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Samsung GN642FFXD Installation And User Manual

Built-in hotplate
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Installation and
User Manual
Built-In Hotplate



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  • Page 1 Installation and User Manual GN641FFBD GN641FFXD GN641FFWD GN642FFBD GN642FFXD GN642FFWD Built-In Hotplate...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Content Preface ............3 Safety Warning ........4-9 - Safety Warning ..........4 - Installation ..........5 - Child and People Safety ......6 - During Use ..........7-8 - Cleaning & Service ........9 - Environmental Information ......9 Instructions for use and maintenance ..10-17 - Description of the appliance ....10 - How to Use the Appliance ....11-12 - Safety and Energy saving advice ....13 - Cleaning and Maintenance ....
  • Page 4: Preface

    Keep these instructions at the place where you can find it easily. If you are unsure of any of the information contained in these instructions, please contact the SamSung customer care center. These instructions are only valid for the countries of destination, the identification symbols which are indicated on the cover of the instruction manual.
  • Page 5: Safety Warning

    Safety Warning ■ Your safety is the utmost importance to SamSung. ■ You must read warnings carefully before installing or using the appliance. ■ This instruction booklet must be kept with the appliance for any future reference. If the appliance is sold or transferred to another person, ensure the booklet is passed on to the new user.
  • Page 6: Installation

    Installation Warning ■ This appliance shall be installed in ■ Prior to installation, ensure that the gas accordance with regulations in force and and electrical supply complies with the only used in a well ventilated space. type stated on the rating plate. G30,G31 G20 220V 110V...
  • Page 7: Child And People Safety

    Child and People Safety Warning ■ Do not allow children to play near or with the appliance. The appliance gets hot when it is in use. Children should be kept away until it has cooled. Caution ■ This appliance is designed to be operated by adults. ■...
  • Page 8: During Use

    During Use Warning ■ Only use the appliance for preparing ■ It is dangerous to modify or try to food. Never use it as a heater. modify the characteristics of this appliance. ■ The use of a gas cooking appliance results ■...
  • Page 9 During Use (Continued) ■ Do not place any flammable object ■ Perishable food, plastic items and near the appliance. aerosols may be affected by heat and should not stored above or below the appliance. ■ Do not spray aerosols in the vicinity of ■...
  • Page 10: Cleaning & Service

    Cleaning & Service Warning ■ Never use abrasive or caustic ■ This appliance should only be cleaning agents. repaired or serviced by an authorised Service Engineer and only genuine approved spare parts should be used. Caution ■ Before attempting to clean the appliance, it should be disconnected from the mains and cool.
  • Page 11: Instructions For Use And Maintenance

    Description of the appliance 1. Top Plate 7. Control handle for front right burner (Semi-rapid burner) 2. Auxiliary Burner 8. Control handle for rear right burner 3. Semi-rapid Burner (Semi-rapid burner) 4. Rapid Burner 9. Pan support 5. Control handle for rear left burner 10.
  • Page 12: How To Use The Appliance

    How to Use the Appliance Turn on Preparation The following symbols will appear on the control panel, next to each control handle : Circle : gas off Small flame : minimum setting Large flame : maximum setting Ignition position ■ The minimum setting is at the end of the anti-clockwise rotation of the control handle. ■...
  • Page 13 How to Use the Appliance (Continued) Turn off Extinguishment ■ Turn the control handle to clockwise, to setting ‘O’ (off position) ■ Close the middle valve. ■ Right after extinguishment, the appliance is still hot. Be careful not to be burned.
  • Page 14: Safety And Energy Saving Advice

    Safety and Energy saving advice - The diameter of the bottom of the pan should correspond to that of the burner. PANS ■ User can’t use cooking pan BURNERS Φ min. Φ max. on the hotplate that overlap Rapid 200mm 260mm its edge.
  • Page 15: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Cleaning and Maintenance ■ Cleaning operations must only be carried out when the appliance is cool. ■ The appliance should be disconnected from your mains supply before commencing any cleaning process. ■ Clean the appliance regularly, preferably after each use. ■...
  • Page 16 Cleaning and Maintenance (Continued) BURNERS ■ Remove the burner lids and Flame Spreaders by pulling them upwards and away from the top plate. ■ Soak them in hot water and a little detergent. ■ After cleaning and washing them, wipe and dry them carefully. Make sure that the flame holes are clean and completely dry.
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    Check to see if any gas taps are Gas Smell There may be a leak between Make sure that the connection is airtight. the coupling and the gas bottle. ■ If problem is not solved, please contact the SamSung customer care center.
  • Page 18: Application For Service

    Application for Service If you have any comments or questions regarding a Samsung products, contact the SAMSUNG customer care center. Customer Care Region Country Web Site FAX no. Address Remark Center (TEL) www. Samsung Electronics Benelux B.V. BELGIUM 02 201 2418
  • Page 19: Technical Instructions

    Technical instructions ■ This appliance must be installed by a qualified technician or installer. ■ Prior to installation, ensure that the local distribution conditions (nature of the gas and gas pressure) and the adjustment of the appliance are compatible. ■ The adjustment conditions for this appliance are stated on the label (or data plate).
  • Page 20: Engineers Technical Data

    Engineers technical data Appliance Specification Model GN641FFXD GN641FFBD GN641FFWD GN642FFXD GN642FFBD GN642FFWD Drawing Cast Iron Pan Support Top Plate Stainless steel Black enamel White enamel Stainless steel Black enamel White enamel Control Handle Silver color Titan color White color Silver color Titan color White color 7.5kg...
  • Page 21: Positioning

    Positioning CLEARANCES REQUIRED CLEARANCES REQUIRED WHEN FITTING THE HOB WHEN FITTING THE HOB WITHOUT A COOKER HOOD ABOVE WITH A COOKER HOOD ABOVE 600 mm 700 mm 700 mm 400 mm 400 mm Cut out size 400 mm 400 mm Width : 560mm Depth : 490mm Thickness : 30~50mm...
  • Page 22: Installing The Appliance

    Installing the appliance 1. Remove the pan support, the burner lid and flame spreader and carefully turn the appliance upside down and place it on a cushioned mat. Take care that the Ignition devices and flame supervision devices are not damaged in this operation.
  • Page 23: Gas Connection

    Gas Connection ■ This appliance must be installed and connected in accordance with installa- tion regulations in force in the country in which the appliance is to be used. ■ This appliance is supplied to run on natural gas only and cannot be used on any other type of gas without modification.
  • Page 24: Electrical Connection

    Electrical Connection ■ This appliance must be earthed. ■ This appliance is designed to be connected to a 220~240V, 50/60Hz AC electricity supply. ■ The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code ; - Green/yellow = Earth - Blue = Neutral - Brown...
  • Page 25: Gas Conversion

    Gas Conversion ■ Be careful, the operations and adjustments to be carried out when converting from one gas to another. ■ All work must be carried out by a qualified technician. ■ Before you begin, turn off the gas and electricity supply to the appliance. Change the injector of the burners.
  • Page 26: Burner Features

    Burner Features (Table 1) Nominal heat input and flow rates see below at 15˚C at 1,013 mbar. BURNER Rapid Semi-rapid Auxiliary COUN- TYPE OF Total POSITION Injector make GB,IT (1/100 mm) FR,HU G-30 Nominal heat input BE,LT 0.78 1.75 0.49 BUTANE (Kw) NL,PT...
  • Page 27 MEMO...

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