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Chain Saw

Instruction Manual

Users of this equipment risk injury to themselves and others if the unit is used improperly
and/or safety precautions are not followed. ECHO provides an operator's manual and a
safety manual. Both must be read and understood for proper and safe operation. Failure to
do so could result in serious injury.


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   Summary of Contents for Echo CS-330T

  • Page 1: Chain Saw

    Users of this equipment risk injury to themselves and others if the unit is used improperly and/or safety precautions are not followed. ECHO provides an operator’s manual and a safety manual. Both must be read and understood for proper and safe operation. Failure to do so could result in serious injury.
  • Page 2 The Kick Guard device is not installed on the guide bar ® when you purchase your ECHO chain saw. The Kick Guard can be used in a majority of cutting operations, and is ® especially recommended for beginners, homeowners, or chain saw novices.
  • Page 3 19. Spark arrestor mufflers approved to SAE Standard J335b are Standard on ECHO Chain saws to reduce the possibility of forest fires. Do not operate the chain saw with a loose or defective muffler. Do not remove...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Rules for Safe Operation ...2 International Symbols ...5 Emission Data ...6 Packing List ...6 Description...6 Nomenclature of Parts ...7 Preparation for Use ...8 Fuel and Lubricant ...10 Operation ... 11 - Starting Cold Engine ...12 - Starting Warm Engine ...13 - Stopping ...13 Cutting Instructions ...14 Maintenance and Care ...17...
  • Page 5: Description

    If a decal can- not be read, a new one can be ordered from your ECHO dealer. Chain oil fill Chain oil pump Chain oiler adjustment...
  • Page 6 After opening the carton, check for damage. Immediately notify your retailer or ECHO Dealer of damaged or missing parts. Use the contents list to check for missing parts.
  • Page 7 Cs-330t, Cs-360t 1. Hand guard (Chain brake actuating lever) 2. Ignition/Choke Lever 3. Throttle control trigger 4. Throttle control lockout oMenClatuRe of 5. Air cleaner cover 9. Fuel tank cap 6. Pull starter 10. Saw chain 7. Front handle 11. Guide bar 8.
  • Page 8 RepaRation foR KICK GUARD® TO BAR INSTRUCTIONS For saws with Kick Guard cal or asymmetrical low-kick type guide bars. 1. Install bolt (A) in rear hole (B) of Kick Guard through front hole (C) in guide bar. 2. IMPORTANT: Dimple in Kick Guard recess in guide bar (E).
  • Page 9 7. Turn saw over and check brake band (O) for cor- rect position around clutch drum (P). If brake band is not in place around drum, remove clutch cover, make sure brake is released, and reinstall. DANGER Never operate saw if chain brake does not function properly, otherwise saw damage and serious personal injury could result.
  • Page 10: Fuel And Lubricant

    WARNING Alternative fuels, such as E-15 (15% ethanol), E-85 (85% ethanol) or any fuels not meeting ECHO requirements are NOT approved for use in ECHO 2-stroke gasoline engines. Use of alternative fuels may cause performance problems, loss of power, overheating, fuel vapor lock, and unintended machine operation, including, but not limited to, improper clutch engagement.
  • Page 11: Operation

    • Do not use used or reclaimed oil to avoid various oiler problems. • Use ECHO bar and chain oil. • When ECHO bar and chain oil is not available: Use motor oil, etc. • Use bar and chain oil of the following grades: SAE NO.
  • Page 12: Starting Cold Engine

    STARTING COLD ENGINE WARNING Make sure bar and chain are not touching anything when start- ing the saw. 1. Move chain brake lever (E) fully forward to lock chain brake before starting. 2. Fill the fuel tank with fuel. Do not over fill. 3.
  • Page 13: Starting Warm Engine

    2. Move chain brake lever (E) fully forward to lock chain brake. NOTE If engine does not stop, move ignition/choke lever forward to choke position ( ) to stop engine. Return the unit to your authorized ECHO dealer to check and repair stop switch before starting the engine again.
  • Page 14: Cutting Instructions

    Kickback uttinG nstRuCtions WARNING Read the ECHO “CHAIN SAW SAFETY MANUAL” included with your chain saw for additional cutting and safety instruc- tions. Failure to obey all instructions may result in serious or fatal injuries. In all circumstances the operation of the chain saw is a one-man job.
  • Page 15: Felling A Tree

    fellinG a tRee DIRECTION OF FALL 45° Direction of fall 2” First cut Notch Second cut One-third tree diameter liMBinG WARNING A falling tree can seriously damage anything it may hit - a car, a house, a fence, a power line, or another tree. There are ways to make a tree fall where you want it, so first decide where that is! Before cutting, clear the area around the tree.
  • Page 16 Uphill position BuCKinG FINISH CUT FIRST CUT KiCKBaCK • Improper thrust cutting. • When the bar nose hits another tree, etc. Don’t cut with the saw overhead or the bar in a vertical po- sition. If the saw should kick back you may not have good enough control to prevent possible injury.
  • Page 17: Maintenance And Care

