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Portable DTE Recorder
User Guide
Part Number: MANL-0995-08



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  • Page 1

    ProHD DR-HD100 Portable DTE Recorder User Guide Part Number: MANL-0995-08...

  • Page 3: Legal Notices


  • Page 4

    Contacting FOCUS ENHANCEMENTS: Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00PM (Central Time) Email: Telephone: +1 763-398-1658 Fax: +1 763-571-7688 Address: Focus Enhancements, Inc. 1370 Dell Avenue Campbell, CA. 95008 EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) Office Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00PM Email:...

  • Page 5

    Regulations and Safety Focus Enhancements, Inc. 1370 Dell Avenue Campbell, CA. 95008 Model Number: ProHD DR-HD100 Date of Manufacture: Reference the Serial Number label attached to the unit. Serial Number The serial number for this equipment is located on the back of the unit.

  • Page 6

    Symbol Used In the ProHD DR-HD100 Unit This symbol indicates the presence of an uninsulated Dangerous Voltage within the product’s enclosure that may constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. Symbols Used in This Documentation This symbol indicates important information that the User should read.

  • Page 7

    Electrical Precautions Do Not Expose to Moisture Do not use this product near water or in an environment where it is exposed to dampness or there is the possibility of it getting wet. Do Not Remove Cover There are No User Serviceable Parts inside this unit. Servicing should be done by qualified service personnel.

  • Page 8

    • Non-Use Period During extended periods when the device is not used, unplug it from the power source and retract the power-cord. Grounding or Polarization • Polarized If this product is equipped with a polarized alternating current line plug (a plug having one blade wider than the other), it will fit into the outlet only one way.

  • Page 9

    Power Lines Do not locate an outside antenna system in the vicinity of overhead power lines, electric light or power circuits, or where it can fall onto such lines or circuits. When installing an outside antenna system, extreme care should be taken to keep from touching such power lines or circuits as contact with them might be fatal.

  • Page 10: Operating Environment

    Accessories and Replacement Parts Use only attachments and accessories recommended by Focus Enhancements. Use only replacement parts specified by the Focus Enhancements or of comparable quality and characteristics as the original parts. Unauthorized substitution of parts can result in fire, electrical shock, other hazards, and loss of warranty.

  • Page 11: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Introduction DTE Eliminates Pre-edit Processing ....1 Unpacking ........2 Features .

  • Page 12

    Creating a New File without Dropping Frames 31 JVC GY-HD ......32 Series Record and Split Slave Control Modes .

  • Page 13

    Table of Contents DR-HD100 Functions General Screen Information ......52 Welcome Screen ......52 Home Screen .

  • Page 14

    Table of Contents Organize PINN ......83 Delete Clip ....... . . 84 Format Disk .

  • Page 17: Introduction

    HDV compatible NLE systems, when the disk drive is connected to a computer the clips are immediately available for editing. Shoot, connect, and edit: it is now that easy. These capabilities make the DR-HD100 the perfect companion for the JVC GY-HD cameras. ProHD DR-HD100 Portable DTE Recorder...

  • Page 18: Unpacking

    Introduction Unpacking Verify that the DR-HD100 has the following items: 1. DR-HD100 unit 2. Belt clip 3. User guide 4. 2 Firewire cables 5. Power cord 6. Power supply with cable and connector to the DR-HD100 Removable Li-Ion battery pack Missing or Damaged Components If there are missing or damaged items, contact Focus Enhancements Support for assistance.

  • Page 19: Features

    Introduction Features DR-HD100 Features The DR-HD100 offers the following features: • Tapeless acquisition Especially equipped camcorders permit the use of Direct To Edit (DTE) Technology to record directly from a camcorder while shooting and without the need of a tape. •...

  • Page 20

    Introduction • Compact, Lightweight, Rugged Design The DR-HD100 weighs approximately one pound including the battery and is only 1.5" thick. You can mount the DR- HD100 directly to your camcorder using the optional camera mount kit, or clip the DR-HD100 directly to your belt. The DR-HD100 is designed to withstand the rigors of field shooting.

  • Page 21: Dr-hd100 2.0 Upgrade Features

    Introduction DR-HD100 2.0 Upgrade Features • MXF OPatom DV DTE format. • QUICKTIME HD DTE format • HD TC display and restripe capabilities. ProHD DR-HD100 Portable DTE Recorder...

  • Page 22

    ProHD DR-HD100 Portable DTE Recorder...

  • Page 23: Quickstart

    Select a DV/HD File Format ..........26 Set Time and Date .............. 27 Record With the DR-HD100 ..........29 Manual Recording ............... 31 JVC GY-HD ................. 32 Syncro Slave ............... 34 External ................35 Playback on the DR-HD100 ..........36...

