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Bosch 1375A - Grinder Angle 4 1/2 Small 6 Amp Operating/Safety Instructions Manual page 4

Operating instructions
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BM 1619P01046 5-05
burst and the fragments strike you or
Do not use depressed hub grinding
wheels for cut-off operations. Depressed
hub wheels or type 27 wheels are not
intended for side loading and may shatter
under overload.
Do not use this tool with "Woodcarving"
blade. Such blades create frequent kick-back
and loss of control.
Wear proper apparel while using a
sander/grinder. Face shield or at least
safety goggles, dust mask, leather gloves
and shop apron capable of stopping small
wheel or workpiece fragments.
Position the cord clear of the spinning
grinding wheel or any other sanding
accessory. Do not wrap the cord around
your arm or wrist. If you lose control and
have the cord wrapped around your arm or
wrist it may entrap you and cause injury.
Avoid bouncing and snagging the wheel,
especially when working corners, sharp
edges etc. This can cause loss of control
and kick-back.
Regularily clean the tool's air vents by
compressed air. Excessive accumulation of
powdered metal inside the motor housing
may cause electrical failures.
Do not grind or sand near flammable
materials. Sparks from the wheel could
ignite these materials.
This tool can be converted to a sander.
When grinding is resumed the proper
guard and wheel flanges MUST be
reinstalled before proceeding with
grinding. The guard must always be
attached to the tool and positioned for
maximum safety, so the least amount of
wheel is exposed from the side the tool is
being operated. The grinding wheel guard
cannot be used for most sanding operations
or for wire brushing.
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When sanding, do not use oversized
sanding disc. Larger sanding disc will
extend beyond the sanding pad causing
snagging, tearing of the disc or kick-back.
Extra paper extending beyond the sanding
pad can also cause serious lacerations.
When sanding chemically pressure
treated lumber, paint that may be lead
based, or any other materials that may
contain carcinogens, use special pre-
cautions. A suitable breathing respirator
must be worn by all personal entering the
work area. Work area should be sealed by
plastic sheeting and persons not protected
should be kept out until work area is
thoroughly cleaned.
Direct the discharge of the spinning wire
brush away from you. Small particles and
tiny wire fragments may be discharged at
high velocity during the "cleaning" action with
these brushes and may become imbedded in
your skin.
grinding, drilling, and other construction
activities contains chemicals known to
cause cancer, birth defects or other
reproductive harm. Some examples of
these chemicals are:
• Lead from lead-based paints,
• Crystalline silica from bricks and cement
and other masonry products, and
• Arsenic and chromium from chemically-
treated lumber.
Your risk from these exposures varies,
depending on how often you do this type of
work. To reduce your exposure to these
chemicals: work in a well ventilated area, and
work with approved safety equipment, such
as those dust masks that are specially
designed to filter out microscopic particles.
Some dust created by
power sanding, sawing,



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