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  • Page 2: Important Safety Information

    WARNING - Electric Shock To avoid electric shock when you use this system: • Do not use the Nintendo GameCube during a lightning storm. There may be a risk of electric shock from lighting. • Use only the AC Adapter that comes with your system.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Components Nintendo GameCube ..... 2-4 AC Adapter ......5 he official seal is your assurance that Stereo Audio/Video Cable .

  • Page 4: Stereo Audio/video Cable

    SLOT A SLOT B (SLOT A and SLOT B) (ANALOG AV OUT) For connection of Nintendo GameCube Memory Cards (Multi Out Connector) (Sold separately, see back cover for purchasing information.) Connects the Stereo Audio/Video Cable See pages 18-20 for more information on using Memory Cards and the game instruction booklet See pages 8-10 for specific information on how to save game information to a memory card.

  • Page 5

    Serial Port 1 Connects to DC Input Connector Connects to For connection of modem or broadband adapter on back of the Nintendo GameCube 120V AC wall outlet (Sold separately, see back cover for purchasing information). Nintendo Stereo AV Cable SIDE VIEWS...

  • Page 6: Connections (rf Connection)

    IMPORTANT: Please review the TV Screen Damage Caution in the separate Precautions position when the power is turned ON, those positions will be set as the neutral position, Booklet included with this product before connecting the Nintendo GameCube to a TV. causing incorrect game control during game play.

  • Page 7

    LEFT RIGHT available on Nintendo GameCube Model No. DOL-001(USA), pictured above. This feature is not available on Model No. DOL-101(USA). The Component Video Cable (sold separately, visit our web site at or call 1-800-255- S-Video Audio Audio 3700) will allow you to display specially designed games in Progressive Scan Mode if your TV has...

  • Page 8

    Left Right (White) (Red) Existing NOTE: All Nintendo brand RF Switches (NES, SNES and N64) Cable TV and RF Modulators (N64) will work with the Nintendo GameCube. Connection Stereo AV Cable After completing the connections as shown, please turn to page 12.

  • Page 9

    After making the necessary connections described in Section 2, System Setup, make sure that there is Precautions/Maintenance sections of the unrestricted air flow to the Nintendo GameCube. Once the system is properly located, continue with the separate Health and Safety Precautions instructions below.

  • Page 10: Accessing The Main Menu

    The Main Menu allows you to set the date and time, see information about the Game Disc loaded open the Disc Cover (Illustration 1). into the Nintendo GameCube, set various options, and access Memory Card information and options. NOTE: If the Disc Cover is opened while the...

  • Page 11: Game Play Screen, Option Screen

    Press the A Button to display information about the Game Disc that is currently loaded into the Press the A Button to display Calendar Menu choices of Date or Time. Nintendo GameCube. Use the Control Stick (UP or DOWN) Press START to begin the game.

  • Page 12

    Button. Stick. Press the A Button to display the status of any Nintendo GameCube Memory Cards plugged into the Memory Card Slots on the front of the console. This screen (see below) allows you to move or copy files between Memory Cards, or erase files stored on your Memory Cards.

  • Page 13

    DC Input Connector on the back of the console. • Make sure that the power switches on the Nintendo GameCube, TV and VCR (if used) are turned ON. • Check the connections between the console and the TV or VCR (if used) and review the A window will appear to confirm your choice.

  • Page 14

    (if available) on your TV. • Check the audio connections between the Nintendo GameCube and the TV or VCR and • If using a RF Switch connection, try switching review pages 8-10 to be sure the system is set channels on both the RF Modulator and TV up correctly.

  • Page 15

    5 • TROUBLESHOOTING Before seeking assistance review the following problems and solutions: Error Message Procedure If the Nintendo GameCube detects a error in the system operations, an error message will appear. Below PROBLEM SOLUTION is a list of the possible error messages and what procedure to follow if an error message does appear.

  • Page 16

    Nintendo or referred to the nearest NINTENDO game that may have triggered a particular rating and/or may be of interest or concern.

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