Installing Your Refrigerator; Unpacking Your Refrigerator; Proper Air Circulation; Install Limitations - Haier HSR17 User Manual

Coolant-free compact refrigerator
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After Unpacking Your Refrigerator
Find the best location to install your refrigerator near a 115 volt, 15 amp outlet.
Make sure there is proper air ventalation.

Proper Air Circulation

• To assure your refrigerator works at the maximum efficiency it was designed
for, you should install it in a location where there is proper air circulation and
electrical connections.
• The following are recommended clearances around the refrigerator:
Sides .......................2 "(50mm)
Top .......................2" (50mm)
Back ....................4" (100mm)

Install Limitations

• Do not install your refrigerator in any location not properly insulated or heated
e.g. garage etc. Your refrigerator was not designed to operate in temperature
settings below 55º Fahrenheit.
• Select a suitable location for the refrigerator on a hard even surface away
from direct sunlight or heat source e.g. radiators, baseboard heaters, cooking
appliances etc.
• This refrigerator is designed to operate at 37ºF, in a room that has an ambient
temperature of 70ºF. At recommended settings, this fridge will be cold enough for
dairy and perishables if set between the MED and HIGH setting. The temperature
may fluctuate due to ambient temperate of the room it is in.
It is not suggested to keep perishables in the NuCool refrigerator if the
ambient temperature of the room is higher than 80ºF.



Table of Contents

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