  • Page 24: Physical Description And Basic Controls

    Quickstart Physical Description and Basic Controls Front Panel Controls Display Function buttons Navigation Power ON Power ON buttons and Reset and Reset Button Button Transport Transport Control Control Record buttons buttons Button Power OFF Speaker Stop button LCD Display This is a backlit, 14 character by 7 line dot matrix display. In event of a mild electrical discharge to the unit the LCD could go blank.

  • Page 25: Power On Button

    Quickstart Power On Button The Power ON button provides two functions. • Power ON Turn on the DR-HD100. • Reset DR-HD100 • DR-HD100 first must be powered on. • Hold down the button for more than one second. Power On •...

  • Page 26: Record

    Quickstart Record Press this button once when the DR-HD100 is in mode to put the Stop DR-HD100 into . Press it again to start recording. Pressing REC-PAUSE the Record button while recording, causes the current clip to close and a new clip is created without dropping any frames.

  • Page 27: Back Index

    Quickstart Back Index This button returns the DR-HD100 to the beginning of the current clip when in playback mode. Press this button twice in sequence to return the DR-HD100 to the previous clip during playback. In mode, STOP press this button to return the DR-HD100 to the beginning of the previous clip.

  • Page 28: Top Panel

    Quickstart Top Panel The top panel contains the following connectors and LEDs: Camera Remote Control (FireWire Connector) (Serial Connector) Computer (FireWire Connector) Status LED Charge LED Table 1: Charge LED States Indicates No Charger Connected Green Charging Cycle Completed Amber / Green Floating Charge Mode (Charging almost completed.) Amber...

  • Page 29: Firewire Alignment

    Quickstart FireWire Alignment IMPROPER INSERTION WILL DAMAGE UNIT Properly Align FireWire Cable and Connector - Do Not Force Correctly align the FireWire cable to the connector before insertion. The pointed end of the connector and the jack should be on the same side before insertion: Align pointed ends of connector and...

  • Page 30: Camera Firewire Connector

    Isochronous 25Mb/s DV video I/O DR-HD100 supports 1080i/720p video I/O when used with HDV camcorders equipped with a 1394 connection like the JVC GY-HD cameras. • DV Audio: embedded 2-channel (48kHz, 16-bit) or 2-channel (12-bit, 32kHz) audio, 720p/1080i HDV MPEG1 Audio Layer...

  • Page 31: Rear Panel

    Quickstart Rear Panel The rear panel contains the following important items: Belt Clip Post Fan Intake Battery Vent Compartment Latch Do Not Block Battery Compartment Side Panel The side panel contains cooling vents as illustrated below. Cooling Vents Do Not Block ProHD DR-HD100 Portable DTE Recorder...

  • Page 32: The Dr-hd100 Menu System

    Home Gateway screen for all functions, it displays disk and operational status. • Control Contains the following selections: • Local • JVC GY-HD • Syncro Slave • AV/C • External • Play From Provides lists to select play material from: •...

  • Page 33

    Quickstart • Reels Allows selected clips to be marked for placement in particular Reels Folders. • R0 0 • R1 1 • R2 2 • R3 3 • R4 4 • R5 5 • R6 6 • R7 7 • R8 8 •...

  • Page 34

    Quickstart • Setup Contains the controls for setting and reviewing the DR-HD100 configuration: • Set Date (MM/DD/YY) • Set Time (XX:XX:XX) • View Firmware Version • LCDLight ON • LCDLight OFF • LCDLight AUTO • Alarm ON • Alarm OFF •...

  • Page 35

    Quickstart • DV or HD Formats Following HDD mode is a menu of formats available for the type recorder selected in HDD mode. When selecting the following formats are DV Recorder shown: • Raw DV • AVI Type 1 • AVI Type 2 •...

  • Page 36: Powering The Dr-hd100

    Quickstart Powering the DR-HD100 • The DR-HD100 operation without a battery installed. To operate the DR-HD100 without a battery installed, connect the unit to an AC power source. • Before operating the DR-HD100 with battery power. It is first necessary to fully charge the battery. An uncharged battery, typically takes 2-3 hours to charge.

  • Page 37: Installing / Removing The Battery Pack

    Quickstart Installing / Removing the Battery Pack Installing a Battery Battery Gently press DOWN Latch Hook while sliding battery pack FORWARD Latch Slot Latch Battery Pack Guides Step 1: Place the unit, so that the battery compartment is up. Step 2: Position the battery pack, as shown above, so that the latch hook is almost in the latch slot, and touching the floor of the battery compartment.

