed below to offer you high-quality enter- tainment of video of movies and live concerts. DVD VIDEO Playable Disc CD (CD-R, CD-RW)
  • Page 7: Region Codes

    Region codes Every player of this model has a certain region code assigned to it based on the country where the player is used. When the player is used to play back DVD VIDEO discs, it can only play the DVD VIDEO discs carrying the region codes matching the region code of the player.
  • Page 8: Playable Files With This Unit

    Playable files with this unit File Specifications Category / Item Extension Detail (Audio) Media MOVIE [file size : 4GB (Max.)] MPEG1 .MPG, .MPEG Video resolution : 352 x 288 (Max.) Mpeg1 Layer1 & 2 Bit Rate : 1.5M bps (Max.) MPEG2 .MPG, .MPEG Video resolution : 720 x 576 (Max.)
  • Page 9: Video Formats

    Video formats The TV picture display and disc signal systems can be divided TV formats of major countries roughly into two TV formats (NTSC and PAL). TV Format Major Countries & Areas They are variable depending on countries and areas. Japan, Taiwan, Korea, USA, Canada, Mexico, NTSC Philippines, Chile, etc.
  • Page 10: For Your Information

    For your information Handling of disc Handling of disc Handling precautions Cautions on discs Hold a disc taking care not to touch the played surface. The disc rotates at a high speed during playback. Never use a cracked, chipped or greatly warped disc. Otherwise, dam- age or malfunction of the player may result.
  • Page 11: Connections

    Connections CAUTION Caution for connection Observe the following cautions when installing the system. Do not plug the power cord into the power outlet until all Insufficient heat radiation may build up internal heat and other connections are completed. Before unplugging a con- cause a malfunction or fire hazard.
  • Page 12 Connections Connecting to a TV with Component input terminal Connecting to a TV with Component input terminal Refer to "TV Output Select (only for Europe)" on page 17. Video cord Audio cord Rear panel example (for Europe) Component cords (Commercially available) DVF-3500...
  • Page 13 Connecting to an Audio component Connecting to an Audio component For playback of DTS audio, please connect an AV receiver or an AV amplifier which can decode DTS by digital connection. Audio cord Coaxial cable Rear panel example (for Europe) AUDIO VIDEO COAXIAL OPTICAL...
  • Page 14: Controls And Indicators

    Controls and indicators Main unit Standby mode Display At the time of power off with the power cord inserted into • DVD video: a power outlet, a small amount of power is supplied to the Elapsed time of the title being played. system to back up the memory.
  • Page 15 REPEAT key (See page 24.) Operation Operation Repeats playback. A-B key (See page 25.) Repeats sequence from point A to point B. Remote sensor MARKER key (See page 27.) Marks any point during playback. 6 m (approx.) SEARCH key (See page 27.) Displays Marker Search menu.
  • Page 16: Set Up Functions

    Set Up functions When you turn on for the first To display and exit the Menu To display and exit the Menu time 1 Press [SETUP] key to display the menu. A second press of [SETUP] key will take you back to initial screen.
  • Page 17: Language

    LANGUAGE Note: Once the setting for progressive scan output is entered, an image will only be visible on a progressive scan compatible TV or monitor. If you set Progressive Scan to "On" in error, press and hold [ 7 ] key for about 3 seconds.
  • Page 18: Lock (Parental Control)

    Set Up functions Sample Freq. (Frequency) 3 Select a rating from 1 to 8 using the Cursor up/ down [ 5 / ∞ ] keys. If your receiver or amplifier is NOT capable of handling 96 kHz signals, select 48 kHz. When this choice is made, this unit auto- Rating 1-8: Rating one (1) has the most restrictions and rating matically converts any 96 kHz signals to 48 kHz so your system eight (8) is the least restrictive.
  • Page 19: Others

    The rental has been expired. OTHERS Rental Expired Done Display the authorization error. Set Playback Control (PBC) to On or Off. Authorization Error On: Video CDs with PBC are played according to the PBC. This player is not authorized Off: PBC is switched off and normal playback is made. to play this video.
  • Page 20: Hierarchical Structure Of Vcd Menus (P.b.c. Function)

    Set Up functions Hierarchical structure of VCD menus (P.B.C. function) When an item is selected on the menu screen during playback of a P.B.C.-compatible VCD, another menu with more details items may be displayed. When a number of menus are connect- ed in multiple layers in this way, it is said that the menus have a hierarchical structure.
  • Page 21: Dvd Menu Language Code List

    DVD menu language code list Language Code Language Code Language Code Language Code Abkhazian 6566 Fiji 7074 Lingala 7678 Singhalese 8373 Afar 6565 Finnish 7073 Lithuanian 7684 Slovak 8375 Afrikaans 6570 French 7082 Macedonian 7775 Slovenian 8376 Albanian 8381 Frisian 7089 Malagasy 7771...
  • Page 22: Basic Playback Of Disc

