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24-bit, 96 kHz Recording Interface
with 32 channels of ADAT I/O
User's Manual
Version 2.0
© 2009, PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.



   Summary of Contents for PRESONUS FIRESTUDIO LIGHTPIPE - V2.0

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    FIRESTUDIO LIGHTPIPE 24-bit, 96 kHz Recording Interface with 32 channels of ADAT I/O User’s Manual Version 2.0 © 2009, PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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    During the warranty period, PreSonus shall, at its sole and absolute option, repair or replace, free of charge, any product that proves to be defective on inspection by PreSonus or its authorized service representative. To obtain warranty service, the purchaser must first call or write PreSonus at the address and telephone number printed below to obtain a Return Authorization Number and instructions about where to return the unit for service.

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     Use only the attachments/accessories recommended or manufactured by PreSonus for your FireStudio Lightpipe.  All domestic PreSonus products should be serviced at the PreSonus factory in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. If your FireStudio Lightpipe requires a repair, contact to arrange for a return-authorization number. Customers outside the U.S. should contact their...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    2.3.2 Using the FireStudio Lightpipe with Multiple DigiMax D8 ............... 18 2.3.3 Mobile Recording Rig ........................19 3 CONTROLS AND CONNECTIONS 3.1 PreSonus Universal Control Application Introduction ................20 3.1.1 Universal Control Application Icon ....................20 3.1.2 Launcher Window ........................... 21 3.1.3 WDM Settings (Windows PC Only) ....................

  • Page 6: Introduction

    We encourage you to contact us at 225-216-7887 or with any questions or comments you may have regarding your PreSonus FireStudio Lightpipe. We believe the best way to achieve our goal of constant product improvement is by listening to the real experts: our customers. We appreciate the support you have shown us through the purchase of this product.

  • Page 7: Features

     Mac OS X and Windows compatible The FireStudio Lightpipe includes PreSonus Studio One Artist recording software, which comes with over 4 GB of plug-ins, loops, and samples, giving you everything you need for music recording and production. Summary of Studio One Artist features ...

  • Page 8

    Your FireStudio Lightpipe package contains the following:  FireStudio Lightpipe recording interface  6-foot, 6-pin-to-6-pin FireWire cable  6-foot, standard IEC power cable  PreSonus FireStudio Universal driver installation disc  Studio One Artist installation DVD  PreSonus warranty card 5 | PreSonus 2008...

  • Page 9: System Requirements

    NOTE: The speed of your processor, amount of RAM, and size and speed of your hard drives will greatly affect the overall performance of your recording system. A more powerful system (faster processor with more RAM) allows for lower latency (signal delay) and better overall performance. 6 | PreSonus 2008...

  • Page 10: Hardware Installation, Installation In Microsoft Windows, Installation In Mac Os X

    Once you have entered your password, click “OK” to proceed with the rest of the installation. When the Installer has finished, connect your FireStudio Lightpipe to your computer with a FireWire cable. Once the sync light is solid blue, your FireStudio Lightpipe is ready to use. 7 | PreSonus 2008...

  • Page 11: Studio One Artist, Installation And Authorization

    , Studio One Artist provides you with all the tools necessary to capture and mix a great performance. As a valued PreSonus customer, you are also eligible for an upgrade discount for Studio One Pro when you are ready to master your work, create a digital version for the Web, or incorporate third-party VST plug-ins into your recording process.

  • Page 12

    PreSonus. If you have an Internet connection on your computer, these links will be updated as new tutorials become available on the PreSonus Web site.

  • Page 13

    OK. After you have verified that the PreSonus FireStudio Lightpipe driver has been detected, please continue to Section 2.2.3 to set up your external MIDI devices. If you do not have any MIDI devices to connect at this time, please skip to Section 2.2.4.

  • Page 14

    If you have a sound module you’d like to connect, leave the External Devices window open and proceed to the next part of this section. If not, you can close this window and skip to Section 2.1.4. Setting up an external MIDI sound module from the Start page: 11 | PreSonus 2008...

  • Page 15

    Click OK and close the External Devices window. You are now ready to start recording in Studio One Artist. Sections 2.2.4 through 2.2.6 will go over how to set up a Song and will discuss some general workflow tips for navigating through the Studio One Artist enviroment. 12 | PreSonus 2008...

  • Page 16

    File|Options… (PC) or Studio One|Preferences (Mac), and click on the Audio Setup button. Click on the Song Setup button to open the Song Setup window, then click on the on the Audio I/O Setup icon. 13 | PreSonus 2008...

  • Page 17

    Add Tracks window. In the Add Tracks window, you can select the number and type of Tracks you’d like to create (Mono Audio, Stereo Audio, Instrument, or Automation) and can customize the name and the color. 14 | PreSonus 2008...

