Dell PowerEdge 2410 Manual

Best practices guide for rack enclosures
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A Dell Technical White Paper
PE2420 & PE4220
By Danny Alvarado
Dell │ Data Center Infrastructure



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  • Page 1 DELL™ BEST PRACTICES GUIDE FOR RACK ENCLOSURES A Dell Technical White Paper PE2420 & PE4220 By Danny Alvarado Dell │ Data Center Infrastructure...
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  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Rack Installation ......................7 Removal from Pallet.....................7 Moving into Place ....................8 Coupling Racks ....................10 Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Installation ............11 Rear Mount PDUs ....................11 Zero U Mount PDUs ..................12 Cabling ........................14 Internal Cable Management ................14 Dell Inc. | Data Center Infrastructure...
  • Page 4: Executive Summary

    This document is intended only as a guide to some best practices when installing and using a Dell 2420 or 4220 Rack Enclosure. While not all deployment scenarios can be covered here, this document looks to provide guidance for some of the more common environments where Dell Rack Enclosures are used.
  • Page 5: Strength

    Figure 2: Dell 4220 Rack Enclosure Strength The new Dell Rack Enclosures have increased static load capacity versus the previous generation of Dell Rack Enclosures. They have been upgraded with redesigned frame base members, stronger corner weld joints, better reinforced leveling feet, and new castor wheels made of nylon with higher impact strength over the previous version of castor wheels.
  • Page 6: Cooling

    When hot air exhaust travels to the front of the rack, it can enter rackmount equipment and disrupt the cooling cycle by introducing hot air into the systems, thereby decreasing the systems’ efficiency. See Figure 4. It should be noted that the rack fan kit available from Dell for legacy rack enclosures will also install into the 4220 Rack Enclosure.
  • Page 7: Rack Installation

    Another key best practice in managing rack level airflow is the usage of closeout panels to seal off all empty U- spaces. Any openings in the rack provide a path for hot air to travel through the rack to the front of systems. Ask your Dell TSR for assistance in purchasing closeout panels from Dell. Rack Installation Removal from Pallet Before beginning the removal process, be sure there are roughly 2.7 meters (9 feet) of free space in front of the...
  • Page 8: Moving Into Place

    The leveling feet can be lowered and adjusted from inside the rack with a flat head screwdriver, or from outside the rack with a 12mm wrench. See Figure 6. Dell Inc. | Data Center Infrastructure...
  • Page 9 Reach into the rack, grab a stabilizer bracket firmly with both hands, and pull straight up. Once the stabilizer has been removed, use pliers to push the plastic fastener through the hole in the stabilizer and discard these plastic pieces. See Figure 7. Figure 7: Stabilizer Plastic Fastener Removal Dell Inc. | Data Center Infrastructure...
  • Page 10: Coupling Racks

    4220 Rack Enclosures can be coupled using an interconnect accessory kit that can be purchased with the Dell Rack Enclosure. This kit can be used to couple the 4220 to another 4220 or to a previous generation Dell 4210 Rack Enclosure.
  • Page 11: Power Distribution Unit (Pdu) Installation

    PDU trays allow you to route cables between racks. See Figure 10. A larger array of PDUs from a variety of suppliers can mount into the Dell 4220 and 2420 Rack Enclosures than are available to mount in comparable rack enclosures.
  • Page 12: Zero U Mount Pdus

    Zero U Mount PDUs The 2420 and 4220 racks still support the Dell zero U mount PDUs that mount in the sides of the rack. For PDUs with detachable input cables, simply mount the PDU from the side of the rack and then plug the cable in and route it back into the rack through the opening between the rear mounting rail and the PDU tray.
  • Page 13 See Figure 13. 3. Once PDUs are installed, connect equipment power cords and dress them to assure that they are not under stress. Dell Inc. | Data Center Infrastructure...
  • Page 14: Cabling

    Internal Cable Management The Dell 2420 and 4220 Rack Enclosures are 2.7” (70mm) deeper than the older Dell 4210 Rack Enclosures. This extra room allows the user more space for cabling inside the rack. There are a few different cabling scenarios with the 2420/4220 racks depending on where PDUs are mounted.
  • Page 15 PDU tray on the opposite side. When using Dell Cable Management Arms (CMAs), all cables will exit the CMA on one side. Dell CMAs can mount on either side of the system giving the user an option of which side he wants the cables to exit.
  • Page 16 The system CMAs can be balanced, half mounted on one side, and the other half mounted on the other side of the rack. All cables can then be routed up or down their respective sides. See Figure 16. Figure 16: Rear-Mount PDU with Adjacent Data Cables Dell Inc. | Data Center Infrastructure...
  • Page 17 (top or bottom), and the tail bars can be reinstalled quickly for a substitute to routing cables through holes in the rack. It is recommended to remove the rear doors when removing and reinstalling the tail bars. See Figure 17. Figure 17: Tailbar Removal Dell Inc. | Data Center Infrastructure...