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Philips HF3550/60 User Manual

Philips wake-up light hf3550 operated by iphone app.
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Wake-up App: Content of Help pages
1. Take the tour
1a. Welcome
1b. Wake up
1c. Fall asleep
1d. Stats
2. The Wake-up Light
2a. How it works
2b. Wake-up function
2c. Fall asleep function
2d. The light source
2e. Optimize your settings
2f. Troubleshooting
2g. Where can I get one?
3. Wake-up Stats
3a. Why this feature
3b. What is measured
3c. How to use the results
3d. Healthy bedtime routines
4. Well-being by light
4a. Light and a healthy lifestyle
4b. Light and alertness
4c. Light and sleep
4d. Light and mood
4e. Clinically proven benefits
5. Contact us
5a. Send an email to Philips


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  • Page 1

    2c. Fall asleep function 4d. Light and mood 2d. The light source 4e. Clinically proven benefits 2e. Optimize your settings 5. Contact us 2f. Troubleshooting 5a. Send an email to Philips 2g. Where can I get one? 3. Wake-up Stats...

  • Page 2

    2. The Wake-up Light 2a. How it works The Philips Wake-up Light gently prepares your body for waking up during the last half hour of sleep. In the early morning hours our eyes are more sensitive to light than when we are awake.

  • Page 3: Wake-up Function

    energetic. Starting the day with the Wake-Up Light may also have a positive effect on your productivity throughout the day. Position the appliance on your nightstand at 16- 20in/ 40-50 centimeters from your head. Make sure the appliance is located at such a height that the light is not blocked by your bed, comforter or pillow.

  • Page 4

    Because the sensitivity to light differs per person, you can set the light intensity of each alarm to a level that matches your light sensitivity for an optimal start of the day. The light intensity of the Wake-up Light can be set up to 250 lux. You may have to experiment with different settings for a few days to find your optimal level.

  • Page 5: The Light Source

    Remember to leave the app running overnight to ensure the Wake-up Light wakes you up at the set alarm time in the morning. The “Bell” symbol on your Wake-up Light is a confirmation that an alarm is set for the next day. 2c.

  • Page 6: Optimize Settings

    consumption of this appliance is 18W (when the light is turned on at maximum intensity, the sound is playing at maximum volume, and an iPhone is charging). The display of your Wake-up Light is equipped with a light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the clock depending on the light level in your room.

  • Page 7

    Light as a normal lamp. Q3. Sometimes I get a message: "Wake-up Light would like to communicate with the Philips wakeuplight; allow - ignore". What does it mean? A3. This means that the Wake-up Light wants to communicate with your iPhone/iPod.

  • Page 8

    Wake-up Light. Note: You must have enabled 'wake up by sound' in the 'Wake-up Light - Philips' app. 2g. Where can I get one? This app is compatible with the HF3550 Wake-up...

  • Page 9

    For your privacy, all of your information is stored in your app only, and it is not shared with Philips or any other party. Stay tuned for improvements to this app, as Philips continues to work on this feature.

  • Page 10

    this app, please send us your feedback via the “Contact Us” link in the main Help menu. 3b. What is measured The Wake-up Stats only record data when your iPhone is docked and the app is running. Therefore, docking is the beginning of the time line on the summary page and undocking is the end of the time line.

  • Page 11: Healthy Bedtime Routines

    The summary page visualizes your bedtime routine in the last week of use. You can swipe up or down to load other weeks. Every line represents a night when your iPhone was docked. You can also swipe left and right to see additional hours if the bar doesn’t fit on the main screen.

  • Page 12: Well-being By Light

    During the day one needs to seek much brighter light to increase alertness, such as the light provided by the sun or Philips light therapy devices. In the case of the Wake-up Light, the gradual...

  • Page 13

    This phenomenon is known as the winter blues. Daily exposure to a ‘light bath’ from a Philips light therapy product can restore the well- being and energy levels that you feel in summer. Two types of products are available: Philips...

  • Page 14

    Werken MV et al., Effects of artificial dawn on sleep inertia, skin temperature, and the awakening cortisol response. J Sleep Res 2010. Furthermore, Philips and the National Sleep Foundation are working together to help people understand the effects of light on their overall well-being.

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