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X3550 M3 Images; Front View - IBM 7944E2U User Manual

Leadership enterprise server with significantly lower cost of ownership in a highly available and expandable, rack-dense, 1u dual-socket server
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Leadership enterprise server with significantly lower cost of ownership in a highly available and
expandable, rack-dense, 1U dual-socket server
IBM System x3550 M3 Images

Front View

Rack Release Button
4 Hot-Swap
HDD Bays
Please see the Legal Information section for important notices and information.
Hard Disk Drives — IBM hard disk drives help you improve the transaction and cost
performance of your System x servers. The choice of hard disk drives can be a critical aspect of
maximizing the I/O throughput of the system. 2.5-inch SAS hard disk drives are available for the
x3550 M3 with capacities of 500GB at 7,200 RPMs, up to 300GB at 10K RPMs, and up to
146.8GB at 15,000 RPMs. 2.5-inch SATA HDDs are available in capacities up to 500GB at 7,200
RPMs and 300GB at 10K RPMs.
Solid State Drives — IBM solid-state drives offer high IOPS (I/O operations per second)
performance and the ultimate in reliability, with 3X the MTBF (mean time between failure) rate of
enterprise HDDs. IBM SSDs. are available in 50GB capacities. They can be used as a highly
available boot drive, for storing disk images, or for other uses that stress read performance.
Power Supply — The optional second power supply for the x3550 M3 enables redundancy for
hot-swap power. Its 92%-efficient design helps lower your energy bill for power and cooling.
Virtual Media Key — The x3550 M3 includes a plethora of systems management features built-
in; however, sometimes additional management capability is needed. In those situations, the
Virtual Media Key not only offers powerful new features, it does so without taking up a valuable
PCI-X or PCIe adapter slot, instead using a dedicated slot on the motherboard.
ServeRAID Controllers — System x servers using ServeRAID technology allow companies to
build a reliable foundation for business-critical computing. IBM ServeRAID technology allows an
array consisting of multiple physical hard disk drives to be treated as one logical drive.
ServeRAID technology also allows data to be stored redundantly, across multiple hard disk
drives— enhancing both the integrity and the availability of the data. SAS and SATA ServeRAID
controllers offer enhanced performance due to onboard processors and cache. Because IBM
ServeRAID controllers can help significantly improve data transfer rates, this technology is
extremely effective when implementing demanding, transaction-oriented applications. By
employing the advanced fault tolerance of IBM ServeRAID technology, companies can effectively
implement networked business systems that require large amounts of storage space for data and
applications that must be available for their businesses to continue operating.
The ServeRAID-BR10il v2 SAS/SATA Controller offers RAID-0/1/1E support, with up to 3Gbps
per SAS port. The IBM ServeRAID-M1015, x8 PCIe and 6Gbps, offers RAID-0/1/10; optionally
RAID-5 with SED support. The IBM ServeRAID-M5014, x8 PCIe and 6Gbps, provides 256MB
cache and RAID-0/1/10/5/50; optionally RAID-6/60 with SED, and battery backup). The IBM
ServeRAID-M5015, x8 PCIe and 6Gbps, has 512MB cache and RAID-0/1/10/5/50; optionally
RAID-6/60 with SED, and battery backup. For external storage, the ServeRAID-MR10M
controller provides RAID-0/1/10/5/50 support and 256MB of onboard cache and enables
connection to up to four IBM System Storage EXP3000 SAS expansion units (48 HDDs total).
The IBM ServeRAID M1000 Series Advance Feature Key adds RAID-5 and SED support to the
ServeRAID-M1015. Similarly, the IBM ServeRAID M5000 Series Advance Feature Key adds
RAID-6/60 with SED support to the M5014 and M5015. The IBM ServeRAID M5000 Series
Battery Key adds battery backup support to the M5014.
External Storage — The IBM System Storage EXP810 expansion unit, as well as the DS3000,
DS4000, and DS8000 series storage subsystems and N3000, N5000, N6000, and N7000 NAS
systems comprise a powerful and broad shared storage family with integrated management
software designed to meet midrange and enterprise needs.
External SAN, iSCSI, and direct-attach storage is available using one of several IBM System
Storage and TotalStorage host bus adapters. External LAN-attached tape storage is available.
Bays or 1
Power Button
Pop-Out Light
Path Diagnostics
Light Path
Panel Eject



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