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Philips CRYSTAL 650 - NETWORK Network Installation Manual page 5

Networking basics & crystal printer network installation guidelines
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4. Installation of a Crystal Network Printer
4.1 What is needed to install the Crystal Network Printer?
To use your Crystal printer as a wireless network printer, you need to have the following items:
• PC connected to wireless network either via access point (infrastructure topology) or via WLAN adapter
(ad-hoc topology)
• USB WLAN adapter for the Crystal printer
• Companion Suite installed on your PC
4.2 Basic steps of installation
• Install the Wireless drivers on the PC
• Setup the network parameters on the PC (IP address, mask)
• Setup all parameters on the Crystal Printer
• Verify the basic function with a ping command (see below)
• Install the Crystal Network Printer driver at all PCs which will shall access the Crystal Printer
4.3 Installation of the WLAN Function on the PC
The first step to enable the WLAN capabilities of your Crystal printer is to connect the PC to a wireless network.
Install your WLAN USB adapter according to the installation manual of the manufacturer or activate the WLAN
driver if you have a PC / Laptop with built in WLAN support. Verify that the WLAN is working correctly. Most
adapters have a LED that starts flashing during start-up and is lit constantly to indicate that the adapter is ready
to work.
4.4 Set-up of Network Parameters
Choose an IP address and a subnet mask for the WLAN adapter. Take care that this parameters match to the
Crystal Printer IP address range.
4.5 Set-up of WLAN on the Crystal Printer
The next step is to set up the WLAN parameters on your Crystal printer. First of all connect your USB WLAN
adapter to the USB connector on the right hand side of the device. Wait until the LED on the connector is either
flashing or lit constantly.
4.5.1 Network Scan
Menu 911
Go to
which will issue a scan for available wireless networks. If any networks are found they will be
displayed. Select the correct network which sets the SSID to the correct name on the Crystal printer and the
network mode will be set to the correct mode (ad-hoc or infrastructure). If encryption is enabled in the network
the user will be asked to enter the four WEP keys of the network. The network scan facilitates the set-up process
in such a way that the user has only to set the IP address and subnet mask in
network is found, the scan is not possible or you want to change the network settings, follow the next steps to set
up the wireless network.
4.5.2 Ad-Hoc Set-up
If you choose AD-HOC mode, you will be asked to choose the WLAN channel of your network. Enter the chan-
nel you want your network to work on.
As a next step you have to set the SSID of the network in
wireless home network. Take care of capital letters ! If you do not yet have a wireless network set up, just set the
SSID to the name you want your network to have.
Menu 916
Menu 913
. This should be set to the SSID of your
Menu 917
. If no



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