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Dell Inspiron PP22L Owner's Manual: Using The Display; Adjusting Brightness; Switching The Video Image From Your Computer Display To A Projector; Setting Display Resolution And Refresh Rate

Dell laptop owner's manual.
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Using the Display

Adjusting Brightness

When a Dell™ computer is running on battery power, you can conserve power
by setting the display brightness to the lowest comfortable level.
Press <Fn> and the up-arrow key to increase brightness on the integrated
display only (not on an external monitor).
Press <Fn> and the down-arrow key to decrease brightness on the
integrated display only (not on an external monitor).
Brightness key combinations only affect the display on your portable
computer, not monitors or projectors that you attach to your portable computer or
docking device. If your computer is connected to an external monitor and you try to
change the brightness level, the Brightness Meter may appear, but the brightness
level on the external device does not change.
Switching the Video Image From Your Computer
Display To a Projector
When you start the computer with an external device attached (such as an
external monitor or projector) and turned on, the image may appear on either
the computer display or the external device.
Press <Fn><F8> to switch the video image between the display only, the
external device only, or the display and the external device simultaneously.

Setting Display Resolution and Refresh Rate

If you change the display resolution from the current settings, the image
may appear blurry or text may be hard to read if you change the resolution to one
not supported by your computer and display. Before you change any of the display
settings, make a note of the current settings so you can change back to the
previous settings if needed.
Using the Display




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  • Jackie Murphey Jun 17, 2013 06:35:
    I had the directions for Dell Computers. No one can tell you why the lid stays locked. I've never heard of it.

    It's a Dell Inspiron: Model # PP22LL