  • Page 38: Charging The Battery

    Quickstart Charging the Battery The battery begins charging anytime it is connected to AC power using the AC adapter supplied with the DR-HD100. The charge LED lights when the DR-HD100 is charging. For information on the charge LED, refer to the subsection “Top Panel” on page 12. Before the battery can be used it must charge until the battery status LED indicates the unit is fully charged (green).

  • Page 39: Connecting A Dr-hd100 To A Dv/hd Camcorder

    Quickstart Connecting a DR-HD100 to a DV/HD Camcorder Before performing this procedure, make sure you have installed and charged the battery, see “Installing / Removing the Battery Pack” on page 21. Step 1: Connect the supplied Firewire cable to the “DV I/O” connector on the top of the DR-HD100.

  • Page 40: Record And Playback With The Dr-hd100

    Select a DV/HD File Format ..........26 Set Time and Date .............. 27 Record With the DR-HD100 ..........29 Manual Recording ............... 31 JVC GY-HD ................. 32 Series Record and Split Slave Control Modes ....33 Syncro Slave ............... 34 External ................35 Playback on the DR-HD100 ..........

  • Page 41: Select Hdd Recorder Mode

    Quickstart Step 2: The Welcome screen appears and displays while the The Home screen appears when the DR-HD100 initializes. DR-HD100 PORTABLE DTE RECORDER Step 3: The Home screen appears when the DR-HD100 first powers up. For more details about this screen, “Home Screen” on page 53. STOP 1- COUNTER 00:00:14:02...

  • Page 42: Select A Dv/hd File Format

    Quickstart Select a DV/HD File Format The formats displayed depend on the recorder mode selected in the previous step, for example results in the following: DV RECORDER DV FORMATS RAW DV -AVI TYPE1 AVI TYPE2 CANOPUS AVI Step 1: Use the navigation buttons to select the DV file Down format that supports the preferred NLE system.

  • Page 43: Set Time And Date

    Quickstart Set Time and Date Date and Time Must Be Set The date and time must be set because they are used in the DR-HD100 file naming function. Step 1: Press the Right navigation button several times until the Setup display appears on the screen as shown below: SETUP 09 / 15 / 05...

  • Page 44: Set Time

    Quickstart Step 5: Use the navigation button to select the time and press the Down navigation button. The following screen appears: Right SET TIME : 21 : 13 HH : MM : SS BACK Step 6: Use the navigation buttons to change the Down highlighted value.

  • Page 45: Record With The Dr-hd100

    • Manual Recording Control with the DR-HD100 transport buttons. • JVC GY-HD This recording mode is tailored for use with the companion, JVC GY-HD cameras. Set the JVC GY-HD camcorder’s 1394 , or to enable control REC TRIGGER SYNCRO SPLIT SERIES of the DR-HD100.

  • Page 46

    Quickstart Do Not Disconnect Power or FireWire Cable Never disconnect the power or the FireWire cable during a recording. This will cause file corruption. Loss of Power During Recording If power is lost during recording it is possible to repair the damaged file or files, refer “Repair Disk”...

  • Page 47: Manual Recording

    Quickstart Manual Recording Step 1: Set the video camera to mode. Camera Step 2: Verify that an image appears in the viewfinder. Step 3: On the DR-HD100, press Record once. This sets the DR-HD100 to mode. Record-Pause Record Stop (OFF) Step 4: On the DR-HD100, press Record button a second time.

  • Page 48: Jvc Gy-hd

    Quickstart JVC GY-HD The JVC GY-HD control setting is the preferred mode when using the companion GY-HD camcorder. Important GY-HD Camera Setting When simultaneously recording to both tape and the DR-HD100, be certain to set the GY-HD’s OTHERS→ BACK SPACE [HDV] Menu selection to P- 1394.

  • Page 49: Series Record And Split Slave Control Modes

    The DR-HD100 must be in mode for these JVC GY-HD modes to function, see “JVC GY-HD” on page 32. Series Record Series Record automatically starts recording to disk when a tape is close to the end of the record session. For more information about what happens once recording to disk begins, refer to the camcorder documentation.

  • Page 50: Syncro Slave

    Quickstart Syncro Slave CONTROL LOCAL JVC GY-HD -SYNCRO SLAVE AV / C This mode is for camcorders that do not have external control or the tapeless control functionality compatible with the DR- HD100. • Syncro Slave mode requires that a tape be in the camcorder for operation.

  • Page 51: External

    Quickstart External CONTROL JVC GY-HD SYNCRO SLAVE AV / C -EXTERNAL Use the External control mode with camcorders that are compatible with DR-HD100 external control or tapeless operation capabilities. • When the DR-HD100 is in mode, an displays External along with the tape state, indicating that the unit is in External mode.

