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Welcome to the next generation of computers.


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  • Page 1 Welcome to the next generation of computers.
  • Page 2 Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries/regions. HP supports lawful use of technology and does not endorse or encourage the use of our products for purposes other than those permitted by copyright law. The information in this document is subject to change without notice.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Getting to Know the HP TouchSmart PC ................1 Features of the HP TouchSmart PC ....................1 Front and right side of the HP TouchSmart PC ................2 Left side of the HP TouchSmart PC ....................4 Removing the Connector Cover ....................4 Back of the HP TouchSmart PC ....................
  • Page 4 Scheduling a calendar event and setting a reminder ..............42 Viewing calendar events ......................43 Deleting a calendar event......................43 Synchronizing your HP TouchSmart Calendar with your Microsoft Windows Vista Calendar.... 43 HP TouchSmart Notes ........................43 Creating a handwritten or typed note ..................44 Creating a voice note ......................
  • Page 5 Displaying the temperature and forecast for a city ..............46 HP TouchSmart Clock ........................47 Displaying the time for up to three places .................. 47 HP TouchSmart RSS Reader ......................48 Setting up RSS feeds ....................... 48 Importing a list of RSS feeds ....................48 HP TouchSmart Browser .......................
  • Page 6: Finding Hp Touchsmart Pc Information

    Finding HP TouchSmart PC Information Type of information Where to find Set up your HP TouchSmart PC. Setup poster Find features of the computer HP TouchSmart PC Getting Started guide hardware. (this guide) Connect to the Internet. Learn about HP TouchSmart and other software.
  • Page 7: Getting To Know The Hp Touchsmart Pc

    (IEEE 1394), media card reader, and high quality speakers. The HP TouchSmart PC features an exceptional touch software suite that brings your digital life to your fingertips. With one touch you can listen to your favorite music, edit your digital photos, or watch your favorite home video.
  • Page 8: Front And Right Side Of The Hp Touchsmart Pc

    1680 x 1050 and a fast response time of 5 ms.** The display is optimized for an elegant touch experience. Your fingertip is all you need to interact with the HP TouchSmart. The durable glass panel is sturdy and delightfully responsive. Experience the ease of managing your digital life by touch with the HP TouchSmart software.
  • Page 9 Read and play CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD Audio, DVD+/-R dual layer (DL), DVD-Video, and Video CD. * HP supports the lawful use of technology and does not endorse or encourage the use of our products for purposes other than those permitted by copyright law.
  • Page 10: Left Side Of The Hp Touchsmart Pc

    Left side of the HP TouchSmart PC Features and configurations vary by model Connector Function USB 2.0 Connect USB devices (USB 2.0) such as printers, external hard disk drives, digital cameras, and MP3 players. Audio line in Connect MP3 players or other audio players.
  • Page 11: Back Of The Hp Touchsmart Pc

    Preinstalled receiver for using a wireless keyboard and mouse. and mouse receiver Cable clip Route your cables through the clip, close the connector cover, and then route the cables through the notch in the computer stand. Getting to Know the HP TouchSmart PC...
  • Page 12: Activity Led Indicator Lights

    Activity LED indicator lights The following are the activity indicator light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on your HP TouchSmart PC: What it does Event Indicates an event reminder notification has been set from a software application. Setting of the event reminder is available in select software applications only.
  • Page 13: Connecting The Power Source

    AC power source through a surge protector/uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Cable Management The HP TouchSmart PC includes a cable-management feature that is located behind the back connector cover. To use the cable routing clip feature: To remove the connector cover on the back of the computer, insert your finger under the gap on the bottom-left side of the cover, and pull gently.
  • Page 14 Route your cables through the cable routing clip (A), and out of the back of the computer. Replace the connector cover by aligning the hooks on the right edge of the cover with the slots on the computer, and then pressing it until it snaps into place. Then, route the cables through the notch (B) in the computer stand.
  • Page 15: Adjust The Angle Of The Computer Stand

    Then, if you want to change the angle of HP TouchSmart PC, hold each side of the computer, and tilt it back to an angle of between 10 and 40 degrees from the vertical.
  • Page 16: Synchronizing The Wireless Keyboard Or Mouse

    You may need to manually synchronize the wireless keyboard or mouse if they are not functioning. To synchronize them: Make sure the keyboard and mouse are next to the HP TouchSmart PC, within 30 cm (1 foot) and away from interference from other devices.
  • Page 17: Turning The Hp Touchsmart Pc On And Off

    Complete the initial setup by following the onscreen instructions. Please be patient while the setup process completes, it may take several minutes. You can also turn on the HP TouchSmart PC or put it into Sleep mode by pressing the Power/Sleep button on the keyboard.
  • Page 18: Changing Power Settings

