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Fujitsu M2010 - Mini-Notebook - Atom 1.6 GHz Getting Started Manual

M2010 getting started guide.
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This convenient guide will lead you through the start-up
process and will also offer some valuable tips.
What's in the Box
Check to see that all of the following items are in the box:
o Fujitsu notebook
o Lithium ion battery, pre-installed
o AC adapter with power cord
o International Limited Warranty and Registration booklet
Built-in Microphone
Controls, Connectors,
1.3 Megapixel Web Camera
and Access Points
Status Indicator Panel
Stereo Speaker
Status Indicator Panel
Quick Point
Pointing Device
Stereo Speaker
Anti-Theft Lock Slot
LAN (RJ-45) Jack
DC Power Jack
Air Vents
USB 2.0 Ports
Microphone Jack
External Video Port
Secure Digital/Memory Stick
Headphone Jack
Card Slot
Battery Latches
Air Vents (various locations)
Stereo Speaker
Initial Start Up
DC Power Jack
Display Panel
AC Cable
USB 2.0 Ports
Lithium ion Battery
Memory Upgrade Compartment
Stereo Speaker
1. Open the Display Panel
Ensure that your notebook is on a hard level surface and
that the air vents are not blocked.
Lift the display, being careful not to touch the screen.
Display Cover
Adjust the display until it is at a comfortable viewing angle.
2. Connect AC Power
Plug the AC adapter into your notebook.
Plug the power cord into the AC adapter.
Connect the power cord to an electrical outlet.
3. Connect to Internet or Network
Connect the Ethernet cable to the LAN jack on your
notebook and to a wall jack or to an Ethernet router.
During the setup procedure, do not disconnect the power
supply, press any buttons, or use any peripheral devices.
• You should not attach any external devices until you have gone
through the initial power on sequence.
4. Booting the System
DC Ouput Cable
The Lithium ion battery is not charged upon purchase.
AC Adapter
Initially you will need to connect either the AC adapter
or the Auto/Airline adapter to use your notebook.
Be careful when you select the language.
The only way to change the language
is to do a recovery process.
Press the Suspend/Resume/Power button (above the
keyboard) to turn on the notebook. When you do this for the
first time, it will display a Fujitsu logo on the screen. If you do
nothing the system will load the operating system, and then
the Windows Welcome will begin.
5. Installing Click Me!
When you click the Click Me! icon, your system will
automatically build the icon tray in the bottom right
of the screen. These icons provide links to utilities
LAN Jack
that you will frequently access.
"Click Me!"
If the FDU Icon is missing from Windows taskbar notifica-
tion area, please download and install FDU package
from the support website. This application will keep your
notebook up to date with the latest released drivers.
6. Registering Your Fujitsu notebook
Register your notebook with Fujitsu Service and Support
via our website at
Resume Button
You will need to be set up with an Internet Service Provider
(ISP) to register online.
7. Access your User's Guide
To take advantage of all the features of your new Fujitsu
notebook, it is highly recommended that you read your
electronic User's Guide. It contains important detailed
information about your new computer. You can access your
User's Guide by selecting its icon from the screen desktop.
8. Restoring Your System
The original factory system is stored in a hidden partition on
your hard disk drive to keep it safe. For instructions on re-
storing the factory system, please follow the instructions in
the "Recovering Your Factory and System Images" manual
that is bundled separately with your system.
On your desktop, there is a Backup Drivers & Apps icon that
allows you to back up and restore your drivers and applica-
tions by first backing them up to a disc on an external drive.
You are strongly encouraged to make a backup of the driv-
ers and applications in the event of hard disk failure. If you
ever you need to reinstall any drivers or applications, and
you have not made a backup of the drivers and applications
you will need to download them from the Fujitsu Support
More detailed information is also available in your User's
Guide on backing up your drivers and applications.
Common Indicators
Status Display Panel
The Status Indicators represent specific components of your Fujitsu notebook. The LEDs below each
symbol tell you how each of those components are operating.
Wireless Device Indicator
If the battery pack is installed
Glows blue when your wireless device
while the power is turned off,
is turned on.
the battery level indicator will
display the charge level for
Power Indicator
five seconds after it blinks
Glows blue when your system is turned on.
If the AC adapter is not con-
nected or the battery pack
Battery Charger/DC-In Indicator
is not fully charged when
the computer is switched to
Depending upon whether you have an AC adapter connected or not,
standby mode, the indicator
the battery indicator will appear in a variety of colors and states.
will blink. The LED blinks at
the rate of one second on/six
AC Adapter Connected
seconds off.
Solid blue
Charge complete
Batteries subjected to
shocks, vibration or extreme
Solid orange
Charging in process
temperatures can be
Purple, blinking
Battery malfunction
permanently damaged.
No AC Adapter Connected
A shorted battery is
damaged and must
Orange, blinking
Battery is charged 12% or less
be replaced.
Purple, blinking
Battery malfunction
Battery charge between 13%
and 100%
Battery completely discharged
No battery installed
Hard Drive Access
Glows green when your internal hard
drive is being accessed. Note that
flickering is normal.
Caps Lock
Glows when your keyboard is set to
type in all capital letters.
Glows when the integral keyboard is
in ten-key numeric keypad mode.
Quick Tips
It takes approximately 4 hours to
charge a fully discharged single
battery with unit off or in
suspend mode.
Optimizing Battery Life
• Set power management setting
to Maximize Battery Life.
• Adjust display brightness levels
to lowest comfortable setting.
• Remove PC Cards and Express-
Cards when not needed.
• Utilize Suspend mode when
not using your notebook.
• Read the Power Management
section in your electronic User's
Guide for additional features.
Adjusting Display Brightness
• Fn + F6 to decrease brightness
• Fn + F7 to increase brightness
Adjusting Volume
• Fn + F8 to decrease volume
• Fn + F9 to increase volume
• Microphone/line in jack
• Headphone/line out jack.


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    When you do this for the Status Display Panel first time, it will display a Fujitsu logo on the screen. If you do The Status Indicators represent specific components of your Fujitsu notebook. The LEDs below each symbol tell you how each of those components are operating.

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    Specifications are subject to change without notice. This guide will lead you through the start-up process for your new Fujitsu notebook and will also provide ©2009 Fujitsu America, Inc. All rights reserved.

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