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Yamaha MCR-040DG Owner's Manual

Yamaha MCR-040DG Owner's Manual

Owners manual




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  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    We Want You Listening For A Lifetime Yamaha and the Electronic Industries Association’s Consumer Electronics Group want you to get the most out of your equipment by playing it at a safe level. One that lets the sound come through loud and clear without annoying blaring or distortion –...
  • Page 3 “OFF” requirements. Modifications not expressly approved by and “ON”, please try to eliminate the problem by using Yamaha may void your authority, granted by the FCC, one of the following measures: to use the product.
  • Page 4 Do not use MCR-140 within 22 cm (9 in) of persons with a heart and may cause fire, damage to this unit, and/or personal pacemaker implant or defibrillator implant. injury. Yamaha will not be held responsible for any damage resulting from use of this unit with a voltage FOR CANADIAN CUSTOMERS other than specified.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    ■ Copyright and logo marks Advanced YST yAired MCR-140 In 1988, Yamaha brought to the marketplace speaker systems Real-time uncompressed music transfer without sound utilizing YST (Yamaha Active Servo Technology) to give degradation is realized by Yamaha original digital wireless powerful, high quality bass reproduction.
  • Page 6: Preparation

    PREPARATION PARTS Make sure you have all of the following items. MCR-040 Speakers Dock cover CD receiver (NS-BP80) (CRX-040) Cover the iPod dock when not using. Remote control Indoor FM antenna MCR-140 CD receiver Transmitter (CRX-140) Speaker cable (1.5 m (4.9’) × 2) ■...
  • Page 7: Playable Discs And File Format

    PLAYABLE DISCS AND FILE FORMAT ■ Playable discs ■ Playable MP3 and WMA files Use compact discs bearing the marks below..Compact discs (digital audio) Sampling Bitrate Format frequency (kbps) (kHz) ..CD-R,CD-RW digital audio discs 32-320 32/44.1/48 MPEG 1 Audio Layer-3 •...
  • Page 8: Connection

    CONNECTION Basic connection Follow the procedure below to connect the speakers and indoor FM antenna to this unit. CAUTION Do not connect the power cable of this unit until all cable connections are completed. Indoor FM antenna Notes • The antenna should be stretched out. To the wall outlet •...
  • Page 9: Wireless Connection Mcr-140

    CONNECTION Wireless connection Other connection MCR-140 ■ Stationing iPod Playback operation with your iPod connected to the transmitter turns the unit on automatically, and you can Station or remove your iPod whenever you want. enjoy the music in your iPod. Your iPod is automatically charged when your iPod is set in the To turn on the unit by the playback operation of your iPod, set iPod dock/charging cradle, even if the unit is in standby mode.
  • Page 10: Remote Control

    REMOTE CONTROL 1 Infrared signal transmitter (☞ P. 2) : standby/on 3 Source buttons: PORTABLE, CD, iPod, USB, TUNER (☞ P. 8, 10) 4 FM control buttons (☞ P. 10) : iPod scroll buttons (☞ P. 8) MENU/ENTER/ : multi function buttons (☞ P. 8, 9, 10, 11) : Stop button (☞...
  • Page 11: Operation

    OPERATION FRONT PANEL AND BASIC OPERATION • This unit has an automatic standby function, which will automatically switch the unit to standby mode if the unit is left turned on for 1 hour without playback or any other operation being performed. This function is not available when the source is set to PORTABLE/ •...
  • Page 12: Listening To Music

    The reading time may exceed 30 seconds depending on the number of files/folders. · Yamaha and suppliers accept no liability for the loss of data saved on the USB devices connected to this unit. As a precaution, it is recommended that the files are made backup copies.
  • Page 13: Other Operation

    LISTENING TO MUSIC Other operation ■ Control playback ■ Switching the display You can switch the playback information shown on the front panel display. Some special characters may not be shown properly. During playback Press repeatedly. : Skip forward/Press and hold to Fast forward During playback : Skip backward/Press and hold to Rewind MCR-040...
  • Page 14: Listening To Fm Radio Stations

    LISTENING TO FM RADIO STATIONS Tuning to radio stations Selecting preset radio stations (Preset tuning) Press TUNER. Press and hold. Automatic tuning starts. Select the preset radio station in FM mode. If the signal received from the station you want to select is weak, you can also tune into radio stations manually by pressing TUNING<</>>...
  • Page 15: Using Useful Functions

    USING USEFUL FUNCTIONS Using setup menu The setup menu appears on the front panel display by pressing SETUP. You can set various useful functions with setup menu. Setup menu Parameter or control range Reference page PRESET DELETE (Displays only when the input source is set to FM.) DIMMER DIMMER ON (25%)/OFF (100%) below...
  • Page 16: Adjusting The Clock

    USING USEFUL FUNCTIONS ■ Adjusting the clock CLOCK SET: To set hour and minute, repeat steps 3 and 4 on page 11. The current time appears on the front panel display for a certain period by pressing and holding DISPLAY if the time setting has completed.
  • Page 17: Using Timer And Sleep Timer

    USING USEFUL FUNCTIONS Using timer and sleep timer ■ Using the timer The timer sets the unit to play back music at the time you set. The unit is set to standby mode after the specified running time elapses. To use the timer, set the appropriate input source securely and set the timer in the setup menu in advance (☞ P. 12). Press TIMER.
  • Page 18: Additional Information

    Refer to the table below when this unit does not function properly. If the problem you are experiencing is not listed below or if the instruction below does not help, turn off this unit, disconnect the power cable, and contact the nearest authorized Yamaha dealer or service center. General...
  • Page 19: Radio Reception

    Wireless Error There is a problem with the internal Disconnect the power cable and contact the nearest — circuit of this unit. authorized Yamaha dealer or service center. Radio reception Problem Cause Remedy page FM stereo reception is The antenna is connected improperly.
  • Page 20 TROUBLESHOOTING The following status messages appear only if you are using MCR-140. Status message Cause Remedy page iPod Linked Wireless connection was successful. iPod iPod Unlinked Wireless connection has disconnected. Connect the iPod to the transmitter and start playback. iPod Low Batt. The battery of the iPod is getting flat.
  • Page 21 TROUBLESHOOTING Problem Cause Remedy page No sound. The power of the unit is off. Connect the power cable correctly. — The iPod software version has not been Download the latest iTunes software to update the — updated. iPod software version to the latest. The iPod is in the process of connecting Please wait for a while.
  • Page 22: Usb

    TROUBLESHOOTING Problem Cause Remedy page Suddenly the MCR-140: The unit is connected to Change the group setting. speaker produces another transmitter. sound even though an iPod is not connected. Transmitted sound is MCR-140: If noise occurs at the same This is not malfunction. If cut occurs frequently, —...
  • Page 23: Disc Playback

    TROUBLESHOOTING Disc playback Problem Cause Remedy page No sound or The sampling rate of an MP3 or WMA Check the sampling rate and bit rate of an MP3 or distorted sound file may not be compatible with this unit. WMA file are compatible with this unit. Disc playback does You may be using a CD-R/RW that is not Finalize the CD-R/RW.
  • Page 24: Handling Compact Discs

    HANDLING COMPACT DISCS • Always handle with care so that the playing surface is • Do not wipe with a circular motion; wipe straight not scratched. Do not bend discs. outward from the center. • To keep the playing surface clean, wipe with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Page 25 CAUTION Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure. AVERTISSEMENT L’utilisation de commandes et l’emploi de réglages ou de méthodes autres que ceux décrits ci-dessous, peuvent entraîner une exposition à un rayonnement dangereux. ●...
  • Page 26 Printed in China WS48490...

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