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JVC DR-MH300SAA Instructions Manual

Hdd & dvd video recorder.
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2: Getting Started

    Safety Precautions PRECAUTION: The rating plate and the safety caution are on the Failure to heed the following precautions may result in side of the unit. damage to the unit, remote control or disc. 1. DO NOT place the unit - IMPORTANT: •...
  • Page 3: Precautions During Operation

    DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY aerial. JVC shall not be liable for any loss relating to the The mains plug shall remain readily operable. unit’s failure to properly record, store or playback any content (video, audio or otherwise) for any reason ATTENTION: whatsoever.
  • Page 4: Precautions

    Precautions If any of the following abnormalities occur, pull out the Do not mishandle batteries as follows. power plug immediately. Mistaking plus F and minus G. When smoke or any strange odour is emitted. Mixing different types of batteries or those used When water or any foreign substance enters the before.
  • Page 5: Copyrights

    Copyrights TRADEMARK AND LICENSE INFORMATION Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. ADolbyB and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Recordings from TV broadcasts or pre-recorded Dolby Laboratories. material cannot be used without the consent of the right-holder under copyright law, except for ADTSB and ADTS DIGITAL OUTB are personal enjoyment.
  • Page 6: Check Out These Capabilities

    Check Out These Capabilities Feel at ease even on long business trips Fully recordable max. 300 hours (HDD Capacity: 160 GB) (with recording mode at FR480) Equipped with a high capacity hard disk (HDD) to record more of your favourite programmes.
  • Page 7 Doing this and that is a breeze! It’s okay if you don’t know how to operate Help is available (Help Guide) View simple explanations using the button on the remote control when you have difficulty operating this unit. [ P69] Record copy-once programmes on DVD-R Supports DVD-R (VR mode) recording.
  • Page 8: Common Ways To Use

    Common Ways to Use Recommended ways of using this unit! Start off by recording to the HDD Fully recordable Max. 300 hours (with recording mode at FR480) [ P70] RAM/RW S TA N D B Y / O N NAVIGATION PROG ENTER PUSH-OPEN...
  • Page 9 How to choose a DVD disc At times like these Usable DVD discs To record repeatedly DVD-RAM DVD-RW Approx. 100K Approx. 1000 times times To play on other units DVD-R Recording on DVD-R (Video mode) is (Video mode) recommended. Be sure to finalise after recording. P51] To perform high speed DVD-RAM...
  • Page 10: Table Of Contents

    Contents Getting Started Safety Precautions ............2 Precautions during Operation ..........3 DR-MH300SAA Precautions ..............4 HDD & DVD VIDEO RECORDER Copyrights ................. 5 Check Out These Capabilities ........6 Common Ways to Use..........8 Contents ..............10 About Discs..............12 Recordable/Playable Discs..........
  • Page 11 To Lock the Disc Tray (Tray Lock) ........79 Editing Changing Remote Control Settings......80 Operating a TV from Other Manufacturers .......80 Modifying Thumbnail/Category ......... 58 Using Multiple JVC Recorders ..........80 Modify Thumbnail............59 Playback Setting Menu Operations ......81 Modify Category...............59 How to Use the Playback Setting Menu ......81 Creating Programme Title ..........
  • Page 12: About Discs

    About Discs Recordable/Playable Discs Live Recording Repeated Disc type Formatting Memory Editing Finalising mode recording Playback Built-in DVD-RAM 12 cm: 4.7 GB/9.4 GB (*1) 8 cm: 1.4 GB/2.8 GB (*1) VR mode Ver. 2.0 Ver. 2.1 Ver. 2.1/3x DVD-RW VR mode 12 cm: 4.7 GB 8 cm: 1.4 GB Ver.
  • Page 13: Unplayable Discs

    Unplayable Discs Cartridge-enclosed DVD-RAM DVD-RAM (2.6 GB/5.2 GB) Cartridge-enclosed DVD-RAM is not supported. Remove the disc from its cartridge before use. For DVD-R DL (single-sided double-layered) details on removable discs (TYPE2, TYPE4), refer to +R DL (single-sided double-layered) their manuals. DVD-R for Authoring CD-ROM/R/RW (including PhotoCD, CD-G) Caution for DualDisc Playback...
  • Page 14: How To Use This Manual

