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Operation - Honeywell HFD-010 - Room Air Purifier Owner's Manual

With uv light
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• Press the power (
• The LCD screen will display Medium (
• To change air cleaning power setting, press the up (
) buttons (Fig. 2). The display will indicate the current setting:
Low (
), Medium (
• For maximum cleaning power, set the unit to operate at the High
) setting. For quieter settings, or during sleep, set the unit to
Medium (
) or Low (
• To turn the unit off, touch the Power (
Timer Operation
Once the air purifier is turned on, you can program it to turn off
automatically after a set amount of time.
• Press the Timer button (
"8" (Fig. 3).
• Press the timer plus (
hours (1 to 18). The selected number will flash for a few seconds – once it stops flashing, the air purifier is in
Timer mode and will automatically shut off after the specified amount of time.
(Example: If you want the unit to turn off in 6 hours, touch the
Timer button, then press the timer minus (
number "6" is displayed.)
• To turn the Timer mode off, press the Timer button twice.
NOTE: Removing the IFD
cancel the Timer function.
• Press the UV button (
• The Lamps will light and you will see a faint blue glow along the
front of the unit above the grille.
• The display will say "UV" in the bottom row.
NOTE: Removing the IFD
cancel the UV Lamp function.
5:02 PM
) button to turn the air purifier on (Fig. 1).
), High (
) button.
) – the LCD screen flashes the number
) or timer minus (
) buttons to increase or decrease the desired number of
) button until the
filter assembly or turning the unit off will
) to turn the Lamps on or off (Fig. 4).
filter assembly or turning the unit off will
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Fig. 1
) or down
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
Fig. 4

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Table of Contents

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