  • Page 52: Playback On The Dr-hd100

    Some HD camcorders are not compatible with the external player functions Forward/Reverse Search and Pause. VTR/CAMERA Button On the JVC GY-HD camcorder, the VTR/Camera button is located on the left side of the camera in the recessed LCD compartment. ProHD DR-HD100 Portable DTE Recorder...

  • Page 53: Dr-hd100: Using With A Computer

    DR-HD100: Using with a Computer Once video clips are recorded to the DR-HD100 it is possible to use those clips in most computer based DV/HD NLE systems. This section contains the following: Initial Setup ................. 38 Mounting the DR-HD100 in Windows ......... 39 DR-HD100 and FAT 32............

  • Page 54: Initial Setup

    DR-HD100: Using with a Computer To move video files from the DR-HD100 to a computer: • Connect the DR-HD100’s 1394 port directly to Computer I/O a computer with an active OHCI compliant IEEE-1394 FireWire port and the necessary FireWire disk drive drivers. For More Information Go to the FOCUS Enhancements' website ( for more compatibility information.

  • Page 55: Mounting The Dr-hd100 In Windows

    DR-HD100: Using with a Computer Mounting the DR-HD100 in Windows Use this procedure for Windows XP, 2000, 98SE and ME. Step 1: On a Windows-based computer system, double click the icon on the top left hand corner of the desktop. A Computer directory window appears.

  • Page 56

    DR-HD100: Using with a Computer This folder may contain several different files. The video clips. can appear as: • RawDV (.dv) • AVI Type 1 - (YYYYMMDDHHMMSSa01) • AVI Type 2 or AVI Type 2 24p - (YYYYMMDDHHMMSSb01) • Canopus AVI - (YYYYMMDD-HHMMSSb01) •...

  • Page 57: Dr-hd100 And Fat 32

    DR-HD100: Using with a Computer HD Resolution and Frames • M2T or .mov filename format: YYYYMMDD- HHMMSSX01.m2t or .mov (QT) where the X is a letter indicating the resolution of the captured video file. The table below lists let- ters and associated resolutions. Not all HDV camcorders support these resolutions.

  • Page 58: Using Avid Omf Clips

    DR-HD100: Using with a Computer When clips exceed 2GB in size, the DR-HD100 automatically creates a new, file without dropping any frames. The two files have the same root filename but have different two digit suffixes that indicate the order of their creation, -01, -02, and so on. This process can produce as many sequential 2GB files as the drive can hold.

  • Page 59

    DR-HD100: Using with a Computer On the DR-HD100, the video file (OMF) and the audio files (AIF) appear as one track. When an Avid OMF file is deleted, the DR-HD100 deletes the audio and video portions at the same time. To use a DR-HD100 recorded Avid OMF file on an Avid NLE system, use the following procedure.

  • Page 60

    DR-HD100: Using with a Computer Step 9: Locate and select the DR-HD100 under Media Drive(s). If Drive Does Not Appear If the drive does not appear, check to make sure that the OMFI MediaFiles folder was created correctly with proper case and spacing.In addition, verify that the drive is properly connected and recognized by the computer.

  • Page 61: Dismounting The Dr-hd100 (windows)

    DR-HD100: Using with a Computer Dismounting the DR-HD100 (Windows) When finished working with the DR-HD100 and the computer, it is necessary to dismount DR-HD100 from the system Dismount DR-HD100 Before Powering Off It is important to dismount the DR-HD100 from the Windows system BEFORE powering down the unit.

  • Page 62: Mounting The Dr-hd100 (macintosh)

    DR-HD100: Using with a Computer Mounting the DR-HD100 (Macintosh) Step 1: Start the Mac computer and connect the DR-HD100’s port to the computer using a standard 6-pin to COMPUTER I/O 6-pin FireWire cable. When mounted, the DR-HD100 should appear on the computer's desktop as shown below: The DR-HD100 appears as a FAT32 volume with a PC label.

  • Page 63: Dismounting The Dr-hd100 (macintosh)

    DR-HD100: Using with a Computer Dismounting the DR-HD100 (Macintosh) When finished working with the DR-HD100 and the Macintosh it is necessary to dismount the unit from the system. Dismount DR-HD100 Before Powering Off It is important to dismount the DR-HD100 from the Mac system BEFORE powering down the DR-HD100.

  • Page 64: Mounting Hardware

    Mounting Hardware Mounting DR-HD100 to a Camcorder Mount the DR-HD100 to your camcorder using the optional Camcorder Mount Kit (P/N ASYF-0849-01). For more information about this kit or to order it, contact Focus Enhancements: Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00PM (Central Time) Email: Telephone:...