    How to Use this Manual Operation of the Menu Screen ABCDEFGHIJK The menu screen will be displayed when any of the following buttons is pressed. Applicable media are highlighted on the above icons. SET UP, NAVIGATION, EDIT, PROG, DUBBING, HELP Select options using the Selection Keys (FGDE) on the remote control.
  • Page 15: Functions Of Each Part

    Functions of Each Part Front View Display the Library Database Navigation screen Open/Close Confirm Change channels NAVIGATION PROG ENTER (Up/Down) Select Stop DV IN (Up/Down/Left/Right) Play Show programme navigation Infrared receptor Operate HDD Disc tray Operate DVD RAM/RW NAVIGATION PROG ENTER S TA N D B Y / O N IN/OUT...
  • Page 16: Remote Control

    Functions of Each Part (continued) Remote Control Power (On/Off) TV TV/DVD remote control selector Usually set to DVD TV input switch Open/Close disc tray Power (On/Off) DVD Operate HDD Operate DVD TV volume Enter numbers (Number Keys) Switch channels Channel Up/Down Cancel [ P29, 55] Auxiliary...
  • Page 17: Preparations

    Selecting Devices to Connect Connection methods vary with the devices used. Refer also to the manuals of the devices to be connected. Turn off the devices before connecting. Antenna Cable, satellite broadcast External receiver Rear View Connect with antenna or cable Connect with video output of external device Cooling fan...
  • Page 18: Receiving Via Antenna

    Receiving via Antenna TO CABLE OR ANTENNA ANTENNA IN/OUT ANTENNA COMPONENT VIDEO OUT DIGITAL OUT PCM/STREAM IN/OUT IN/DECODER LEFT COAXIAL AUDIO TIGHT Audio/Video cable ANTENNA (supplied) S-video cable (not supplied) RF cable (supplied) EXT IN ANT IN IMPORTANT: ........................When connecting this unit’s output terminal [L-1 IN/OUT] to the external input of the TV, set the switch on the output cable adapter according to the connection you wish to make, as follows: S-video connection: Set to Y/C.
  • Page 19: Receiving Via External Receiver

    Receiving via External Receiver Connect Using Video/Audio Cable or S-video Cable TO CABLE OR ANTENNA External receiver ANT IN TO TV OUTPUT OUTPUT RF cable Audio/Video cable (not supplied) (not supplied) ANTENNA IN/OUT IN/DECODER ANTENNA COMPONENT VIDEO OUT DIGITAL OUT PCM/STREAM IN/OUT IN/DECODER...
  • Page 20: Connect Using Component Video Cable

    Receiving via External Receiver (continued) Connect Using Component Video Cable TO CABLE OR ANTENNA External receiver -OUT PUT- VIDEO ANT IN ANT IN AUDIO L TO TV TO TV OUTPUT AUDIO R RF cable Audio/Video cable (not supplied) (supplied) ANTENNA OUTPUT INPUT L-1 ANTENNA...
  • Page 21: Dubbing From Dv Camcorder/video Cassette Recorder

    Dubbing from DV Camcorder/Video Cassette Recorder S-VIDEO VIDEO L(MONO) -AUDIO- R IN/OUT RAM/RW NAVIGATION PROG ENTER S TA N D B Y / O N IN/OUT S-VIDEO VIDEO L(MONO) AUDIO S-video cable (not supplied) Open the connector cover. Audio/Video cable DV cable (VC-VDV204U) (supplied) (not supplied)
  • Page 22: Setup Procedures

    Setup Procedures In order to use this unit correctly, set each item in the following steps. When connecting an antenna and TV, Turn on the TV. Switch the TV to the input (EXT-1, EXT-2, etc.) connected with this unit. Insert the unit’s power plug into the socket. APLEASEB and AWAITB blink alternately on the front display panel as the unit starts up.
  • Page 23: Auto Setup

    Auto Setup Select “B/G”. SELECT Performs channel setting automatically after TV SYSTEM the clock and TV system has been set. PREPARATION: CONFIRM ............Switch TV/DVD on the remote control to DVD.
  • Page 24: Setting On-screen Language

    Setting On-screen Access the setup menu. Language Set the language for menu display on the screen. Select “FUNCTION SET UP”. Select “DISPLAY SET”. PREPARATION: ............FUNCTION SET UP SELECT Switch TV/DVD on the remote control to DVD.
  • Page 25: Setting Tv Screen Size

