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Key Options - IBM 7944E2U User Manual

Leadership enterprise server with significantly lower cost of ownership in a highly available and expandable, rack-dense, 1u dual-socket server
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Leadership enterprise server with significantly lower cost of ownership in a highly available and
expandable, rack-dense, 1U dual-socket server

Key Options

Please see the Legal Information section for important notices and information.
The IBM ServerProven program provides the confidence that specific options and operating
systems have been tested on the server and are officially supported to work together. It is
updated frequently to ensure that the latest compatibility information is always at your fingertips.
The IBM Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool (SSCT) is a downloadable tool that
simplifies the often complex chore of configuring a full rack of servers (including blade servers)
and confirming that you have all the cables, power distribution units, KVM (keyboard, video and
mouse) switch boxes and other components you need, as well as the proper airflow clearances,
electrical circuits and other environmental conditions.
IBM System x and BladeCenter Power Configurator helps IT managers plan for data center
power needs, by providing the following information for specific configurations of System x and
BladeCenter systems: power input (watts), PDU sizing (amps), heat output (BTUs), airflow
requirements through chassis (CFM), VA rating, leakage current (mA), and peak inrush current
IBM ServerGuide (installed from CD) simplifies the process of installing and configuring System
x servers. ServerGuide goes beyond mere hardware configuration by assisting with the
automated installation of the Microsoft
device drivers and other system components, with minimal user intervention. (Drivers are also
included for support of Novell NetWare, Red Hat Linux and SUSE LINUX.) This focus on
deployment helps you reduce both you total cost of ownership and the complexity that
administrators and technical personnel face.
IBM Systems Director Service and Support Manager (previously called IBM Electronic Service
) is an innovative "call home" feature that allows System x and BladeCenter servers to
automatically report hardware problems to IBM support, which can even dispatch onsite service if
necessary to those customers entitled to onsite support under the terms of their warranty or an
IBM Maintenance Agreement. Service and Support Manager resides on a server and provides
electronic support and problem management capabilities through a highly secure electronic
dialogue between your systems and IBM. It monitors networked servers for hardware errors and
it can perform hardware and software inventories and report inventory changes to IBM. All
information sent to IBM is stored in a highly secure database and used for improved problem
Additional services include hardware warranty upgrades and factory-installed Product
Customization Services (PCS), such as asset tagging, hardware integration, software imaging
and operating systems personalization.
IBM offers extensive technical support by phone and via the Web. Support options include links
to forums/newsgroups, problem submission, online shopping support, service offerings, device
drivers for all IBM product lines, software downloads and even upcoming technical seminar
worldwide schedules and registration. Also available are remote installation, configuration and
usage support for System x hardware and software, as well as onsite custom services to provide
the level of expertise you require.
IBM Maintenance and Technical Support solutions can help you get the most out of your IT
investment by reducing support costs, increasing availability and simplifying management with
integrated support for your multiproduct, multivendor hardware and software environment. For
more information on hardware maintenance, software support, solution support and managed
support, visit
IBM options for System x servers help you take your servers to a
higher level
You know can rely on System x options to supply a complete solution for your business needs.
Options help you create an optimized server system to meet your data protection, storage and
availability needs. Every IBM option is designed and tested for peak performance and flexibility,
helping to maximize your return on investment. The combination of System x servers and options
lets you keep your fingers on the pulse of your e-business.
Processors —Intel Xeon processors provide high clock rates, 2 to 6 cores, 64-bit extensions,
and advanced features for performance, availability and power management. Large cache size,
combined with fast 1333MHz, 1066MHz or 800MHz memory access and an integrated memory
controller reduce memory latency and facilitate the movement of data. (Note: System
performance depends not only on the number of processors in the server but also on the
frequency and functionality of each processor.) Adding a second processor may be a cost-
effective way to achieve significant performance improvements.
Memory — Memory is a major factor in systems application performance. Adding more memory
to a System x server is one of the most effective ways to increase application performance. For
best performance in a server with a 4-core processor, there should be twice as much memory as
for a 2-core processor. A 6-core processor should have three times as much memory as a 2-core
Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems,



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