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JAX-9B Weather fax
– performance features
Unique features
The JAX-9B weather facsimile receiver is
a very compact and lightweight solution,
incorporating a set of enhanced features that
allows for fl exible operation.
Flexible operation and recording system
The received fax broadcasts are recorded on thermal recording paper,
using a thermal head with less moving parts. JRC integrated an automatic
frequency selection, allowing for optimised receiving. The JAX-9B can
receive in four diff erent modes.
Automatic recording All operations can be remotely controlled to automatically start
up, set parameters, receiving images, feed paper, and stop by remote signals from the
broadcasting stations. Only halftone recording is manually controlled.
Manual recording You can manually set the index of co-operation (IOC), scanning
speed, and the halftone recording. The JAX-9B automatically records the stops in this
Forced recording This is an extensive function of the automatic recording mode. The
JAX-9B can manually record while neither in automatic or manual recording mode, also
while broadcasting is in progress. Phasing is done manually. It also adopts to an unique
system to terminate phase matching instantaneously.
Timer programme recording The period of the start and stop modes, station
frequencies, and half-tone on/off are easy programmable. Whilst combined with the
fully automatic mode, and unattended, error-free operation is made possible.
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JAX-9B Weather fax
– system fl exibility
Fine half-tone recording
Pictures of clouds can be recorded in 16 gradation levels. This digital method ensures high resolution
recording, using a proprietary system that fi nely reproduces maps and latitude and longitude grids
with very fi ne and accurate lines.
Synthesised receiver
The built-in synthesised receiver is capable of setting any receiving frequency from the ten-key pad,
and is able to preset up to 90 spot frequencies in the memory. This feature is very eff ective when
receiving any new broadcast frequency and changing the station frequency.
Printout of frequencies and programme lists
Up to 90 channels of memory frequencies and up to 15 channels of programme lists can be printed
out on the recording paper. This function is especially useful for setting programming and checking
the stored frequencies.
Compact, lightweight design
The JAX-9B weather fax is remarkably compact and lightweight, allowing for a more fl exible
installation approach in confi ned spaces.
New enhanced interfaces
All received faxes can be displayed on your own PC, allowing you to view (and save) the
image before seeing the actual recorded image. This function allows you to quickly view the
image digitally, which greatly facilitates the need for immediate decisions. On top, the JAX-9B
can also be confi gured for remote maintenance. JRC has developed a unique function that
is capable for remotely monitoring and analysing for any faults that may occur in the system,
allowing for prompt action and service.
Dimension drawings - Weather fax
MASS 7 kg
254 mm
358 mm
What's standard in the box?
1. Weather fax
2. Protective cover
3. Spare parts
4. RF connector (for antenna cable)
5. Recording paper (fi tted in weather fax)
6. Manual (English)
107 mm


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