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Verifying Component Failure - HP 4400 Replacement Instructions

Controller enclosure battery
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1. Battery 1
Figure 1 Battery module locations

Verifying component failure

Use the following methods to verify component failure:
Analyze any failure messages received. HP Insight Remote Support
Software provides a recommended fault monitoring solution.
Check the battery status using HP P6000 Command View:
In the navigation pane, select Storage system > Hardware >
Controller enclosure.
In the contents pane, select the Power tab. The status is displayed
in the Cache Battery fields. An operational state of
would indicate a fault that may require a battery replacement.
To help identify the correct enclosure in the rack, click Locate >
Locate On in the Controller Enclosure Properties window. This
causes the blue Unit ID indicator to blink on the controller enclos-
ure (not the individual controller in the enclosure).
Check the battery module status LEDs.
Solid green—Power turned on and functioning properly
Blinking green—Maintenance activity in progress, such as testing
or charging
Solid amber—Fault condition that cannot support cache activity.
LUNs have failed over to the other controller.
Blinking amber—Degraded condition, and should be replaced
soon. Depending on the charge state of the battery, LUNs may
or may not have failed over to the other controller.
Off—Module not fully connected or powered down
Removing a battery module
Remove the enclosure front bezel by grasping both ends and pulling
it off the enclosure.
Figure 2 Enclosure bezel removal
2. Battery 2
Verify the correct battery module to replace. Battery 1 powers
controller 2 and battery 2 powers controller 1.
If the battery amber LED is lit solid, the LUNs owned
by the controller with the faulted battery have already
failed over to the other controller. If the battery amber
LED is blinking, the LUNs may or may not have failed
over to the other controller, and if not, will fail over
when the degraded battery is removed.
Grasp the handle on the battery module and pull it out a short
Position one hand under the battery module, and with the other
hand, pull the battery out of the enclosure.
Figure 3 Removing a battery module
Installing a battery module
Insert the battery module into the enclosure.
Push the battery module into the enclosure until a click is detected
when fully seated.
Verifying proper operation
After replacing the battery module, check the following to verify the
component is operating properly:
Wait approximately three minutes for the system to check the
component status.
Verify the green LED is lit or blinking. If not, try reseating the battery
module. Press the front bezel onto the controller enclosure.
From HP P6000 Command View, navigate to the component as de-
scribed in the
Verifying component failure
status. It should be
Verify that you have the desired LUN presentation to the controllers.
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section, and check the


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