    Connecting to the Internet Your HP TouchSmart PC is designed to support a wireless or wired LAN that connects your computer to other devices, such as printers and other PCs. The network connection to the Internet is usually through a broadband modem (digital subscriber line [DSL] or cable), which requires a separate subscription.
  • Page 19: Setting Up A Wired Network

    Internet Wall plug Wireless router Configure the HP TouchSmart PC to connect to the wireless network. Turn on your HP TouchSmart PC. Connect your HP TouchSmart PC to the wireless network: Right-click the Network icon on the taskbar, and then select Connect to a network.
  • Page 20 The Ethernet port on the HP TouchSmart PC is located on the back of the computer, behind the connector cover. For clean cable management, route the cable through the cable router clip on the back of the PC (shown), then route the cable through the notch in the back stand (not shown), then close the back connector cover.
  • Page 21: Using Bluetooth Devices

    Adding Hardware and Software Some HP TouchSmart PCs feature a Windows Vista 64-bit system, and may not be compatible with all of the software you install or all of the hardware you add. Make sure your hardware and software are compatible with the operating system.
  • Page 22: Using The Cd/dvd Drive

    Digital 3.1, 4.1, or 5.1 powered speakers Audio receiver NOTES: The HP TouchSmart PC supports powered speaker systems only. Powered speakers require a separate power supply. When the Audio line in connector is being used, the output to the internal speakers, the Audio line out connector, and the headphones connector are affected.
  • Page 23: Connecting Analog Speakers

    Default button in the Internal Speakers area. Simply turning off the external speakers does not enable the internal speakers; the internal speaker setting must be selected. Configure the sound to your preferences by using the SoundMAX Listening Experience, Recording Experience, and Advanced buttons. Getting to Know the HP TouchSmart PC...
  • Page 24: Adjusting Speaker Volume

    Adjusting speaker volume Your HP TouchSmart PC has several ways to adjust the speaker volume. You can use the volume controls on the side of the computer or the Microsoft Volume icon on the taskbar; or, if you are using digital speakers, you can also adjust the volume by using SoundMAX.
  • Page 25: Configuring Sound For Windows Media Center

    The array is designed to filter out ambient noise in your environment to provide a cleaner sound. You can use the microphone from a distance of up to one-half meter (2 feet) from the HP TouchSmart PC. To adjust the volume: Tap the SoundMAX icon on the taskbar.
  • Page 26: Connecting A Printer

    Connecting a Printer You can connect a printer by using the USB connectors on the sides or back of the HP TouchSmart PC, or you can use a wireless printer. NOTE: The HP TouchSmart PC does not support printers that require a parallel printer connector.
  • Page 27: Cleaning The Hp Touchsmart Pc Screen

    The touch screen has a glass surface that can be cleaned by using the cleaning cloth that came with your HP TouchSmart PC. You can also use a soft cloth or paper towel dampened with a typical household glass cleaner to clean the touch screen.
  • Page 28: Using The Computer With Safety And Comfort

    Web browser address box, and then press the Enter key on the keyboard. Recycling Your Old Computer Hardware HP offers computer equipment recycling programs in many countries/regions. To learn about the options, go to, and select your country/region in the drop-down list.
  • Page 29: Using The Hp Touchsmart Software

    Using the HP TouchSmart Software What is HP TouchSmart software? The HP TouchSmart software suite brings digital life to your fingertips, and makes it fun to access your photos, videos, music, and other software programs. You can personalize HP TouchSmart for quick access to your favorite programs, the Web, and RSS feeds.
  • Page 30: Navigating In Hp Touchsmart

    You can use touch, a stylus (purchased separately), or the wireless keyboard and mouse to select and deselect items in HP TouchSmart. When you are in the HP TouchSmart software, you have additional ways to access and navigate programs. Action...
  • Page 31 Touch Input Panel enter text by using touch. Because this touch technology is sensitive, HP recommends that you handle the touch screen with care. Please review the following cautions: CAUTION: Because the HP TouchSmart touch screen uses a sensitive touch technology, to avoid damaging the touch screen, do not apply pressure on the front of the display bezel or around the screen borders.
  • Page 32: Using The Onscreen Keyboard

    Using the onscreen keyboard The onscreen keyboard or Windows Touch Input Panel enables you to enter text by using touch. It can also recognize your handwriting and convert it to plain type-written text. You can access a Touch Input Panel by tapping inside an input dialog, and then tapping the keypad icon to open the handwriting, touch, and text input tool.
  • Page 33: Personalizing Your Hp Touchsmart Software

