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JAX-9B Weather fax
– specifi cations
Functional ability
Recording system
Recording paper
Eff ective recording width
Index of cooperation (IOC)
Scanning speed
Scanner resolution
Scanning line density
Phase matching
Halftone recording
Negative/positive recording
External receiver connect.
Operation modes
Timer programme channel
JSC adapter connection
Setup data list recording
Setup data storing
Self test function
Automatic time correction
Image data output
Remote maintenance
Synthesised receiver
Receiving system
phase locked type frequency synthesised with up-conversion and double super heterodyne type
Frequency range
Frequency selection
Frequency memory
2μV (+6dBμ) or less for antenna input to obtain the output of -5dBm at 20dB S/N
IF selectivity
Image rejection ratio
Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature
Ambient humidity
Power supply
Optional items
AC/DC power supply
PC interface kit
Fax image display
Joint box (cable insertion Ø12mm)
Whip antenna (6m)
Antenna feeder
Recording paper
Width 260mm and height 25m per roll
Terminal block (TB103) for PC connection - JRC RMS
RS422/USB converter, image viewer software and manual (requires 7ZZNA4016)
Specifications may be subject to change without notice.
solid state thermal head
thermo sensitive recording paper
256mm (10")
576 or 288
60, 90, 120, 240 SPM
8 dots/mm
approx. 7 lines/mm, 3.5 lines/mm
automatic and manual
16 steps by dither pattern
0dBm, 600Ω
automatic, manual, forced, timer programme
15 channels
yes (for scrambled broadcasts)
receiving frequency list, timer programme channel list
recording and panel test
input via GPS data
display received images on PC (option)
yes (option)
2.0000 to 24.9999 MHz
up to 90 channels
6dB down point: 2.4 kHz to 3 kHz
66dB down point: 6 kHz or less
more than 60dB
operation: -15ºC to +55ºC
93% (40ºC) or less
recording is 80% or less
DC 12/24/32V 10% to +30%, 70VA or less
RG-10/U and RG-10/UY
For further information, contact:
Since 1915
Main Office: Nittochi Nishi-Shinjuku bldg.
10-1, Nishi-Shinjuku 6-chome
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8328, Japan
Telephone: +81-3-3348-4099
Facsimile: +81-3-3348-4139
Overseas Branches : Seattle, Amsterdam, Athens
Liaison Offices : Taipei, Manila, Jakarta, Singapore,
Hanoi, Shanghai, Hamburg, New York
ISO 9001 ISO 14001 Certified
Weather fax
– a very compact and lightweight solution that allows for fl exible operation
10" effective recording width
Multiple recording modes available
View image instantly with PC output option
Automatic frequency selection
Easy operation and highly reliable read-out


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    6ZPTS00108 10” effective recording width Width 260mm and height 25m per roll Terminal block (TB103) for PC connection - JRC RMS RS422/USB converter, image viewer software and manual (requires 7ZZNA4016) Multiple recording modes available Specifications may be subject to change without notice.

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    On top, the JAX-9B Timer programme recording The period of the start and stop modes, station can also be confi gured for remote maintenance. JRC has developed a unique function that frequencies, and half-tone on/off are easy programmable. Whilst combined with the is capable for remotely monitoring and analysing for any faults that may occur in the system, fully automatic mode, and unattended, error-free operation is made possible.

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