    ECHO Service Dealer for maintenance. To help you decide whether you want to DO-IT-YOURSELF or have the ECHO Dealer do it, each maintenance task has been graded. If the task is not listed see your Echo dealer for repairs.
  • Page 18: Air Filter

    AIR FILTER 1. Close choke (Cold Start Position [ entering the carburetor throat when the air filter is removed. Brush accumulated dirt from air cleaner area. 2. Remove air filter cover. Brush dirt from inside cover. 3. Remove air filter and lightly brush debris from filter. Replace filter if it is damaged, fuel soaked, very dirty, or deformed.
  • Page 19: Spark Plug

    GUIDE BARS AND OIL HOLES • Follow instructions for “Guide Bar and Saw Chain – Install/Re- move”. • Clean after each use -Clean the grooves (A) of the guide bar with a small screw- driver. -Clean oil holes (B) with a wire. NOTE: Symmetrical shaped Guide Bars should be inverted each time the chain is removed to extend guide bar life.
  • Page 20: Exhaust Port Cleaning

    Starter Side 1. Remove air filter cover and remove spark plug lead. 2. Remove plastic plug in side handle mount (D), and remove side handle mounting screw. 3. Remove four starter cover screws and remove starter cover. 4. Using a stiff bristle cleaning brush (do not use a metal brush), remove debris from flywheel and ignition coil area.
  • Page 21 5. Remove muffler nuts (B), washer sets (C), eyeplate (D), muffler (E), and muffler gasket (F). Check parts for wear or damage, and replace if necessary. 6. Use a wood or plastic scraping tool to clean deposits from cylinder exhaust ports (G). IMPORTANT If muffler mounting studs loosened during muffler nut removal, tighten studs using two nuts (H) tightened together on end of stud.
  • Page 22: Carburetor Adjustment

    1,100 feet above sea level (ASL) (96.0 kPa). To maintain proper engine op- eration and emission compliance above 1,100 feet ASL the car- buretor may need to be adjusted by an authorized ECHO service dealer. IMPORTANT...
  • Page 23: Chain And Guide Bar Combinations

    IMPORTANT If your kick guard is damaged or lost, contact your Echo dealer for a replacement. For the name of the Echo dealer nearest you, Call: 1-800-432-ECHO (3246) or on the web at Refer to your Chain Saw Safety Manual for kick guard application information.
  • Page 24: Setting The Saw Chain

    For setting saw chains, round file (4 mm ø: 5/32”) and flat file are used. • To keep correct position and correct angle, use the file holder. - Round file and flat file are available from your Echo Dealer. • File cutters as below.
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    Poor performance of the engine and/or cutting mecha- nism can normally be prevented by carefully following these instructions. Poor performance can easily be corrected even by a beginner. When the engine does not function properly check the following three (3) points first. •...
  • Page 26: Correct Use Of Chain Brake

    You should inquire through local government offices, your employer or your local dealer to ensure that your chain saw conforms to the required safety standard. Echo chain brakes have been designed and tested to comply with international safety standards as follows.
  • Page 27: Testing The Brake

    • Improper thrust cutting. INSTALLATION • Echo recommends that the chain brake should be serviced by an authorized Echo servicing dealer. OPERATION • Set the lever in the released position before starting to cut. • If the brake is tripped by kick back reaction, the chain will stop.
  • Page 28: Technical Data

    Diaphragm type Automatic centrifugal clutch Flywheel magneto : CDI system 50:1 ratio with Echo Power Blend TM 2-stroke oil. 89 50 : 1 Power Blend X™ ISO-L-EGD (ISO/CD octane unleaded. Do not use fuel containing methyl 13738) and J.A.S.O. M345- FD, two-stroke, air- alcohol, more than 10% ethyl alcohol or 15% MTBE.
  • Page 29: Warranty Statements

    The owner shall demonstrate reasonable care and use, and follow preventative maintenance, storage, fuel and oil usage as prescribed in the operator’s manual. Should a product difficulty occur, you must, at your expense, deliver or ship your ECHO unit to an authorized ECHO servicing dealer for warranty repairs (within the applicable warranty period), and arrange for pick-up or return of your unit after the repairs have been made.
  • Page 30 89 octane or higher. Gasohol which contains a maximum 10% ethanol (grain alcohol) or 15% MTBE (methyl/tertiary/butyl/ether) is also approved. The prescribed mixing ratio of gasoline to oil is listed on the ECHO oil label and covered in your operator’s manual.
  • Page 31 HOW WILL A COVERED PART BE CORRECTED? If there is a defect in a part covered by this warranty, any ECHO Inc. Authorized Service Dealer will correct the defect. You will not have to pay anything to have the part adjusted, repaired or replaced. This includes any labor and diagnosis for warranted repairs performed by the dealer. In addition, engine parts not expressly covered under this warranty but whose failure is a result of a failure of a covered part will be warranted.
  • Page 32: Echo Consumer Product Support

    ECHO Inc., 400 Oakwood Road, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 (800-673-1558). Always check the ECHO Web Site for updated information. Safety Videos are available from your Echo dealer. A $5.00 shipping charge will be required for each video. 330T C07711001001/C07711999999...

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