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HAIER GDZ3.5-1-HK User Manual

Exhaust type tumble dryer.
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Exhaust Type Tumble Dryer
User's Manual
Please read this manual
carefully before using.
Retain it for future reference.


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   Summary of Contents for HAIER GDZ3.5-1-HK

  • Page 1

    Exhaust Type Tumble Dryer User's Manual GDZ3.5-1 Please read this manual carefully before using. Retain it for future reference.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Packing And Electrical Safety Tips The back cover Specification Rated Voltage Frequency Strong 1020W Light 670W Rated Input Power Rated Fuse Current Rated Max.Capacity Overall Dimension Net Weight Hot air:220min hot air (20min cooling included) Timer Selector Knob Cold air: 60min cold air...

  • Page 3: Part Description

    Timer Selector Knob Directions: All the figures in the directions are schematic drawings. We should understand that the products you bought or the related elements may not match the figures in the directions because we have new products everyday. Meaning and description of the symbols...

  • Page 4: Safety Information

    A leakage protector shall be used, if possible. cord with wet hands. Do not share a receptacle with other appliances. Do not use it when a plug loosely inserted into a receptacle. Do not excessively bend, stretch, twist, bind power cord or put heavy stuff on it.

  • Page 5: Operation Cautions

    Do not place washed filter of the air exit. wet clothes in your Please do not take the cover or the filter net dryer for a long time out of the air exit in case the ventilation will not drying them be blocked up.

  • Page 6

    Do not load your dryer when it is running. Loading the dryer when it is running Remove the clothes out of your dryer as early as shall be avoided to possible to reduce rumples. prevent the clothes overdried or incompletely dried.

  • Page 7: Installation Instructions

    Installation Instructions For your safety and correct using your dryer, please observe all the instructions in this manual to install and adjust your dryer. Location of your dryer Dryer should be located in a dry and well-vented place, not filled with moisture and vapors and where rain cannot reach (like bathroom,open balcony and water faucet).Do not locate your dryer...

  • Page 8

    Adjust to the proper height according to the washer type you purchased (six height levels are available) (Note: the bracket shall not be touched when the top cover of washer is open to avoid inconvenient clothes loading and unloading ) Carefully place your dryer onto the bracket with the control panel in the bottom (as shown in the right figure).

  • Page 9: Using Method

    Before drying your clothes Make sure if clothes have any special requirements and suitable for drying. Do not dry your clothes in your dryer if the materials of which cannot be dried in a dryer or they bear the following labels:...

  • Page 10

    3. Control panel and its functions Heat Selector Knob Select drying level according to the material, quantity and drying requirements of the clothes to be dried as shown in the figure Select "Strong Dry" for clothes particularly thick and in large Light quantities or in lower room temperature.

  • Page 11

    The dryer starts running. Please refer to page 9 "functions of control panel" . 6. Do not take the laundry out until drying process is done The last 20 minutes of hot air drying is cooling to reduce the temperature of laundry inside the drum.

  • Page 12: Care And Cleaning

    Care and Cleaning Clean the buildup such as lints on filters in time after each use, otherwise it will affect the performance of your dryer. Please unplug the power cord first when cleaning it. Cleaning of filters The lint filter must be used for drying.

  • Page 13: Troubleshooting

    (If your dryer exhibits problems, please unplug the power cord before checking) The following maybe unrelated to a malfunction of the dryer itself, please reconfirm before calling a serviceman. If it does relate to a malfunction, please contact our service agent or after-sales service and do not repair it by yourself.

  • Page 14

    Do not connect with public utilities such as water pipe. Separate earth wire from zero line and do not connect them together. 2. An individual sepcial receptacle must be used, which shall be a product have been qualified by national compulsive product certification.

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