    Setting TV Screen Size Access the setup menu. Set in accordance with the monitor type of the connected TV and others. Select “FUNCTION SET UP”. Select “VIDEO IN/OUT”. SELECT FUNCTION SET UP VIDEO IN/OUT Select “MONITOR TYPE”. SELECT MONITOR TYPE 4:3LB CONFIRM Select the monitor type of your TV.
  • Page 26: Input/output Setting

    Input/Output Setting Access the setup menu. The SCART connector supports the connection of composite video signals. Settings must correspond with the type of video signal to use and the device to Select “FUNCTION SET UP”. connect. Select “VIDEO IN/OUT”. FUNCTION SET UP SELECT VIDEO IN/OUT Set the input/output terminal.
  • Page 27: Clock Setting

    Clock Setting Access the setup menu. Clock setting is necessary in order to perform timer programming on this unit. Select “INITIAL SET UP”. SELECT INITIAL SET UP CLOCK SET Select “CLOCK SET”. SELECT Select and confirm on “YEAR”. SELECT YEAR 2005 CONFIRM Select and confirm on “DATE”.
  • Page 28: Setting Receiving Channels

    Setting Receiving Select “MANUAL CH SET”. Channels SELECT MANUAL CH SET Usually performed automatically using auto setup. If cannot be set automatically, set them manually. CONFIRM The AMANUAL CH SETB screen will be displayed. Select “EDIT”. SELECT CONFIRM EDIT Select a channel that you want to set. A confirmation screen will be displayed.
  • Page 29 Deleting a channel Entering the Station ID Operate up to step E. Select and confirm on AIDB on the Select a channel that you want to confirmation screen. delete. The entry screen for Station ID will be displayed. SELECT Enter your desired ID name. - - - - - - SELECT...
  • Page 30: G- Code Guide Channel Set

    Guide Channel Set Access the setup menu. CODE It is necessary to perform Guide Channel Set to set the guide programme numbers before using the G- timer programming. CODE Select “INITIAL SET UP”. Select “TUNER SET”. Select “GUIDE PROG SET”. SELECT GUIDE PROG SET CONFIRM...
  • Page 31: Screen Display

    Screen Display On-Screen Display Displays on the TV screen when ON SCREEN is pressed. Display during recording During on air, when ON SCREEN is pressed or when the channel is changed, the programme title is displayed for approximately 5 seconds. Receiving channel Recording deck Disc remaining time...
  • Page 32: Basic Operations

    Basic Recording Select the recording deck. ABCDEFGHIJK TV programmes can be recorded to the HDD or a DVD disc with ease. Recording deck’s LED lights up You can record up to 500 programmes on the HDD, and 99 programmes on one DVD disc. When HDD is selected, proceed to step B.
  • Page 33: Start Recording

    Select the recording mode. Possible operations during recording To pause Usually select SP (standard) mode. The recording mode changes each time REC WHILE HOLDING MODE/REMAIN is pressed. Pressing the Selection Keys (FG) also changes The pause function for HDD is possible only during external input (L-1/L-2/F-1/dv) recording.
  • Page 34: Basic Playback (library Database Navigation)

    Basic Playback (Library Select the playback deck. Database Navigation) ABCDEFGHIJK Playback deck’s LED lights up Play back recorded programmes using Library Database Navigation. Library Database Navigation cannot be used for When HDD is selected, proceed to step B. finalised DVD-RW/-R (Video mode) discs. Press TOP MENU or MENU to play back.
  • Page 35 Select the programme that you wish to watch from the thumbnails. To watch programmes in the desired order (Programme Playback) Animated thumbnail SELECT Information on the selected Press MEMO/MARK in step D. programme The number of the playback order will be displayed on the thumbnail.
  • Page 36: Usable Buttons During Playback

    Usable Buttons during Playback The following buttons can be used during playback. Playback Starts playback. Stops playback and displays the broadcast screen. Stop Memorises the point where playback stops. P85] H) (Setup Menu ARESUMEB [ Pause Pauses playback and displays a still image. Functions during playback.
  • Page 37: Timer Programming Guide

    Timer Programming Guide What kind of programming methods are there? 3 Ways to Programme Set recording (programming) CODE by simply entering the G- P38] CODE number. Programme navigation Calendar timer Specify date and time from the programming screen calendar to set P40] recording (programming).
  • Page 38: G- Code Timer Programming

