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HP 4400 Release Note

Hp p6000 enterprise virtual array release notes (xcs 10000000) (667992-001, july 2011).
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This document applies to the HP 4400 Enterprise Virtual Array, HP 6400 Enterprise Virtual Array, HP 8400 Enterprise Virtual Array,
HP P6300 Enterprise Virtual Array, and HP P6500 Enterprise Virtual Array.
HP Part Number: 667992-001
Published: June 201 1
Edition: 2


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  • Page 1 HP P6000 Enterprise Virtual Array release notes (XCS 10000000) Abstract This document applies to the HP 4400 Enterprise Virtual Array, HP 6400 Enterprise Virtual Array, HP 8400 Enterprise Virtual Array, HP P6300 Enterprise Virtual Array, and HP P6500 Enterprise Virtual Array. HP Part Number: 667992-001...
  • Page 2 © Copyright 201 1 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
  • Page 3 This document contains information specific to the release of XCS 10000000, which applies to the following array models: Array model Controller model Disk enclosure model HP 4400 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA4400) HSV300 or HSV300-S M6412 or M6412A HP 6400 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA6400)
  • Page 4 can use to directly connect to a Windows, HP-UX, or Linux application server. For more information, see the HP P6000 Command View Installation Guide. Replication software support—HP P6000 Replication Solutions Manager 5.3 or later is supported with XCS 10000000. HP P6000 Replication Solutions Manager is an optional interface that offers enhanced management of local and remote replication and is offered at no charge.
  • Page 5 Fixed an issue where a controller can terminate (termination code 42280102) during a restart due to the receipt of an unknown completion message type. Fixed a controller restart issue (code 0x0442011f) that could occur when unpresenting a LUN. Fixed an issue where a rare condition during host port abort processing caused an item being aborted to be processed twice, resulting in a controller termination (termination code 0x04d3011f).
  • Page 6 Fixed an issue where the array failed to correctly split a background parity structure following the addition of a twelfth member. Fixed a resource contention deadlock that occurred when rebuilding parity. Fixed an issue where leveling would stall after two 1 TB drives are added to the system. Fixed a rare recursive controller resynchronization that could occur when a virtual disk being expanded had errors.
  • Page 7 Fixed an issue where the disk enclosure shutdown process would return a failure status even if the shutdown operation succeeded. Fixed an issue where some fields were missing or not completely populated in log events related to disk enclosure link module status or firmware upgrades. Fixed an issue where poorly seated back-end cables could result in too many dropped frame (code 0x061d4709) and metadata error bit (e-bit) set (0x070e0015) events, flooding the logs.
  • Page 8 Improved on-demand allocation, rebuild, reconstruct, revert, and controller failover routines to resolve a problem where the controllers can experience a Unit Stalled Too Long condition and workload timeouts. Fixed an issue where the controller erroneously logs Metadata Check 1 (0x07140715) events spontaneously.
  • Page 9: Operating Systems

    Fixed a problem that results in a controller termination during controller restart if a RSCN (Remote State Change Notification) ELS (Extended Link Services) request is received prior to the start of an HP P6000 Continuous Access discovery. Fixed an issue where mirror cache is not synchronized when failover clears cache data lost on a DR group, leading to a termination when proxy I/Os arrive.
  • Page 10: San Support

    For upgrade instructions, see the HP Enterprise Virtual Array Updating Product Software Guide (XCS 10000000). You can download these documents from the following website: Under Storage, click Disk Storage Systems, and then select HP 4400 Enterprise Virtual Array or HP 6400/8400 Enterprise Virtual Array under P6000/EVA Disk Arrays. NOTE: When upgrading to XCS 10000000, it is required that the Device Addition Policy for disk groups be set to Manual.
  • Page 11 NOTE: 1 Gb path and components have specific configuration requirements. For more information on configuration requirements and support for 2 Gb and 4 Gb EVAs, see the HP SAN Design Reference Guide, which can be downloaded from the following website: Click Storage Networking under Storage, and then select HP SAN under HP SAN Solutions.
  • Page 12 Stale Inquiry data issue after SSD firmware upgrade After upgrading disk drive firmware on solid state disk drives, HP P6000 Command View may indicate that the upgrade was successful, but the disk drive properties page does not reflect the upgraded firmware version.
  • Page 13 progress bar in HP P6000 Command View to show a larger amount of progress than one would expect for the allocated log size. Creating disk groups with double protection level When creating a disk group with double protection level on an array running XCS 10000000, a minimum of 10 disk drives is required on the array.

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