  • Page 65: Clipping To A Belt

    DR-HD100: Using with a Computer Clipping to a Belt Belt Mount Clip Front View Side View DR-HD100 Belt Clip Post A belt mount clip is included with the DR-HD100. This mount is similar to those used with cellular telephones. Attach the belt mount to the belt clip post on the rear of the DR-HD100 and push it down to lock it in position.

  • Page 66

    ProHD DR-HD100 Portable DTE Recorder...

  • Page 67: Dr-hd100 Functions

    DR-HD100 Functions This section contains information on the following LCD displays: General Screen Information ..........52 Record Screens ..............57 HDD Mode Screen .............. 62 Format Screen ..............65 HD Format Screen .............. 66 Setup Screens ..............67 Functions Screen ..............77 Utilities Screen ..............

  • Page 68: General Screen Information

    DR-HD100 Functions General Screen Information The DR-HD100 LCD displays are organized by function with each screen displaying a list of items. An item can be: • A value that can be set, such as the date. • A switch similar to a check box, that can be enabled along with other options in the display.

  • Page 69: Home Screen

    DR-HD100 Functions Home Screen The Home screen is read only and has no navigable items. To leave the Home screen use either the Navigation button. Left Right STOP 1- COUNTER 00:00:14:02 DISK 1 168 min REEL SYNC DISP LOCK 1. Current Function: Symbol and Description Refer to “LCD Display Symbols and Text”...

  • Page 70: Disp (display) Information Fields

    DR-HD100 Functions Reel Display modes, this item displays the particular Record Playback REEL that a clip is located in or, has been marked to. If in > mode, the REEL appears in PLAY FROM REEL LIST brackets for example, [REEL]. This area is blank if NO REEL has been selected.

  • Page 71

    DR-HD100 Functions Displays the set user bit value in a particular clip. A user bit value must be added for this to display, refer to “UB SET” on page 73. ABSOLUTE Displays an absolute timecode value for the particular session: the sum of all COUNTER timecodes on connected volumes.

  • Page 72: Dr-hd100 System Information Screens

    DR-HD100 Functions DR-HD100 System Information Screens The DR-HD100 automatically creates information screens to indicate conditions such as high temperature, power remaining, or drive capacity remaining. WARNING POWER REMAINING Press to clear the screen and return to the last screen. ProHD DR-HD100 Portable DTE Recorder...

  • Page 73: Record Screens

    DR-HD100 Functions Record Screens RECORD NORMAL -RETRO DISK RETRO CACHE LOOP RECORD The Record screen permits setting the DR-HD100 to various recording modes, depending on the model: • NORMAL • RETRO DISK • RETRO CACHE • LOOP RECORD • SNAP DV modes only •...

  • Page 74: Normal Record

    DR-HD100 Functions For more about LCD display symbols and text, see “LCD Display Symbols and Text” on page 101. Normal Record This is the standard recording mode. • All control is from the DR-HD100 front panel. Initially, the screen displays Home STOP •...

  • Page 75: Retro Disk Record Mode

    When looping less than one hour, Retro Disk records the loop in a series of 1 minute clips. • Retro Disk is available in Local JVC GY-HD Syncro Slave control modes. External • When Retro Disk is set, the symbols (Record and L) appear in the DR-HD100 display.

  • Page 76: Loop Record

    • Snap Record is available only in DV modes of operation. • Use Snap in , and Local JVC GY-HD Syncro Slave External control modes. • Removing power from the DR-HD100 in the midst of a Snap recording session causes the unit to return to Normal recording mode when it powers back up.

  • Page 77: Time Lapse Record

    DR-HD100 Functions Time Lapse Record DV modes only TIME LAPSE 00:00:00:00 HH:MM:SS:FF This line is not active: reference only. BACK Time lapse provides the ability to record a single frame at specific time intervals, for example one frame per minute, 00:01:00:00. Time lapse applications can include capturing the traffic on city streets, the growth of a plant from seed to maturity, and construction projects.

  • Page 78: Hdd Mode Screen

    DR-HD100 Functions HDD Mode Screen HDD MODE -DV RECORDER HD RECORDER DD DRIVE > USE EXT DR-HD This screen displays the following items: • DV RECORDER This sets the DR-HD100 as a DV recorder. Connect the camera to the DR-HD100 DV I/O port using a FireWire cable.

  • Page 79

    DR-HD100 Functions • USE EXT DR-HD Use this option when longer recording times are needed. permits the connecting of two DR-HD100 EXT DR-HD together to provide more disk storage for longer recording. One unit acts as the master with the other as a slave: the master records to itself until full and then continues recording on the slave unit.

