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Fryer • Friteuse• Fritözünüz
Instructions for use • Mode d'emploi
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    Fryer • Friteuse• Fritözünüz Instructions for use • Mode d’emploi Kullanim kilavuzu...

  • Page 3: Protection Of The Environment

    • Your equipment has been designed to work for many years. However, when finally you decide to replace your deep fryer, do not forget to think of what you can do to help to protect the environment. • Before throwing away your deep fryer, the timer battery must be removed by an approved Service Centre.

  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    Blue ....Neutral used. Brown ....Live • The fuse cover is an important part of the plug.

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    To sum up, 3 steps are vital for making perfect light, crisp fried foods Preparation Fill up the bowl Do not mix different types • It must always be filled to between the of fats. Min. and Max. markers. Preheat Place the deep fryer: •...

  • Page 6: Preparation For Use

    5 uses. The fat level must • If you use solid fat: always be between - Cut it into pieces and place it at the the Min. and Max. bottom of the bowl (never in the markers. Check this basket).

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    • Release the button. The time displayed is selected and the countdown begins. • If you make a mistake, or want to cancel the time selected, press the button for 2 seconds. • To stop the timer alarm, press the button.

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    Remove the foods is working. • Lift the handle horizontally to raise the basket until you hear a “click” as it To prepare to use a second time: locks. - wait for the temperature...

  • Page 9: Cooking Tables

    Cooking Cooking tables The cooking times are given as an indication only. They may vary depending on quantities and personal tastes. Fresh foods Temperature Cooking time Potato chips (1.25 kg) (Visialis 1250) 190° 16-17 min. Potato chips (1 kg) 190°...

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    With a sieve, collect the small pieces of food left in the fat. • Store the fat in the deep fryer, or keep it in the fridge in a separate container (recommended if you do not use the deep fryer often).

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    Cleaning • Never place the Clean the outside of the deep fryer with equipment in water. a damp cloth. Dry it carefully. Do not use aggressive or abrasive products. Clean the lid Remove and wipe the cartridge before washing it.

  • Page 12: If Your Deep Fryer Does Not Work Properly

    • Have it replaced at an approved Service Centre. If the problem remains, please call 0800 616 413. Any repairs must only be carried out by an approved Service Centre with the manufacturer’s own replacement parts. For spares or repairs telephone your nearest TEFAL Service Centre...

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