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Setting Surface Controls - Kenmore 3240 - 30 in. Gas Cooktop Use And Care Manual

Use and care guide
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Setting Surface Controls
Open Burner Models
To Adjust Low or "Simmer"
(some models)
The burner flame, at low setting, can be adjusted if it is too high or too low; refer to
the Installation Instructions for adjustment procedure.
The surface control knobs shown
below may not look identical
to the Surface Controls Knobs
on your range; They are only
To operate the Surface
Place cooking utensil on burner.
Push in and turn the Surface Control knob to LITE. Note: All electronic
ignitors will click at the same time. However, only the burner you are turning
on will ignite.
Visually check that the burner has lit.
After the burner lights, turn the control knob to the desired flame size. The
control knobs do not have to be set at a particular mark. Use the guides
and adjust the flame as needed. DO NOT cook with the control knob in the
LITE position. (The electronic ignitor will continue to click if left in the LITE
Manual Ignition
In the event of an electrical power outage, the surface burners can be lit manually. To light a surface burner, hold a lit
match to the burner head, then slowly turn the surface control knob to LITE. Use caution when lighting surface burners
Surface burner in use when an electrical power failure occurs will continue to operate normally.
Do not operate the burner for an extended
period of time without
cookware on the grate. The finish
on the grate may chip without cookware to absorb the heat.
Do not place plastic items such as salt and pepper shakers, spoon holders
or plastic wrappings
top of the cooktop
when it is in use. These items could melt or ignite. Pot holders, towels or wood spoons could catch
fire if placed too close to a flame.



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