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Pioneer DVR 212D - DVD±RW Drive - Serial ATA Frequently Asked Questions page 3

Frequently asked questions
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18. Is it ok to clean my Pioneer drive with a cleaning disc?
Pioneer does not recommend the use of cleaning disc products for DVD drives.
Cleaning discs were originally designed for CD drives and could damage DVD drive
components. For an out-of-warranty drive, if the unit begins to act oddly and looks
very dirty, you might try a short blast of Electronics-grade (sterile, filtered, moisture-
free) canned air aimed at the center of the drive. If this does not clear the problem,
please have the drive serviced by a Pioneer-authorized service organization.
19. What tools can be used to verify/test my drive?
Nero CD/DVD Speed, one of several free applications available for download
through the Internet, can evaluate drive performance.
20. Can I use credit card-shape or odd-shape discs with the drive?
No, the drive supports circular 120MM and 80MM disc types only.
Note: An 80MM disc cannot be used when the drive is vertically mounted.
21. Will this drive read or write Blu-ray Discs?
No, Blu-ray discs require a different type of laser for CD or DVD discs. This drive is
equipped with lasers for CD and DVD reading/writing only.
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release date: 1/30/2008



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