    Personalizing your HP TouchSmart Software Moving tiles around When you open the HP TouchSmart software, you will see large and small tiles, which are shortcuts to various programs in HP TouchSmart and links to various Web sites. Use the upper, large tile area for programs you use often, and use the lower, small tile area to store the rest of your program shortcuts.
  • Page 34: Adding A Web Site Link To Hp Touchsmart

    The option to check the box to display the Web icon may be grayed out if one is not available. You can choose an icon from those displayed below the check box instead. Otherwise, it will display a sample Web page. Your Web site link appears as a small tile on the bottom of the HP TouchSmart homepage.
  • Page 35: Editing Or Deleting An Added Tile

    Tap OK. This does not delete your program, only the shortcut from the Tile View in HP TouchSmart. Opening HP TouchSmart Faster If you use the HP TouchSmart program frequently, you may want to set the HP TouchSmart program to open faster. To change this setting, open HP TouchSmart, tap the Personalize button, and then tap the TouchSmart Settings button.
  • Page 36: Adding Photos To Your Photo Library

    View all of your photos from anywhere on the hard disk drive, a removable drive, or a memory card. HP TouchSmart Photo scans your hard disk drive and all available drives to find photos that you can view in the HP TouchSmart Photo window.
  • Page 37: Uploading Your Photos To Snapfish

    Enter your e-mail address (Name) and password of your Snapfish account, and then tap Login. If you do not have a Snapfish account, tap Sign up for an account. HP TouchSmart is minimized and the Snapfish Web site opens ( Follow the onscreen instructions to create your account, and then open HP TouchSmart.
  • Page 38: Editing Your Photos

    Editing your photos You can make changes to your photos in HP TouchSmart Photo. Some of the editing features include removing red-eye, cropping, auto-correcting, and rotating images. When you edit a photo, you always have the option to revert to the original image at a later time.
  • Page 39: Creating A Cd Or Dvd Of Your Photos

    HP TouchSmart Music With HP TouchSmart Music, you can use touch to quickly browse your music collection in Tile or Fan View by album, artist, genre, song, or playlist. You can play CDs, view song titles and album art, and create playlists that you can edit and save to play later.
  • Page 40: Selecting A Music Library

    Insert your CD into the CD drive by pushing the disc directly into the slot drive, with the label facing the front of the computer. Open HP TouchSmart, and select the Music tile. Your CD appears at the top of the Music window, as Audio CD.
  • Page 41: Media Controls

    Press the Previous icon and hold for a couple of seconds to rewind. To adjust volume for music in HP TouchSmart Music, adjust the volume controls on the right side of the HP TouchSmart PC, or on the keyboard. Additionally, to adjust the volume for the HP TouchSmart Music program, press and hold (or with the mouse, right-click) the Speaker icon in the Windows taskbar.
  • Page 42: Creating A Playlist Of Your Favorite Songs

    Creating a playlist of your favorite songs You can create a playlist by simply dragging your songs to the Playlist window. Open HP TouchSmart, and select the Music tile. Select Album, and then select an album to add songs to your playlist.
  • Page 43: Deleting Songs From Your Music Library

    Windows Media Player or iTunes, and delete it there. HP TouchSmart Video With HP TouchSmart Video, you can capture your videos with the built-in webcam, play them back, and then upload them to YouTube with the touch of a finger.
  • Page 44: Creating Videos With The Webcam

    To adjust volume for videos in HP TouchSmart Video, use the volume controls in the Video window. Additionally, make sure to adjust the volume controls on the right side of the HP TouchSmart PC, or on the keyboard. To view both volume controls in one place, press and hold (or with the mouse, right-click) the Speaker icon in the Windows taskbar.
  • Page 45: Capturing, Editing, And Recording Videos

    You can also use the CyberLink DVD to record your videos to disc. Tap the Windows Vista start button , tap All Programs, tap CyberLink DVD Suite, select the Video icon to start the recording program, tap the Help menu, and then tap Help. Using the HP TouchSmart Software...
  • Page 46: Playing Your Dvds

    Webcam and Microphone Your HP TouchSmart PC comes with a built-in webcam (A) and array microphone (B) located at the top of your computer. You can use them to capture videos and have video chats and conference calls by using instant messaging software.
  • Page 47: Capturing Webcam Video And Snapshots

    Capturing webcam video and snapshots You can use HP TouchSmart to take snapshots and record video. See “Creating videos with the webcam” on page 38 and “Capturing, editing, and recording videos” on page 39. You can also use CyberLink YouCam to capture webcam video and snapshots, add fun effects to your videos, e-mail videos to your friends, and upload your videos to YouTube.
  • Page 48: Hp Touchsmart Calendar