    Basic playback of disc On-Screen Display during playing DivX On screen display The on-screen Banner Display contains many playback features. Track Number To see the Banner Display, press [ON SCREEN] key while a disc is playing. Use the Cursor up/down [ 5 / ∞ ] keys to move through the different features in the Banner Display.
  • Page 23: Basic Play

    Basic play To start playback of audio CD, DivX, To start playback of audio CD, DivX, MP3, WMA or JPEG files MP3, WMA or JPEG files Label side It is not possible to play back folders and files that exceed the POWER maximum limitations of the media.
  • Page 24: Disc Playback Features

    Basic playback of disc Disc playback features Searching Searching During playback, press the [ 4 ] or [ ¢ ] key for more than 2 seconds to select the searching speed, then release the key. Each press and hold the [4] or [¢] key switches the searching speed.
  • Page 25: A-B Repeat Play

    A-B Repeat play Program play The A-B repeat function lets you mark a segment to repeat You can listen to the desired tracks of the current CD, MP3 or between the beginning "A" and the end "B" of the segment you WMA in any desired order.
  • Page 26: Movie Disc Playback

    Movie disc playback Basic playback of disc To repeat program play To repeat program play During program playback, press the [REPEAT] key. Each press switches the selection. 1 "TRACK" : repeats the current track or file. ON SCREEN 2 "ALL" : repeats all the tracks (files) on programmed list. SLOW 3 Goes off (repeat off) Note:...
  • Page 27: Select Audio Language

    At the time of VCD playback Using Marker Press the numeric keys, then press the [ £ ] key. The marker feature lets you mark a point on the disc that you To select track No. 23: 2, 3 and £ can go to quickly.
  • Page 28: Select Camera Angle

    Movie disc playback Notes: Select Camera angle • The subtitle feature only works if the disc was created with mul- tiple subtitle tracks. • The subtitle menu of the disc appears in some discs. Some disc contains multiple angles particular scene or se- •...
  • Page 29: Time Search

    Time Search To start playing at any chosen time on the disc. ENTER ON SCREEN CLEAR Numeric keys 1 During playback, press the [ON SCREEN] key. 2 Press Cursor up/down [ 5 / ∞ ] keys to select the time clock icon. Time clock icon •...
  • Page 30: Music Disc Playback

    Music disc playback To display the ID3 tag When playing a file containing information such as track titles, you can see the information by pressing [ON SCREEN] key. Press the [ON SCREEN] key to display the ID3 tag. • Title, Artist, Album, Year and Comment display appears on the TV screen.
  • Page 31: Photo Files Playback (Jpeg Files Only)

    Photo files playback (JPEG files only) To rotate picture Press the Cursor up/down [ 5 / ∞ ] keys to rotate the picture clockwise or counter clockwise. RETURN ENTER ZOOM To hide the menu bar Press the [RETURN] keys to hide the menu bar. To start playback Hide Menu bar...
  • Page 32: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Troubles are not always due to malfunction or failure of the system. In case of a trouble, check the following tales before calling for ser- vice. Operation to reset The microprocessor may fall into malfunction (impossibility to operate erroneous display, etc.) when the power cord is unplugged while power is ON or due to an external factor.
  • Page 33 Symptom Remedy The voice or subtitle language selected • Use a DVD disc containing the recording of the selected voice or subtitle language. in the initial setting is not played. • Press [SUBTITLE] or the [AUDIO] key on the remote and select the language. •...
  • Page 34: Specifications

    Specifications [Type] System ..............DVD video player Laser ..............Semiconductor laser [Audio Block] Frequency response Sampling frequency ; 44.1 kHz ......4 Hz ~ 20 kHz Sampling frequency ; 48 kHz ........ 4 Hz ~ 22 kHz Sampling frequency ; 96 kHz ....... 4 Hz ~ 44 kHz Signal to noise ratio ...........
  • Page 35 This product incorporates copyright protection technology that is protected by U.S. patents and other intellectual property rights. Use of this copyright protection technology must be authorized by Macrovision, and is intended for home and other limited viewing uses only unless otherwise authorized by Macrovision. Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited. CONSUMERS SHOULD NOTE THAT NOT ALL HIGH DEFINITION TELEVISION SETS ARE FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH THIS PRODUCT AND MAY CAUSE ARTIFACTS TO BE DISPLAYED IN THE PICTURE.
  • Page 36 For your records Record the serial number, found on the back of the unit, in the spaces designated on the warranty card, and in the space provided below. Refer to the model and serial numbers whenever you call upon your dealer for information or service on this product.