Miele W 1926 WASHING MACHINE Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating Instructions

for the W 1926

Washing Machine

To prevent accidents
and machine damage,
read these Operating Instructions
before installation or use.
M.-Nr. 04 955 390



  Summary of Contents for Miele W 1926 WASHING MACHINE

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions for the W 1926 Washing Machine ö To prevent accidents and machine damage, read these Operating Instructions before installation or use. M.-Nr. 04 955 390...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Delay start/Time remaining indicator ........20...
  • Page 3: Guide To The Machine

    1 Supply cable 5 Control panel 2 High pressure intake hoses 6 Drum door 3 Flexible drain hose, with detachable 7 Access panel for lint filter and drain swivel elbow pump 4 Detergent dispenser drawer 8 Four height adjustable legs...
  • Page 4: Guide To The Machine

    Pushbuttons for additional functions. Time display “hours, mins”. SPIN SPEED SELECTOR switch. “Door” button; PROGRAM SEQUENCE indicators opens the drum door. (LED indicator lamps). “ON/OFF” button; PROGRAM SELECTOR switch. Turns the machine on and off or interrupts a program. The “On” lamp illuminates.
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    As the gas is flammable, do not 3. Do not allow children to play on or in smoke or use an open flame the appliance. Close supervision is during this time.
  • Page 6: Help Protect Our Environment

    Rather than throwing these materials before you use your new machine for away, please take them to your commu- the first time, or if it has been in storage nity recycling center. for more than a few weeks between uses.
  • Page 7: Optimal Usage

    Optimal usage Optimal usage Economy The key to good wash results is finding the correct combination of detergent To conserve energy the following tips: and temperature, and then allowing the – The automatic load control feature washing machine to optimize their us- will adjust the water level for loads up age through its programming.
  • Page 8: Preparing The Laundry

    ^ Sort the laundry Only wash items that are labeled ma- chine washable by the manufacturer. Some garments will have a Fabric care label in the collar or side seam. If so, sort the laundry by care label and color.
  • Page 9 The program selector can be turned to COTTONS... . 13 lbs (6.0 kg) the left or the right. PERMANENT PRESS. . . 6.5 lbs (3.0 kg) FINE/DELICATES ..3.5 lbs (1.5 kg) WOOLENS.
  • Page 10: End Of Program

    Press the “ON/OFF” button. Press the “Door” button. Do not attempt to remove laundry from the machine if the drum is turn- ing. You may seriously injure your- self. If the drum turns with the door open, contact the Miele Service De- partment.
  • Page 11: Changing The Program Sequence

    “Finish/Start” To continue the program, turn the ma- As soon as the program sequence indi- chine back on. cator lamp for the stage you wish to en- ter starts flashing: To change an incorrectly selected program: ^ Turn the program selector switch to ^ Turn the program selector switch to the desired program.
  • Page 12: Adding Detergent

    – Add the specified amount of water – If the laundry is not clean or if it is softener according to the manufac- gray or hard to the touch, add turer’s instructions.
  • Page 13: Adding Fabric Softener Or Starch

    Adding fabric softener or starch Adding fabric softener or starch If fabric softener is desired, it will work At the end of the program a small more effectively and be gentler on the amount of water will normally remain in...
  • Page 14: Program Selection

    WOOLENS cold Use detergents made specifically for wool. For all machine washable Reduce or turn off the spin speed for „ Hand woolens and wool blends. wash only“ or non-wool items. Starch cold For tablecloths, napkins, aprons and shirts.
  • Page 15 Program selection max. load Additional options Normal wash cycle Rapid wash available cycle 13 lbs Pre-wash Available Available 6 Kg Water plus Gentle wash 6.5 lbs Pre-wash Available Available 3 Kg Water plus Gentle wash 3.5 lbs Pre-wash Available Available 1.5 Kg...
  • Page 16: Program Sequence

    (1) Increased water level: The water level can be increased from the normal level to a higher level by pressing the „ Water plus“ button. Maximum spin speed is automatically set by the machine.
  • Page 17 „Without final spin“: At the end of the final rinse the wash remains suspended in water if the SPIN SPEED SETTING is set to „ Without final spin“. This helps to reduce creasing if the laundry will not be removed immediately upon...
  • Page 18: Textile Care Symbols

    Textile care symbols Textile care symbols Some clothing manufacture’s place tex- Hand wash tile care symbols on their products. The do not wash following is an explanation of some of these symbols. dry clean only do not dry clean Washing (°C)
  • Page 19: Additional Options

    By using the pushbuttons to select one The “Water plus” option is available in or more additional options, basic pro- the following programs: grams can be tailored to the type of – The wash and rinse cycle in COT- laundry being washed. TONS.
  • Page 20: Delay Start/Time Remaining Indicator

    9 hours and 30 minutes. Entering the start delay: – Press the button to the left of the “De- lay start” lamp as many times as necessary until the desired time de- lay appears.
  • Page 21: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care Cleaning and care To clean the washing machine: ^ Clean the casing using a mild non- abrasive detergent or soap and water, and wipe dry with a soft cloth. ^ Clean the control panel with a damp cloth.
  • Page 22: Cleaning Drain Pump/Lint Trap