  • Page 80: Setting Up Master And Slave Dr-hd100

    DR-HD100 Functions Setting Up Master and Slave DR-HD100 Master DR-HD100 Slave DR-HD100 STOP 1 - 001 CONNECT COUNTER COMPUTER THEN ENABLE BYPASS 00 : 00 : 00 : 00 DISK 1 000min SUCCESS EXIT SYNC DISP LOCK Step 1: Connect the camcorder to the master DR-HD, connector DV I/O using the supplied FireWire cable.

  • Page 81: Format Screen

    DR-HD100 Functions Format Screen DV Formats DV FORMATS -RAW DV AVI TYPE 1 AVI TYPE 2 CANOPUS AVI DV formats include: • RAW DV • AVI TYPE 1 • AVI TYPE 2 • CANOPUS AVI • MATROX AVI • QUICKTIME •...

  • Page 82: Hd Format Screen

    DR-HD100 Functions HD Format Screen HD FORMATS -M2T QUICKTIME The DR-HD100 2.0 upgrade provides the additional HD DTE format QUICKTIME. The latest DTE supported applications and file formats are listed on the Focus Enhancements website: Check regularly for updates. ProHD DR-HD100 Portable DTE Recorder...

  • Page 83: Setup Screens

    DR-HD100 Functions Setup Screens SETUP 10 / 10 / 05 21 : 10: 50 V 2. 0. 0 -LCDLIGHT ON The items on the Setup Screen are grouped by function. Within the function the items act like radio buttons, i.e. when one is active the others are not.

  • Page 84: Date

    DR-HD100 Functions • TC REC RUN DV mode or 2.0 upgrade only • TC FREE RUN DV mode or 2.0 upgrade only • TC REGEN DV mode or 2.0 upgrade only • TC SET • UB SET • TC DROP NTSC only •...

  • Page 85: Version

    DR-HD100 Functions Version VERSION NTSC DR-HD100 BACK This screen displays: • DR-HD100 Firmware version • SD video of the unit. • DR-HD100 model LCD Light On, Off, Auto These items enable or disable the DR-HD100's LCD's backlight. • LCDLIGHT ON Group Default keeps the backlight on permanently.

  • Page 86: Stop Frame, No Video

    DR-HD100 Functions • When Alarm is set to , the audio feedback for the buttons is disabled, however the alarm will still sound for low power, high heat, or low disk space conditions. Stop Frame, No video These settings determine the DR-HD100 video output when using the search index keys to view recorded clips.

  • Page 87: Time Code Ext, Rec Run, Free Run, Regen

    DR-HD100 Functions • EXT CTL FILE Creates a new file during a record session without losing frames. TIME CODE EXT, REC RUN, FREE RUN, REGEN The DR-HD100 2.0 upgrade provides the additional functions , and mode. REC RUN TC FREE RUN TC REGEN HD RECORDER This functionality is only active when the...

  • Page 88: Tc Set

    DR-HD100 Functions TC SET TC SET 00 : 00 : 00 : 00 HH : MM : SS : FF BACK The Timecode Set parameter stores a user defined timecode in the DR-HD100’s non-volatile memory. This value is available for use by the DR-HD100 immediately after exiting TC SET •...

  • Page 89: Ub Set

    DR-HD100 Functions UB SET UB SET FF : FF : FF : FF BACK The User Bit Set function provides the ability to change the user bits in the timecode recorded in the video files. • Timecode values are not set when in mode.

  • Page 90: Tc Drop, Non-drop

    DR-HD100 Functions TC DROP, NON-DROP NTSC only These parameters are only available for NTSC and only one may be enabled at a time. Drop and non-drop enable and disable the drop- frame function that modifies how the timecode is calculated during recording.

  • Page 91: Hdv Tc Type

    DR-HD100 Functions HDV TC TYPE DR-HD100 2.0 upgrade only HDV TC TYPE -TTC GOP TC REC TC BACK This menu sets the source of the timecode displayed in mode, TC DISP while in HD RECORDER mode. In addition, this timecode is reported in AV/C control mode.

  • Page 92: Lcd Contrast

    DR-HD100 Functions LCD CONTRAST SET CONTRAST VALUE: 00 BACK Use this function to adjust the contrast of the LCD display for easier viewing. Step 1: Use the navigation button to go to the Right SET CONTRAST submenu. Step 2: Use the navigation buttons to increase and Down decrease the contrast number.

  • Page 93: Functions Screen

    Function Groups Function settings are user-assignable and available in the Functions screen. Changing a setting with a Function button has the same effect as manually changing the setting. FUNCTIONS -FA JVC GY-HD FA SYNC FA AV / C FA EXTERNAL •...

  • Page 94: Functions List

    A list of the Function button menu is below. In each group, the default selection is listed first. MENU Appears on LCD as… FA JVC GY-HD Toggles between JVC GY-HD and LOCAL control modes. FA SYNC SYNC Toggles between SYNCRO and LOCAL record control. Default FA AV/C...