    Scheduling a calendar event and setting a reminder Events are displayed on the HP TouchSmart homepage if the calendar icon is located in the upper row. The HP TouchSmart homepage displays up to four appointments. It updates periodically by removing past events and listing upcoming appointments for that day.
  • Page 49: Viewing Calendar Events

    Tap the House icon to return to the HP TouchSmart homepage. Deleting a calendar event To delete an event from your HP TouchSmart Calendar, tap the date, tap the event, tap the Delete button, and then tap Yes to delete the event.
  • Page 50: Creating A Handwritten Or Typed Note

    Creating a handwritten or typed note Written notes can be typed, handwritten by touch, or drawn with a stylus (purchased separately). Open HP TouchSmart, and select the Notes tile. Select the Notepad icon at the bottom of the window. Select a paper color by selecting the Paper icon on the left, and then select a font color by selecting one of the pen colors on the right.
  • Page 51: Creating A Voice Note

    Select Done to return to the Note bulletin board, or select Edit to edit the text in the note. To adjust volume for voice notes in HP TouchSmart Notes, adjust the volume controls on the right side of the HP TouchSmart PC, or on the keyboard. Additionally, to adjust the volume for the HP TouchSmart Notes program, press and hold (or with the mouse, right-click) the Speaker icon in the Windows taskbar.
  • Page 52: Hp Touchsmart Weather

    ZIP or postal code. Tap the Search button. Your city appears in the Select Your City box. Select Fahrenheit or Celsius. Tap OK to confirm the settings. Tap the House icon to return to the HP TouchSmart homepage. Getting Started...
  • Page 53: Hp Touchsmart Clock

    HP TouchSmart Clock From the HP TouchSmart homepage, you can view all three clocks in the large Clock tile, or you can view the main clock in the smaller Clock tile. Displaying the time for up to three places Open HP TouchSmart, and select the Clock tile.
  • Page 54: Hp Touchsmart Rss Reader

    HP TouchSmart RSS Reader HP TouchSmart includes an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feeds Reader that enables you to subscribe to RSS feeds from Web sites you choose. RSS feeds contain frequently updated content that is published by a news or blog Web site. Some RSS feeds distribute other types of digital content, including pictures, audio files, videos, or updates that you can view later.
  • Page 55: Hp Touchsmart Browser

    HP TouchSmart Browser The current version of HP TouchSmart Browser is a simple viewer that is intended to display live content in your HP TouchSmart homepage. Use it in a large tile to monitor your favorite Web sites as they change content throughout the day.
  • Page 56 Some content, such as dialog boxes for downloads, will not cause the pop-up icon to highlight. If you want to see the content in these pop-ups, minimize HP TouchSmart to see it. The pop-up will be on the Windows desktop. To minimize HP TouchSmart, go to the HP TouchSmart homepage (tap the House icon on the upper left), then tap the Windows icon on the upper left of the homepage.
  • Page 57: Hp Touchsmart Alert Manager

    Your HP TouchSmart PC is designed to use the touch screen in several ways. When you are in the HP TouchSmart program, you can select and open items with a single tap. On the Windows desktop and in some software programs, you must use double-tap to open shortcuts, programs and other selectable items.
  • Page 58: Software Quick Reference Table

    View RSS feeds from your favorite news, entertainment, and sports Web sites. Check the weather in a city you select (select models only). Set reminders for events in HP TouchSmart Calendar. Create checklists and audio, handwritten, and typed notes in HP TouchSmart Notes.
  • Page 59 Quickly organize the Web links you want to keep available to you on your desktop. Comparison-shop by using the convenient shopping search engine. Get HP software and driver updates. Get important messages from HP. Access PC Health and Security and PC Help tools.
  • Page 60 Getting Started...
  • Page 61: Index

    Microsoft Windows Vista calendar digital audio connector using digital camera, using HP TouchSmart Photo digital video camera, using HP TouchSmart Photo viewing events DVD drive, using HP TouchSmart Clock, setting DVD Play, features HP TouchSmart Music...
  • Page 62 HP Photosmart Touch HP TouchSmart Weather, viewing printing upload to Snapfish playlist instant messenger, making a video call creating Internet Explorer, using with HP TouchSmart Browser deleting iTunes, using with HP TouchSmart playing power adapter connector Power, LED keyboard...
  • Page 63 Windows Media Player, using with HP TouchSmart Windows Movie Maker, features wired home network LAN connection setting up wireless home network LAN connection...
  • Page 64 Part number: 513620-001...

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