    Timer Display the programme navigation CODE screen. Programming ABCDEFGHIJK Select “G-CODE”. With G- system, timer programming can CODE be set simply by entering the number SELECT corresponding to the TV programme. You can programme up to 16 programmes, G-CODE including other programmes, within 1 month.
  • Page 39 If necessary, set recording options When programming content overlaps for timer programming. When completing the setting, if a message on Select AINPUT TITLEB to enter the title programme overlap is displayed, cancel the timer name. programme, or change the programmed time, etc. See AChecking, Changing or Cancelling a Timer See ACreating Programme TitleB [ P60].
  • Page 40: Calendar Timer Programming

    Calendar Timer Display the programme navigation screen. Programming ABCDEFGHIJK Select “CALENDAR PR.”. You can set timer programme by specifying the date and time. SELECT You can programme up to 16 programmes, CALENDAR PR. including other programmes, within 1 year. PREPARATION: ..
  • Page 41 Select ACATEGORYB to set the category. When programming content overlaps See AModifying Thumbnail/CategoryB When completing the setting, if a message on P58]. programme overlap is displayed, cancel the timer The category can be set later. programme, or change the programmed time, etc. Select AWEEKLY/DAILYB to set the See AChecking, Changing or Cancelling a Timer recording frequency.
  • Page 42: Checking, Changing Or Cancelling A Timer Programme

    Checking, Changing or Display the programme navigation screen. Cancelling a Timer Programme Select “PROGRAMME LIST” or ABCDEFGHIJK “CALENDAR LIST”. Timer programmes can be changed or SELECT cancelled. PROGRAMME LIST CALENDAR LIST CONFIRM Select a timer programme. If APROGRAMME LISTB is selected Select a programme.
  • Page 43: Automatic Satellite Programme Recording (hdd)

    Automatic Satellite Programme When cancelling the timer programme Recording (HDD) Select “CANCEL”. This function allows you to automatically record a SELECT programme which is timer programmed on your external satellite receiver to the HDD. IMPORTANT: CANCEL ............CONFIRM Make sure the satellite receiver is connected to this unit’s [L-2 IN/DECODER] terminal.
  • Page 44: Watching While Recording

    Watching While Recording Programme Playback during Recording (HDD & DVD-RAM) ABCDEFGHIJK While the HDD or DVD-RAM is recording a Example programme, you can watch a recorded Recording a programme from 21:00 to 23:00, return portion of a programme even before home at 22:00 and watch the programme from the beginning.
  • Page 45: Play Back Other Programmes While Recording (hdd & Dvd-ram/-rw/-r)

    Select “BEGINNING”. Live Memory Playback can also be SELECT performed in the following ways With HDD/DVD-RAM BEGINNING Press w. CONFIRM Skips back for approximately 7 seconds and resumes playback. For DVD-RAM, the initial press skips back for See AUsable Buttons during PlaybackB [ P36].
  • Page 46: Watching Dvd Videos

    Watching DVD Videos Watching DVD Videos ABCDEFGHIJK Select DVD, and load a disc. Commercially available DVD Videos can be played back. Setting the audio, subtitle language and angle (camera) during playback. Start playback. PREPARATION: ............Switch TV/DVD on the remote control to DVD.
  • Page 47: Audio, Subtitle And Angle Selection

    Audio, Subtitle and Angle Selection Watching Video CDs (PBC Function) Selecting the audio language Playing back Video CDs that supports PBC (DVD Video, Video CD) (Playback Control) function. For Video CDs, the audio will be switched. PREPARATION: During playback ............SELECT Switch TV/DVD on the remote control to DVD.
  • Page 48: Switching The Image Output Format

    Switching the Image Output Format Format Front Display Panel Output Format q off A576iB q on A576pB ABCDEFGHIJK Switch the output format. Conventional interlaced scan (A576iB) and More than 5 seconds progressive scan (A576pB) are available for the image output selection. Set to the desired mode when connected to a compatible TV.
  • Page 49: Playing Back Mp3 & Jpeg Files

    Playing Back MP3 & JPEG Select DVD, and load a disc. Files ABCDEFGHIJK Check the playable file formats. AAbout DiscsB Able to play back MP3 audio files recorded P12] in CD-R discs, etc. and play back JPEG still Start playback. images as a slide show.
  • Page 50: Formatting