  • Page 95

    DR-HD100 Functions MENU Appears on LCD as… FB R2-2 R2 Marks Current Clip to Reel 2, FB R3-3 R3 Marks Current Clip to Reel 3, FB R4-4 R4 Marks Current Clip to Reel 4, FB R5-5 R5 Marks Current Clip to Reel 5, FB R6-6 R6 Marks Current Clip to Reel 6, FB R7-7...

  • Page 96: Lock/unlk

    DR-HD100 Functions LOCK/UNLK This function locks or unlocks the keys on the front panel of the DR-HD100. To prevent the accidental unlocking of the front panel, there is unlock confirmation screen: UNLOCK KEYS PRESS SELECT TO CONFIRM EXIT After pressing the key, press to unlock the front UNLK...

  • Page 97: Assigning Clips To Reels

    DR-HD100 Functions Assigning Clips to Reels STOP 1- COUNTER 00 : 00 : 20 : 15 DISK 1 168 min Currently Selected REEL REEL Function FA set to FA REELS Function FB Function FC set to FB R2-2 set to FC R1-1 The function buttons are a quick way to mark video clips during recording.

  • Page 98: Utilities Screen


  • Page 99: Organize Omf

    DR-HD100 Functions Organize OMF When files are recorded in the AVID OMF file format, this selection allows you to take all the OMF and AIF audio files at the end of a recording session and place them into a folder on the disk drive named .

  • Page 100: Delete Clip

    DR-HD100 Functions Delete Clip DELETE CLIP CLIP 001 BACK Use this item to delete a selected clip. Step 1: From the screen, go to the screen. Utilities DELETE CLIP Step 2: Enter the number of the clip to be deleted using the Down navigation buttons.

  • Page 101: Format Disk

    DR-HD100 Functions Format Disk FORMAT DISK PRESS YES TO ERASE ALL DATA BACK Prevent lost frames due to file fragmentation by formatting the DR-HD100 before each recording session. Save Files Before Formatting The formatting process erases all data on the disk and is not reversible.

  • Page 102: Repair Disk

    DR-HD100 Functions Repair Disk REPAIR DISK PRESS YES TO REPAIR DISK BACK Use this function if a recording session does not complete properly and there is a question that the file may be damaged. For example, recording terminates due to a loss of power to the DR-HD100. Repair Disk scans the entire disk drive checking for and repairing file errors and incomplete files.

  • Page 103: Repair Clip

    DR-HD100 Functions Repair Clip DV Mode only REPAIR CLIP CLIP 001 BACK Use this function to repair a specific file that may be damaged or incomplete. For example, recording terminates due to a loss of power to the DR-HD100 and a specific file may be damaged. Repair Clip scans the specified file checking for and repairing file errors and incomplete files.

  • Page 104: File Name

    DR-HD100 Functions File Name FILE NAME CLIP 001 20060101 - 165423 BACK This function displays a file name but does not permit changing it. Step 1: From the screen, go to Utilities FILE NAME Step 2: Enter the file’s clip number using the navigation Down buttons.

  • Page 105: Upgrade

    DR-HD100 Functions Upgrade Check Focus Enhancements website for upgrades and latest software updates, go to To upgrade system software: Step 1: Set the DR-HD100 to mode from the DD Drive HDD Mode screen and connect it to a computer. Step 2: On your computer, rename the XXX.bin file as dr-hd.bin...

  • Page 106: Upgrade Errors

    Step 9: Up on successful completion of the upgrade, the DR-HD100 displays the message: UPGRADE COMPLETE PLEASE RESTART Step 10: Hold down the button until the DR-HD100 STOP / POWER OFF shuts down. Step 11: Power up the DR-HD100. Upgrade Errors If the upgrade fails, the DR-HD100 displays one of the following messages: UPGRADE ERROR...

  • Page 107: System Reset

    DR-HD100 Functions UPGRADE ERROR FILE NOT FOUND EXIT Verify that the upgrade file name is dr-hd.bin and that it is in the DR-HD100 hard drive’s root directory. System Reset SYSTEM RESET CONTINUE TO RESET SYSTEM? BACK The System Reset feature restores the factory default settings for the DR-HD100 unit.

  • Page 108: Status

    DR-HD100 Functions Status STATUS SUPPLY1: 1.83V SUPPLY2: 3.27V SUPPLY3: 4.89V BATTERY: 12.56V TEMP : 39c BACK The DR-HD100 Status screen provides details of the systems power state as well as internal temperature. This screen may assist Focus Enhancements Technical Support in determining power and thermal problems with your unit.

