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Pioneer DVR 212D - DVD±RW Drive - Serial ATA Frequently Asked Questions page 2

Frequently asked questions
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Can I use stickers or labels on my DVD recordable discs?
Labels can cause the disc to become unbalanced and are not recommended. An
imbalanced disc can warp or shatter and may damage the drive. To label your DVD,
use printable media available at most computer and video supply stores.
How many times can I rewrite a DVD-RW disc?
The media is rated for 1,000 rewrites. Please check with your preferred media
manufacturer for specific information.
How much recording time do I have on a disc?
The bit-rate affects the production length. Encoding content at 10 Mbps provides
approximately 60 minutes on 4.7 GB DVD media while encoding at 5 Mbps supplies
up to 2 hours of recording time.
What is a region code and is it required?
Region codes were created at the request of Hollywood movie studios to allow the
studios to control distribution of their movies.
Region codes are not mandatory.
There are eight (8) region codes for DVD covering all areas of the globe.
Most of North America (USA and Canada) and Japan are assigned as Region 1.
For more information about region codes, please visit the DVD Forum website at
Can the drive set/record a region code on my DVD±R/RW DVD-Video disc?
No, DVD recordable drives like the DVR-1810 and DVR-112D cannot set region
codes on DVD recordable video discs.
Does recordable media have a copy protection scheme to block illegal copying?
DVD-/+R does not contain a copy protection scheme. However, the DVD-RW format
includes the
mechanism for controlling the copying, moving and deleting of material on digital
Please visit the DVD Forum website at
15. Can I replace my current writer drive with a Pioneer drive in my duplicator?
Please contact your duplicator manufacturer to confirm that they have qualified this
or other Pioneer drives for your specific duplicator model. Most duplicators have
proprietary firmware for the installed drives which may not be compatible with a
newer drive.
16. What ribbon cable should I use to connect my drive in the PC?
Use a standard Serial ATA (SATA) cable to connect the drive to your PC.
17. What is Firmware and why should I care about it?
Firmware is a drive's internal programming that allows it to recognize various types
of discs and perform the correct write strategy for that media.
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