    Formatting For DVD-RAM For DVD-RW Select AEXECUTEB. Select AVR MODEB or ABCDEFGHIJK AVIDEO MODEB. Formatting will erase all the data. As such, before formatting a recorded disc, make sure the disc does not contain important recordings. EXECUTE VR MODE VIDEO MODE Brand new DVD-RAM or DVD-RW discs may also need to be formatted.
  • Page 51: Watching On Other Dvd Players (finalising)

    Watching on Other DVD Choose a background image for the menu. (Video mode only) Players (Finalising) SELECT ABCDEFGHIJK To play back DVD-R and DVD-RW discs on other DVD players, perform finalisation. CONFIRM Finalising a Video mode disc results in a DVD VIDEO disc with programme menu.
  • Page 52: Dubbing

    Dubbing Two-way dubbing between HDD and DVD disc is possible with this single unit. In addition, dubbing can be done from an external DV camcorder to the HDD or DVD. Refer to the following content for reference during dubbing. Copying Dubbing Intelligent Dubbing...
  • Page 53: Recordable Once Only Programmes (copy-once)

    Recordable Once Only Programmes (Copy-once) Among digital broadcasts, there are programmes whose recording with digital devices is permitted only once for the purpose of copyright protection. To record such programmes to a DVD disc, use a CPRM-compliant disc. CPRM (Content Protection for Recordable Media) refers to the technology that enables the recording of copyright-protected Acopy-onceB programmes.
  • Page 54: Dubbing Between Hdd And Dvd Deck

    Dubbing between HDD and Load a disc. When dubbing to a DVD disc, load a recordable DVD Deck disc. When dubbing to the HDD, load a disc for ABCDEFGHIJK playback. Display the Dubbing screen. You can easily dub from the HDD to DVD disc, and vice versa.
  • Page 55 Select “EXECUTE”. Enter into memory. SELECT Repeat step as necessary. Up to a maximum of 8 programmes can be selected. CONFIRM EXECUTE To cancel the memory, press MEMO/MARK at the programme that has been entered into memory. To cancel all the programmes, press The ANOW DUBBINGB display will be displayed CANCEL.
  • Page 56: Dubbing From Dv Camcorder/video Cassette Recorder

    Dubbing from DV Dubbing from DV Camcorder Camcorder/Video Insert a tape to play on the DV Cassette Recorder camcorder. When dubbing to a DVD disc, load a recordable ABCDEFGHIJK disc on this unit. Display the Dubbing screen to select Dubbing can be done from a DV camcorder the dubbing deck.
  • Page 57: Dubbing From Video Cassette Recorder (vcr)

    Dubbing from Video Cassette If switching the DV sound Recorder (VCR) Select ASound monitor switchB ), and press ENTER to switch. SELECT See the following page for the connection. ADubbing R-DV D D 3500 00 : 00. 00 from DV Camcorder/Video Cassette RecorderB SOUND1 P21] This unit’s on-screen display can be disabled.
  • Page 58: Editing

    Modifying Thumbnail/ Display the Editing screen. Category When DVD is selected Load a disc. ABCDEFGHIJK Display the Editing screen, then select AMODIFYB. Thumbnail: The picture on the programme list can be changed to your preferred picture. Category: Can be used for programme searching.
  • Page 59: Modify Thumbnail

    Modify Thumbnail Modify Category Select “INDEX”. Select “CATEGORY”. SELECT SELECT CATEGORY INDEX CONFIRM CONFIRM Select the desired category. Decide on the thumbnail image. Start playback, then pause at the desired SELECT scene. ANIMATION CONFIRM Use SLOWG/SLOWF to search for the scene. Select AREPLACEB.
  • Page 60: Creating Programme Title

    Creating Programme Title Perform AModifying Thumbnail/CategoryB, step P58]. ABCDEFGHIJK Select “NAME”. You can name or modify the titles of recorded SELECT programmes. You can also name or modify the title name of the play list for HDD as well as DVD-RAM and DVD-RW/-R (VR mode and unfinalised NAME CONFIRM...
  • Page 61: Creating/deleting Chapters (marks)

    Creating/Deleting Create or erase the chapters (marks). Chapters (Marks) To create chapters (marks) Start playback, then pause at the scene ABCDEFGHIJK where you want to mark. If chapters (marks) are created in the recorded programme, a preferred scene in the programme can be easily located. You can also use SLOWF/SLOWG.
  • Page 62: Gathering Favourite Scenes (play List Creation)