  • Page 109: Reels Screen

    DR-HD100 Functions Reels Screen REELS R0 0 R1 1 R2 2 R3 3 When a disk is formatted, the DR-HD100 creates 10 folders, numbered 0-9, on the disk. During recording or playback of a clip, it is possible to place it into folders or play it from up to 10 different reels.

  • Page 110: Using A Wired Remote Control

    DR-HD100 Functions Using a Wired Remote Control When using the optional wired remote control, use the button pad numbered 0-9 to mark the clips. Any additional button presses during a recording or playback, changes the selected REEL. Once a session is finished, select ORGANIZE REEL Utilities...

  • Page 111: Play Screen

    DR-HD100 Functions Play Screen PLAY PLAY CLIP LOOP CLIP LOOP ALL PLAY ALL • Play Clip In this mode, the DR-HD100 plays the selected clip from start to finish when you press the PLAY button. At the end of the particular clip, the DR-HD100 pauses. •...

  • Page 112: Play From Screen

    DR-HD100 Functions Play From Screen PLAY FROM TRACK LIST REEL LIST This screen permits the selection of from where clips playback. There are two choices: • Track List Clips playback in the order in which they were recorded. Playback order is based on the order of the file names. •...

  • Page 113: Control Screen

    DR-HD100 Functions Control Screen CONTROL LOCAL -JVC GY-HD SYNCRO SLAVE AV/C The Control screen provides the capability of enabling the DR- HD100 to operate in five different control modes during record and playback. • LOCAL Local control mode ignores record triggers from the camcorder and is controlled exclusively from the DR-HD100 front panel or the optional wired remote control unit.

  • Page 114

    DR-HD100, visit Focus Enhancements web site at • JVC GY-HD The JVC GY-HD control setting is the preferred mode when using the companion GY-HD camcorder. See page 32 for more information about using the JVC GY-HD control mode. •...

  • Page 115

    • External The External Control mode allows the DR-HD100 to be controlled from a camcorder other than the JVC GY-HD, if it features a DR-HD100 compatible external control setting separate from the tape transport. Camcorder Requirements for External Control Mode External Control mode will not work unless it is supported by the camcorder and the camcorder is placed in this external control mode.

  • Page 116

    ProHD DR-HD100 Portable DTE Recorder...

  • Page 117: Lcd Display Symbols And Text

    LCD Display Symbols and Text The table below shows the different symbols and states displayed on the top line of the LCD when used with different DR-HD100 control, record, play and stop modes: PLAY/REC MODE DR-HD100 LCD CAM EVF/LCD Stop STOP S white * Pause...

  • Page 118: Gy-hd Camera's 1394 Rec Trig Mode

    R red AV/C* (Play Pause) ll A PLAY P blink white * AV/C* (Play) A PLAY P white * JVC GY-HD (Pause) ll J<REC TYPE>REC see table below JVC GY-HD (Rec) J<REC TYPE>REC see table below Syncro Slave (Pause) ll Y<REC TYPE>REC Syncro Slave (Rec) Y<REC TYPE>REC...

  • Page 119: Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications Specifications are subject to change. Physical Description • Dimensions: 1.59" x 5.6" x 3.74" (40mm x 142mm x 95mm) (with normal 90 minute Battery) • Weight: 1 lb. (.45 kg) Input/Outputs • DV Video I/O - 25Mb/s (1x 6-pin IEEE-1394) In HD RECORDER mode the unit accepts 720P and 1080i MPEG video from specially equipped camcorders.

  • Page 120: Audio/video/timecode Specification

    Technical Specifications Audio/Video/Timecode Specification • 25Mb/s, 8-bit 4:1:1 (NTSC-DV) or 4:2:0 (PAL-DV) video (model dependent). The HD RECORDER mode supports 720p (24/25/30/50/60*) and 1080i (50/60) from HDV camcorders with a 1394 interface. * 720/50P and 720/60P are not supported in the HDV QUICKTIME HD format mode, as these resolutions were not supported in FCP at the writing of this manual.

  • Page 121: Log Files

    Technical Specifications Log Files With each recording of a particular clip on a disk, the DR-HD100 creates a text log file to identify information about the recorded clip and the recording session. Information includes: • Clip name • Clip in/out source TC values •...

  • Page 122: Warranty

    Warranty • 2 years, DR-HD100 • 90 Days Accessories including the battery. Temperature • Operating: 0-40º C (32 - 104º F) • Operating humidity: 30% to 90% RH • Storage temperatures: -20 to 60° C (-4° to 140°F) • Storage humidity: 85% RH or less Compatible Camcorders and Accessories For a list of tested camcorders, refer to

  • Page 124

    Part Number: MANL-0995-08...

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