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  • Page 3: How To Use

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    Only 3% fat*: 1 spoonful (14ml) of oil is enough! One spoonful of the oil of your choice allows you to make real chips from 1kg of potatoes. You can be sure of using exactly the right amount, thanks to the graduated spoon that is supplied with the appliance.

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    To obtain the best results, you must ensure that the chips do not stick together. With this in mind, wash the whole potatoes and then cut them into chips using a sharp knife or chip cutter. The chips should be of equal size so that they cook at the same time.

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    Return the appliance to your point of purchase. • Do not use an extension lead. If you accept liability for doing so, only use an extension lead which is in good condition and is suited to the power of the appliance.

  • Page 7: Description, Preparing Food, Set The Cooking Time

    • Wipe the base of the appliance using a damp cloth and washing up liquid. • Rinse and dry the parts carefully before putting them back together. • To re-fit the paddle into the pan push it down until it clicks into place. This may be a little stiff when the appliance is new.

  • Page 8: Table Of Cooking Times, Starting/taking Food Out

    Table of cooking times The cooking times below are only a guide and may vary according to the variety and batch of potatoes used. We recommend using varieties such as King Edward and Maris Piper for chips and potato recipes.

  • Page 9: Meat - Poultry, Fish - Shellfish

    Meat - Poultry To add flavour to meat and poultry, mix some spices (such as paprika, curry, mixed herbs, thyme…..) with the oil. UANTITY OOKING TIME Fresh 750 g None 18 - 20 min Frozen 750 g None 18 - 20 min...

  • Page 10: Cooking Hints And Tips, Cleaning

    ActiFry cooking hints and tips • Do not add salt to chips while the chips are in the pan. Only add salt once the chips are removed from the appliance at the end of cooking. • When adding dried herbs and spices to Actifry, mix them with some oil or liquid.

  • Page 11: Troubleshooting

    If this does not work, contact your point of purchase. If you have any product problems or queries please contact our Customer Relations Team Helpline: 0845 602 1454 - UK / (01) 4610390 - Ireland...

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    S.A.S. SEB SELONGEY CEDEX • RC. DIJON B 302 412 226 • REF. 5081262...

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    We used this for the first time and the motor stopped. Thank god it was a gift. It's going in the garbage where it belongs and I will post my experience everywhere I can.