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NAIM AV2 Owner's Manual

Av system audio-visual processor and three-channel power amplifier
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  • Page 1 O W N E R S M A N U A L A V S y s t e m...
  • Page 2: Equipment Installation

    EC Declaration of Conformity Licence Declarations Normally your Naim equipment will have been installed by the dealer who sold it to you even if you live outside their immediate vicinity. Your dealer is responsible for making sure that the system sounds exactly as it should and information given here is not intended to reduce this responsibility in any way.
  • Page 3: Getting Started

    Legal consumer protection varies from country to country. In most territories a dealer must be prepared to take back any Naim equipment he has sold you if he cannot make it work to your satisfaction in your own home. A problem may be due to a fault in any part of the system or its installation so it is essential to make full use of your local dealer’s...
  • Page 4 If there is a known problem in your locality it is advisable to arrange for a home demonstration before purchase to find out if Naim equipment is likely to be affected. Susceptibility to radio frequency interference is related to the wide internal bandwidth necessary for high sound quality.
  • Page 5 4.3 fuse carrier Should the plug fuse carrier be damaged or lost, the correct replacement must be obtained from your dealer or from Naim direct. Do not use the plug until the fuse carrier is replaced. 4.4 plug fuses Replace only with ASTA or BS 1362 approved fuses.
  • Page 6: Product Introduction

    5.0 product introduction This manual covers the installation and use of the av2 audio-visual processor and the nap v175 three-channel power amplifier. Together these two components can add comprehensive audio-visual capabilities to any Naim system. The av2 is an audio processor for Dolby* Digital, Dolby Surround and DTS Digital Surround™...
  • Page 7 Some setup parameters are dependent on the state in which the av2 was last shut down so setup may be simplified if the av2 is returned to its setup defaults. See Section 11 for notes on restoring setup defaults.
  • Page 8 6.0 av2 basics and quick setup speaker setup routine Enter setup mode. menu mode mode Handset: press menu followed by mode Front panel: press and hold mode. Scroll up or down parameter list. input mode Handset: press 2 or 8 Front panel: press input or mode.
  • Page 9: Input Connections

    Note: The entire AV system should be switched off before connecting or disconnecting any inputs. The av2 has a total of ten audio inputs: six stereo analog and four digital. The analog inputs are connected through a combination of DIN and phono sockets while two digital inputs are connected through optical “TosLink”...
  • Page 10 The digital output, available in both phono socket and optical TosLink formats, can be used to connect a digital audio recorder such as a CDR machine (if the digital data format is appropriate).
  • Page 11 For information on Flash software updates please contact your dealer or local Naim Audio representative. When initially powered up from the switch on the rear panel the av2 will, after a short delay as internal house-keeping is carried out, be in Standby mode. Standby is indicated by an illuminated Naim logo and a single dot indicator on the display.
  • Page 12 Step 2. The av2 display will now show VI2 on the left hand side and AN2 or one of twenty possible source component types on the right hand side. VI2 refers to Versatile Analog Input 2 and the right hand options to the type of source component connected to the input.
  • Page 13 More! See Section 10.2 - 10.6 for further information on decode options and principles. Step 12. The av2 display will now show PAN on the left hand side and OFF or ON on the right hand side. PAN refers to Dolby Surround Pro Logic II “Panorama” and when ON is selected a proportion of the front stereo signal is fed to the surround channels.
  • Page 14 Step 6. The av2 display will now show UNT on the left hand side and FT or M on the right hand side. FT refers to distance measurement in feet and M to measurement in metres.
  • Page 15 Step 15. The av2 display will show TST on the left hand side and either OFF or ON on the right hand side. Pressing either the...
  • Page 16 The test signal should be heard through the Main Left speaker. The av2 display will show L on the left hand side and a numerical value between -30 and +30 on the right hand side. L refers to the Main Left speaker and the numerical value its relative volume level.
  • Page 17 The selected decode option will flash in the display until the av2 has successfully “locked” to the signal before the display reverts back to indicating volume. The av2 will store the last selected decode mode for each type of signal and for each input.
  • Page 18 If no such speakers are present then DTS-ES Discrete encoded material will be decoded as DTS 3/2.1. More! The channel scheme displayed by the av2 for auto decoding of digital material may depend on the specific scheme encoded within the material.
  • Page 19 The following few paragraphs provide a short description and explanation of each decode technology and mode available on the av2. Further technical information can be found at and Dolby Surround Pro Logic...
  • Page 20 10.0 av2 operation Dolby Digital Dolby Digital is a fully digital decoding technology that provides three full bandwidth front channels, two full bandwidth surround channels, and one low-frequency effects channel - a channel scheme known generically as “3/2.1” (or “5.1”). The encoding technique for Dolby Digital, known as Dolby AC-3, has since 1995 been used on many Video Laser Discs and more recently on DVD.
  • Page 21: On-Screen Display

    4 and 6 keys, and select and exit provided by the enter and clear keys. Control of the av2 via OSD is not accessible from the front panel (although it can still be controlled conventionally from the front panel). More! Pressing the osd key will also cause the av2 display to scroll through the current state of each accessory option.
  • Page 22 More! In isolated cases it is possible for remote handset commands for one piece of equipment to interfere with the operation of another. If this should occur with any Naim Audio handset please contact your dealer for advice.
  • Page 23 When first woken from standby, an av2 will hold either the default setup values or those that were in use when it was last shut-down. If the av2 is to be set up for a new installation, and may have been previously used, the setup values should be returned to their factory defaults.
  • Page 24: Specifications

    12.0 av2 connection diagrams 12.1 front input mode • • PLII • • stereo rotary control data na vs1 analog analog analog 12.2 rear in/out video in 5 in 3 in 1 left rs232 switch (sys out) (versatile) centre analog...
  • Page 25 2, right note The av2 features various technologies to reduce microphonic effects, in particular a compliant mounting for the main circuit boards and the DIN sockets on the rear. Some movement of the board and sockets when connecting/disconnecting is normal.
  • Page 26 12.0 av2 connection diagrams 12.4 nac 112/150 connected to av2 and nap v175 (two channel system with audio-visual added ) nac 112 link plug and cover fitted nap 150 front front ch1, left ch 2, right to sub-woofer nap v175...
  • Page 27 13.3 loudspeaker cable and connectors Naim Audio speaker cable should be used to connect a loudspeaker to the output of the nap v175. Special Naim Audio loudspeaker connectors are supplied to make the connection to the power amplifier(s). IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT THESE ARE USED, IN ORDER TO COMPLY WITH CURRENT SAFETY REGULATIONS.
  • Page 28 14.0 nap v175 connection diagram 14.1 rear to a/v processor power mains speaker speaker speaker input ch1, left centre ch2, right Socket 1 Socket 2 centre ch 2 ch 1 Specifications nap v175 Power output Continuous, 8 ohms 50 watts per channel Channels Three Voltage gain...
  • Page 29 To enjoy DTS Digital Surround™ playback, an external 5.1 channel DTS Digital Surround™ decoder such as the Naim Audio av2 must be connected to the digital output (S/PDIF, AES.EBU or TosLink) of the CD, LD or DVD player.

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