    ^ Turn the lint trap lid counterclockwise 2 - 3 times. Do not remove it. Approx. 2 quarts (2 l) of water will drain out of the hose. If the main drain hose is clogged, more water will be retained in the machine (max.
  • Page 23 Cleaning and care ^ Once the flow of water stops, remove the lint trap and clean it. ^ Clean the inside of the lint trap hous- ing. ^ Remove any foreign objects (e.g. Remove any detergent deposits or for- buttons, coins, etc.) or lint.
  • Page 24: Cleaning The Water Inlet Filters

    Inspect the inlet hose regularly. The hose should be replaced if there are The washing machine has two water in- small cracks in the surface, or if it has let filters to protect each inlet valve. been otherwise damaged or cut.
  • Page 25: Problem Solving Guide

    Problem solving guide Any work done on the electrical components of this appliance should only be performed by a qualified technician in accordance with all local and na- tional codes and regulations. Unauthorized repairs may result in personal injury and machine damage.
  • Page 26 The spin speed selected Select a higher spin . . . The wash is too wet was too low. speed next time. after the final spin? The load was not evenly...
  • Page 27 Problem solving guide What to do if, . . . Cause . . . Remedy . . . A water inlet filter is Clean the water inlet fil- . . . In spite of adequate blocked. ters. water supply, the water...
  • Page 28 Problem solving guide What to do if, . . . Cause . . . Remedy . . . Insufficient detergent was – Add more detergent..Grey greasy parti- used to break down the – Before washing the...
  • Page 29: Opening The Drum Door During A Power Failure

    ^ Turn on the valve. the floor, make certain the machine is drained before opening the door. If 1 gallon (3.8 l) of water flows into the bucket in 15 seconds the water pres- ^ Turn off the washing machine.
  • Page 30: After Sales Service

    After sales service After sales service If problems occur that cannot be easily fixed, or if the appliance is under war- ranty, please contact: – The nearest Miele Technical Service Department (see back cover). When contacting the Technical Service Department, please have the model...
  • Page 31: Installation Instructions

    Concrete floors are Please note: less prone to vibration during the spin ^ Do not lift the machine by the drum cycle than wooden floors. door. Please note the following points:...
  • Page 32 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ^ Turn the right shipping strut 90° ^ Plug the two holes with the plastic clockwise. caps provided. Movement of the machine without the shipping struts in place should be kept to a minimum. The shipping struts should be stored in a safe place for future use.
  • Page 33 Leveling the machine much as necessary by turning both To ensure smooth operation, it is es- the foot 1 as well as the locking ring 2 sential that the machine is level. to the left using a screwdriver (see il- lustration).
  • Page 34 This Miele washing machine can be in- washer, at least a gap must be stalled as part of a washer dryer stack left between the top of the machine in combination with a Miele tumble and bottom of the countertop; and dryer.
  • Page 35 You can set the water hard- ^ Do not put any laundry in the ma- ness dial in the detergent dispenser as chine. a reminder.
  • Page 36: Plumbing Connections

    (blue mark) to the cold water valve and system the hot water intake hose (red mark) to The 5 ft. (1.5 m) drain hose may be the hot water valve. connected as follows: Turn on the valves and check for leaks.
  • Page 37: Electrical Connection

    The washing machine is supplied with a electric shock by providing a path of 5 ft long, 4 wire cord, ending in a NEMA least resistance for the electric current. 14-30 P plug, ready for connection to a...
  • Page 38: Programmable Functions

    Extra water intake through cession. A new program can be se- compartment i lected as soon as the “On” lamp is the only one remaining lit. A 10 second water intake through com- partment during the main wash can be added.
  • Page 39 Programmable functions Step 1: Turn off the machine, close the door, and release all pushbuttons. Set the Progam Selector Switch to “Finish/Start”. Step 2: 4 seconds. ^ Press the “ON/OFF” button Step 3: ^ Press the “Water plus” button 4 times (i.e.
  • Page 40 Programmable functions Step 4: ^ Set the Program Se- lector to “Fine rinse”. Desired function: Continue with Step 5 High water level to activate. ^ Set the Program Se- lector to “Drain”. Con- 5th rinse cycle tinue with Step 5 to activate.
  • Page 41 Programmable functions ^ Set the Program Selec- tor to “WOOLENS 85°”. Additional rinse in Continue with Step 5 Rapid wash to activate. Step 5: ^ Press the “Water plus” button twice (i.e. in and out once) to tog- gle the function “ON/OFF”.
  • Page 42 - no function was activated – If the “Rinse 1-2" indicator lights up - proceed as in “Deleting the additional functions”. Exception: the “Rinse 1-2" indicator lamp will light up if the switch is set to “COTTONS 190°F".
  • Page 43: Technical Data

    Technical data Technical data 1.1 Dimensions Height “ + “/- “ (850 mm +10/-0,5 mm) Width “ (600 mm) Depth (including distance from wall) “ (715 mm) Weight 252 lbs. (114 kg) Capacity 13 lbs. (6 kg) dry laundry Rated load 2.8 kW...
  • Page 44 Hot and cold water hoses come equipped with 3/4” female hose thread connections. Drainage is via a 5 ft. long (1.5 m), 1 1/4” OD hose. This washing machine is supplied with a 5 foot long cable with plug for con-...
  • Page 48 Alteration rights reserved/002 3100 These instructions are printed on 100% unbleached, recycled paper are completely Biodegradable.

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