    Gathering Favourite Display the Editing screen, then select AMODIFYB. Scenes (Play List Creation) ABCDEFGHIJK MODIFY A play list is a single programme with a SELECT collection of favourite scenes gathered from multiple original programmes. Up to 99 can be created. CONFIRM When HDD is selected ORIGINAL...
  • Page 63 Select “EXIT”. Confirm on the start point. SELECT PROG 1 00 : 00: 05 CONFIRM CONFIRM EXIT IN/OUT The image of the start point for the scene will be displayed on the AINB sub-screen. Exit play list creation. Decide on the end point of the scene. Start playback, then pause at the scene where you want the created play list to end.
  • Page 64: Editing Play List

    Editing Play List Modify Scene ABCDEFGHIJK Select disc. You can modify or move the scenes of a created play list. In addition, new scenes can be added. Display the Editing screen. When DVD is selected Load a disc. Press EDIT to display the Editing screen. Select AMODIFYB.
  • Page 65: Move Scenes

    Move Scenes Select the scene that you want to modify. - E. Select AMODIFYB. Perform step Select and confirm on “MOVE” in Playback end point step Playback start point SELECT Select and confirm on the scene to PROG 1 0 : 12 : 33 - 0 : 13 : 25 move at in step PROG 1 0 : 24 : 27 - 0 : 25 : 12...
  • Page 66: Deleting/protecting A Programme

    Deleting/Protecting a When HDD is selected Press EDIT to display the Editing screen. Programme Select “DELETE” under “ORIGINAL”. ABCDEFGHIJK SELECT (On-screen display for DVD) Deleting unwanted programmes can increase the disc remaining time. (However, the disc remaining time does not increase for DVD-R discs.
  • Page 67: Deleting Scenes

    Deleting Scenes Select “DEL SCEN”. SELECT ABCDEFGHIJK You can delete commercial breaks from a recorded programme. DEL SCEN CONFIRM Select and confirm on a programme whose unwanted scenes you want to delete. Decide on the unwanted scene to be deleted. Start playback, then pause at the scene where you want the deletion to begin.
  • Page 68: Dividing Scenes

    Dividing Scenes Press HDD. Display the Editing screen. ABCDEFGHIJK You can divide programmes that are recorded continuously. Select “DIVIDE” under “ORIGINAL”. SELECT DIVIDE CONFIRM Select and confirm on a programme to divide. Search for scenes to divide. Start playback, then pause at the scene to divide.
  • Page 69: Useful Features

    Help Guide Access the “HELP” menu. When you encounter problems with the operating procedures, the help guide displays advices on operations that are closely related to the current usage condition. An index containing items relating to the currently displayed screen appears. If there are no particular items to relate to, the first page of the index will be displayed.
  • Page 70: Recording Mode

    Recording Mode FR (Free Rate) Mode ABCDEFGHIJK The numbers of the FR mode represent the recordable time (in minutes, estimated) in a DVD disc. The recording mode is the setting for the FR60 - FR360 can be set by 5-minute intervals, then compression level when recording images.
  • Page 71: Dv Mode

    DV Mode JUST mode setting (when timer recording to a DVD disc) Main characteristics The unit automatically sets the appropriate FR mode depending on the disc remaining time. High image quality recording mode above XP mode. Set AREC MODEB to AJUSTB at the recording setting There is no image deterioration when dubbing from a for timer programming.
  • Page 72: Weekly/daily Timer Programming

    Weekly/Daily Timer Weekly/daily recording settings Programming Set when timer programming or when changing the timer programme. ABCDEFGHIJK With HDD as the recording deck Programmes can be timer recorded regularly Execution of timer AWEEKLY/DAILYB Icon recording on a daily or weekly basis. AONE TIME RECORDB Once only Recorded programmes set for weekly/daily...
  • Page 73 Icon specifying weekly/daily overwrite ( Simple timer programming for the ) will be attached. following week Select “PROTECT”. Press PROG when playing back a recorded programme. SELECT Select “YES”. SELECT CONFIRM PROTECT CONFIRM Press ENTER. Exit. If there is inactivity for approximately 5 seconds, the programme navigation screen will be displayed.
  • Page 74: Temporary Recording

