ZyXEL Communications P-330W Quick Start Manual

802.11g secure wireless internet sharing router.
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802.11g Secure Wireless Internet Sharing Router
July 2006
Version 1.3

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  • Page 1: Quick Start Guide

    P-330W 802.11g Secure Wireless Internet Sharing Router Quick Start Guide July 2006 Version 1.3...

  • Page 2

    1 Introducing the P-330W The P-330W is a broadband sharing gateway with a built-in wireless LAN access point and four-port 10/100 Mbps switch that makes it easy for people to set up a small home/office network and share Internet access via a broadband (cable/DSL) modem.

  • Page 3: Hardware Installation, Rear Panel

    You only need to use this button if you’ve forgotten the P-330W’s password. Push the button for less than 5 seconds to cause the P-330W to reboot, push for 10 seconds to cause the P-330W to reset to factor defaults. See your User’s Guide for details).

  • Page 4: Front Panel Leds

    Blinking ZyXEL P-330W DESCRIPTION The P-330W is not receiving power. Power to the P-330W is in the process of booting. Unit is resetting to factory defaults. The P-330W is receiving power. No device is connected to the LAN port. An Ethernet device is connected to the LAN port.

  • Page 5

    3 Set Up Your Computer’s IP Address The P-330W is already set up to assign your computer an IP address. Use this section to set up your computer to receive an IP address or assign it a static IP address in the to range with a subnet mask of

  • Page 6

    10. Close the Network Connections window (Network and Dial-up Connections in Windows 2000/NT). Select Obtain an IP address automatically to get an IP address assigned from the DHCP server in the P-330W broadband router. Select Obtain DNS server address automatically Click OK...

  • Page 7

    (in the range between and if using the default P- 330W LAN IP address). Alternatively, to have the P-330W assign your computer a new IP address (from the IP pool), make sure your P-330W is turned on, type "ipconfig/release" and then press ENTER to release the previous IP address settings.

  • Page 8

    4 Configuring Your P-330W Choose one of these methods to access and configure the P-330W. This Quick Start Guide shows you how to use the web configurator setup wizard only. See your User’s Guide for background information on all P-330W features.

  • Page 9

    ZyXEL P-330W Click SETUP WIZARD to begin a series of screens to help you configure your P-330W for the first time. Click a link on the left in the navigation panel to configure that P-330W feature. Click LOG OUT when you have finished a P-330W management session. The P-330W automatically logs you out if it is left idle for five minutes;...

  • Page 10

    4.2 Internet Access Using the Wizard The wizard consists of a series of screens to help you configure your P-330W for wireless stations to access your wired LAN. Use the following buttons to navigate the Wizard: Back Click Back to return to the previous screen.

  • Page 11

    3. Use the next wizard screen to set up the wireless LAN. Check Disable Access Point to turn off the wireless networking features of the P-330W. The range of radio frequencies used by IEEE 802.11b/g wireless devices is called a channel.

  • Page 12

    Select None if you do not want to enable any security. This will allow anyone to access your network. 5. Click Finished when done. This will complete the setup wizard. Your P-330W may reboot or pause for several seconds while activating the settings you entered.

  • Page 13: Test Your Internet Connection, Troubleshooting

    If the 10/100M LAN LEDs are off, check the cable connections between the P-330W and computer on the LAN. your LAN computers. Verify that the IP address and subnet mask of the P-330W and the LAN computers are in the same IP address range. Cannot get a WAN IP If you are using the Cable modem with the P-330W, you have to power off your Cable address from the ISP.

  • Page 14: Customer Support

    Date that you received your device. • Brief description of the problem and the steps you took to solve it. SUPPORT E-MAIL TELEPHONE WEB SITE REGULAR MAIL support@zyxel.com +1-800-978-7222 www.us.zyxel.com ZyXEL Communications Inc. 1130 N. Miller St. Anaheim CA 92806-2001 U.S.A.

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