  • Page 18

    To the left of the Add Track button, you will find the Inspector button. Click it to display more parameters for the selected track. At the bottom of the Inspector menu, you will see your Bank and Program selections. From here, you can remotely change the patch on your sound module. 15 | PreSonus 2008...

  • Page 19

    If you drag the file to an existing track, the file will be placed as a new part on the track. 16 | PreSonus 2008...

  • Page 20: Sample Hookup Diagram, Connecting Your Digital Mixer

    Please note: In this scenario, the digital mixer would be the master clock. In the FireStudio Lightpipe Mixer application, you will need to set the clock source to BNC so that the FireStudio Lightpipe will receive its clock from an external source. 17 | PreSonus 2008...

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  • Page 22: Mobile Recording Rig

    GETTING STARTED 2.2.3 MOBILE RECORDING RIG 19 | PreSonus 2008...

  • Page 23: Universal Control Application Icon

    “Open PreSonus Universal Control.” Right-click the Universal Control icon and select “Quit” to exit the Universal Control application and remove it from your taskbar. The Universal Control application can also be accessed from the PreSonus folder in the Start Menu.

  • Page 24: Launcher Window

    If your FireStudio Lightpipe is not syncing to an external source, make sure that both your master device and the FireStudio are set to the same sample rate. 21 | PreSonus 2008...

  • Page 25

    By default, all metering is pre-fader position.  Peak Hold. When this is enabled, the clip indicator on any given channel will remain illuminated until manually cleared, even if the signal is no longer clipping. This is enabled by default. 22 | PreSonus 2008...

  • Page 26

    The WDM Channel Mapper window will open. By default, WDM Outputs 1 and 2 are routed to the FireStudio Lightpipe main outputs. To change the default routing, simply select WDM Output 1 and 2 and drag them to your preferred output pair. 23 | PreSonus 2008...

  • Page 27: Device Window: Firestudio Lightpipe Mixer

     Post Fader Output Meters Displays the Output Level of Each Stereo Pair These meter postfader levels, which means they represent the actual audio output levels of your FireStudio Lightpipe. 24 | PreSonus 2008...

  • Page 28

    A virtual LED meter to the right of each fader displays the postfader level of the channel’s audio. The peak value, in dBFS, of the channel’s audio level is displayed directly above each channel’s virtual LED meter. 25 | PreSonus 2008...

  • Page 29

     Changes the Source of the FireStudio Lightpipe Mixer Channels Input Selectors Choosing “No Input” will hide the channel. “Inputs” are your hardware inputs (ADAT 1, ADAT 2, etc.). “Playback” are your software DAW outputs 26 | PreSonus 2008...

  • Page 30: Front-panel Layout

    Proper word-clock sync prevents digital devices from having pops, clicks, or distortion in the audio signal due to mismatched digital audio transmission. Blue. FireStudio Lightpipe is correctly synced via BNC or ADAT. Flashing Blue . Sync invalid or not present. 27 | PreSonus 2008...

  • Page 31: Back-panel Layout

    BNC Input and Output. These allow the FireStudio Lightpipe to receive and transmit word clock to and from other digital audio devices. You should select “BNC” as the Clock Source and set the sample rate to correspond to the external device in the Universal Control when using the BNC input. 28 | PreSonus 2008...

  • Page 32

    Any of the ADAT inputs can be used to receive word clock from an external device. You should select the appropriate ADAT input as the Clock Source and set the sample rate to correspond to the external device in the Universal Control when using an external ADAT device for word clock sync. 29 | PreSonus 2008...

  • Page 33: Using Multiple Firestudio-family Interfaces

    FireStudio product to connect to your system. PreSonus supports the connection of up to four devices or a limit of 52 inputs and outputs (whichever comes first) to any one system at a time. However, the ability to use more than two units simultaneously depends on your computer’s specifications and optimization.

  • Page 34

    DAW application. To easily maintain zero- latency mixing between the daisy-chained units, dedicate a set of outputs and a set of inputs from each device in the chain to send and receive a mix in the Universal Control application. 31 | PreSonus 2008...

  • Page 35: Troubleshooting

    You also can get technical assistance by calling PreSonus at 225-216-7887 Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Central Time. PreSonus Technical Support can also be contacted during the same hours via email at

  • Page 36

    Please note: manufacturers may change chipsets at any time, so it is recommended to verify these models still employ a chipset in the above list prior to purchasing At the time of the publication of this manual, PreSonus only recommends the following Express cards: ADS Pyro 1394a •...

  • Page 37: Specifications

    , w i t h o u t n o t i f i c a t i o n . 34 | PreSonus 2008...

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