    Temporary Recording You can also perform Resuming Playback P45] and One Touch Replay [ P45]. ABCDEFGHIJK To record the previous part of a TV programme currently watching After turning on this unit, temporary (RetroActive Recording) recording will automatically take place for only the time duration that has been set while While watching a TV broadcast, you are watching TV.
  • Page 75: Timer Recording

    Timer Recording Relief Recording A programme that is set for timer recording on the ABCDEFGHIJK DVD will be recorded to the HDD in the following instances. The recording mode will revert to the mode The following describe the measures and previously set.
  • Page 76: Managing Dvds (library)

    Face the label side upwards The following discs cannot be registered in the library. • DVD-RAM, DVD-RW Display the Editing screen. Discs formatted using devices other than JVC DVD recorders. • DVD-R New discs recorded using devices other than JVC DVD recorders.
  • Page 77: To Delete From Library

    To Delete from Library To Search for Recorded Programmes from Library Select DVD. Select disc. Press EDIT. Display the Library Database Navigation screen. Select “DELETE”. SELECT Specify method for programme search. For HDD library, select from ANAMEB or ACATEGORYB. CONFIRM For DVD library, select from ANAMEB, ADATEB, Select the DISC number to delete.
  • Page 78: Sound

    Sound Sound settings (HDD, DVD-RAM/-RW(VR)/-R(VR)) This unit can receive A2 and NICAM programmes. Programme type On-screen display and sound output A2 STEREO Stereo sound Main audio Sub audio Main+Sub audio A2 Bilingual Switches each time AUDIO is pressed. Regular Monaural Normal monaural sound NICAM STEREO NICAM stereo sound...
  • Page 79: Avoiding Misuse

    Avoiding Misuse To Disable Operation (Child Lock) Setting the child lock will disable the buttons When the unit is turned on on the unit and the remote control. Press and hold STANDBY/ON on the If the tray lock is set, the disc tray will not remote control for more than 10 seconds.
  • Page 80: Changing Remote Control Settings

    If the remote control’s batteries are removed, the brand code will revert to 01 (JVC). Re-perform the setting. NOTE: ............
  • Page 81: Playback Setting Menu Operations

    Playback Setting Menu How to Use the Playback Setting Menu Operations ABCDEFGHIJK Press ON SCREEN once or twice to display the playback setting menu. During disc playback, use this on-screen bar When playing back a programme recorded on the to perform settings such as playback mode, image or audio mode.
  • Page 82: Description Of Each Setting

    Playback Setting Menu Operations (continued) Description of Each Setting Repeat Playback For setting the repeat playback mode of titles, chapters, etc. -RAM Plays back normally. -RW-VR -RW-VIDEO ALL REPEAT The entire disc is played back repeatedly. -R-VR -R-VIDEO TITLE REPEAT The current title is played back repeatedly.
  • Page 83 PRGM Programme Playback Play back in order of specified tracks. If selected during programme playback, normal playback will be activated. A box for specifying the playback order appears when the menu is selected. Enter the track number in order from 1 V-CD using the Number Keys.
  • Page 84: Setup Menu

    Setup Menu Performing basic settings that determine the operations of this unit. Press SET UP to access the setup menu. (Upper category) > (Lower category) No. (Setting item) (Description of setting contents) (Default setting) (Description of setting contents) (Other settings) (Description of setting contents) DVD VIDEO SET UP >...
  • Page 85 DVD VIDEO SET UP > AUDIO OUTPUT F D.RANGE CONTROL For setting the compression rate of the dynamic range (ratio of the maximum volume and the minimum volume) while playing back with Dolby Digital. NORMAL Normal compression rate. Disables compression. (The effect may not be different from ANORMALB WIDE RANGE depending on the discs.) TV MODE...
  • Page 86 Setup Menu (continued) HDD/DVD SET UP > DVD SET UP K SAVE AS LIBRARY For setting whether to register a recorded or timer recorded programme title to the Library Database Navigation (DVD Navigation). Do not register. Register. L CONTINUOUS PLAY For setting whether to play back multiple programme titles on a disc continuously.
  • Page 87 HDD/DVD SET UP > COMMON SET UP U MOTION INDEX For setting whether to set the picture on the top left of the Library Database Navigation screen or Editing screen to that of the selected programme or broadcast screen. If a programme recorded in DV mode is selected during recording or temporary recording, the broadcast screen will be displayed.
  • Page 88 Setup Menu (continued) FUNCTION SET UP > DISPLAY SET a SUPERIMPOSE For setting whether to automatically display the operation details on the TV screen. Do not display. AUTO Displays for 5 seconds during operations. b BLUE BACK For setting whether to display a blue screen, when broadcast cannot be received or if there are no signals at the external input. Set to AOFFB when the signals are weak or reception is poor.
  • Page 89 FUNCTION SET UP > VIDEO IN/OUT i L-1 OUTPUT For setting the output signal of the connector in accordance with the connecting device, when using the SCART connector [L-1] on the rear panel. SCART VIDEO Outputs video signals. SCART S-VIDEO Outputs S-Video signals.
  • Page 90: Language Code List

    Language Code List Afar Indonesian Russian Abkhazian Icelandic Kinyarwanda Afrikaans Hebrew Sanskrit Ameharic Yiddish Sindhi Arabic Javanese Sangho Assamese Georgian Serbo-Croatian Aymara Kazakh Singhalese Azerbaijani Greenlandic Slovak Bashkir Cambodian Slovenian Byelorussian Kannada Samoan Bulgarian Korean (KOR) Shona Bihari Kashmiri Somali Bislama Kurdish Albanian...
  • Page 91: Glossary

    Glossary Bitstream Digital signals of compressed sounds or images. A unit for segments of music and images in the titles of DVD Videos, etc. It can be freely Chapter created for programmes recorded using this unit. (For DVD-RAM and DVD-RW (VR) discs.) A device that reverts compressed signals of sounds and images to their original signals.
  • Page 92 Q&A Preparations Recording Which discs are unplayable? The time of the clock seems to deviate. Can I use cartridge-enclosed DVD-RAMs? See AClock SettingB [ P27]. See AAbout DiscsB [ P12]. Can I record simultaneously on the HDD and DVD? Can I replace the HDD on my own? No.
  • Page 93 Playback Does not perform as operated when playing a Can I change the recording mode when dubbing from commercially available DVD Video. the HDD to DVD? There are some DVD Videos and Video CDs with playback HIGH SPEED dubbing: controls set by the disc maker. Dubs using the same recording mode as the HDD.
  • Page 94: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Resetting APLEASEB and AWAITB display alternately, or The unit does not operate. ARESETTINGB blinks for a long time after the power Child lock has been set. plug is inserted. Is it a malfunction? Cancel the child lock. [ P79] It normally takes about 40 seconds to prepare before you There are cases when the operation is prohibited, depending can start any operations.
  • Page 95 Live Memory Playback does not start. The unit does not turn off after completing timer recording. For DVD, Live Memory Playback cannot be performed other than on DVD-RAM discs. Use a DVD-RAM disc. [ P12] The unit will not turn off in the following instances. DVD is selected while HDD is timer recording (and vice versa).
  • Page 96: On-screen Message

    On-screen Message Playback Message Advice Record a programme first. NO TITLE RECORDED Unable to advance to the end position of the programme or UNABLE TO GO FORWARD ANY MORE a position ahead of the current recording position. Unable to return to a position before the start of recording. UNABLE TO GO BACK ANY MORE COPY PROHIBITED The unit has detected invalid contents of copy restrictions...
  • Page 97 Timer Programming Message Advice CAN NOT SET TIMER PROGRAMME DUE There is no recordable space remaining in the hard disk. Increase the recordable space by dubbing the currently TO SHORTAGE OF CAPACITY DELETE UNWANTED TITLE OR CHANGE recorded programmes to DVD first, then delete the programmes.
  • Page 98: Specifications

    Specifications Audio recording system GENERAL Dolby Digital (2 ch) Power requirement Linear PCM (XP mode only) AC 110 V - 240 V H, 50 Hz/60 Hz Video recording compression system Power consumption MPEG2 (VBR) Power on: 36 W Power off: 6.4 W INPUT/OUTPUT Temperature 21-pin SCART connectors...
  • Page 99: List Of Terms

    List of Terms A-B Repeat Playback ........82 NICAM ..........78, 87 ......83 Adjusting the Picture Quality Angle Selection ........... 47 One Touch Replay ......... 36, 45 ........47, 84 Audio language ........24 On-Screen Language ........96 On-screen Message Basic Playback Overwrite protection ........
  • Page 100 Printed in China © 2005 Victor Company of Japan, Limited 1105STH-SW-SC...

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