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Viewsonic g tablet: user guide.
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  • Page 2: Quick Start

    (shown below). 3. When turning on for the very first time, your G Tablet will prompt you through a quick setup process with 4 easy steps including the end user license agreement, setting the date and time, setting up your wireless network, and configuring user profiles.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Top Edge View... 7 Bottom Edge View ... 7 GETTING STARTED...7 Connecting the Power Adapter ... 7 Setting Up Your G Tablet... 8 ON, OFF, and Sleep ... 11 OVER THE AIR UPDATES (OTA)...11 GET TO KNOW THE HOME SCREEN...14 Task Bar –...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Language & keyboard... 52 9-11 Accessibility ... 53 9-12 Battery use ... 53 9-13 About tablet... 54 CONNECTING TO YOUR G TABLET ...54 10-1 Connect a micro SD Card ... 54 10-2 Connect to PC... 54 10-3 Connect an Audio Device ... 55...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents


  • Page 6: G Tablet Key Map, Front View, Left And Right Edge View

    G TABLET KEY MAP 1-1 Front View Built-in Camera SEARCH HOME MENU BACK LCD Touch-sensitive Screen Charge Indicator Light sensor Window Left and Right Edge View Left Edge Power button Micro SD Port USB (USB2.0) Port Mini-USB Port Speakers Headphone Jack...

  • Page 7: Top Edge View, Bottom Edge View, Getting Started, Connecting The Power Adapter

    2. Docking GETTING STARTED 2-1 Connecting the Power Adapter The G Tablet comes with a universal AC-DC adapter. The allowable input voltage of adapter is from 100V to 240V. Follow the below steps to connect the adapter: 1. Connect the piece with the plugs to the power cord.

  • Page 8: Setting Up Your G Tablet

    Turning the G Tablet ON for the first time You must fully charge your G Tablet before using for the first time. When fully charged, a green indicator light will display on the G Tablet (shown in G Tablet Key Map section). Once green indicator light is on, turn system on by pressing the power button section).

  • Page 9

    Location, Date and Time 2. Set up your Location, Date and Time (1). When complete, tap on “Next” (2). Setting Up Your Wireless Network – Wi-Fi and Networks 3. After setting up your Location, Date and Time, you will be prompted to set up your wireless network, and the following screen will appear.

  • Page 10

    You will be prompted to input your password. Note that if your wireless network is not visible to the G Tablet, you will have to add it manually by following the instructions under the “System Settings”...

  • Page 11: On, Off, And Sleep, Over The Air Updates (ota)

    ON, OFF, and Sleep Turning the G Tablet On In order to turn the G Tablet ON from an Off state, you must hold the power button for about 2 seconds. To turn the G Tablet on from “Sleep” mode, simply press the on button.

  • Page 12

    Over the Air Updates application. If there are updates available, follow the instructions to download when you are ready. It is important that the G Tablet be fully charged before downloading updates. Furthermore, you should ensure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal to minimize the download time.

  • Page 13

    Once download is complete, you will have the option to “Apply • Update” or “Postpone”. Applying Update will reboot the tablet. You can also visit the G Tablet website for additional information and online documentation.

  • Page 14: Get To Know The Home Screen, Task Bar – Top Left

    GET TO KNOW THE HOME SCREEN The G Tablet’s Home screen will appear every time you turn on the device from being off (not from sleep). It also appears every time you touch the “Home” button on the right side of the LCD Screen (1).

  • Page 15: Applications Task Bar - Along Bottom

    Photos section for more information. Multiple Home Screens The G Tablet actually has 3 different home screens identifiable by the background color. The screens are blue, black and gray. To access these screens, simply touch the screen and swipe either left or right with your finger.

  • Page 16: Task Bar – Top Right, Other Important Buttons

    Task Bar – Top Right At the top right are a row of icons displaying the system time, Alerts, current battery power remaining, and your wireless connection. By touching on any of the Wi-Fi, Battery, or Alerts icon, you can get additional information and settings for each of these functions.

  • Page 17: Applications Task Bar, News

    Following is a quick review of the applications that came pre-loaded on your G Tablet. News Tapping on the “News” icon visible from the Home screen brings up the News application in full screen.

  • Page 18

    “Top Stories” screen includes the title, news agency who wrote it, • and a blurb for each story in the news. You can use your finger to scroll up and down on the screen. • By tapping on any one of the news snippets, it will bring up the •...

  • Page 19: Weather

    screen). Then you are able to choose which news category is displayed in that portlet. By tapping on the “Advanced” tab, you are able to select how often updates for news will happen. Note that the more frequent updates are, the more it uses up battery power.

  • Page 20

    Under settings you can input multiple locations or cities. Tap on “Add a new location” (1). Then type in the ZIP code or a city and state in the US and tap search (2). Once you have added all of your cities, tap on the “Home Portlets”...

  • Page 21

    If you set up your wireless internet connection during the setup process, you will instantly go to your internet home page. The default home page for the G Tablet is If you see the below screen, then you do not have an internet connection.

  • Page 22: Clock

    Clock Tapping on the “Clock” icon from the Home screen will bring up the Clock, Alarm, and Timers function. Clock To set the time, touch the clock face and the “Set Clock” window will appear. Select your time zone and save. The master time is set in the System Settings under “Location, date &...

  • Page 23

    Select the time zone by tapping on the clock, as previously described. Delete the clock by tapping on the clock and selecting “Delete”. Note the first clock on the left will act as your primary clock – for example, if a clock is used in the Home portlets screen.

  • Page 24

    the “Alarm +” button in the bottom left corner. To delete an alarm, touch the face of the alarm clock you wish to cancel to bring open the “Set Alarm” window and tap on “Delete”. To simply turn off an alarm, tap on the “ON” button below the alarm clock and turn it to the “OFF”...

  • Page 25: Contacts

    You can add up to 4 timers by tapping on the “timer +” button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Contacts Add a Contact Tapping on the “Contacts” icon from the Home screen will bring up your contact list. To add contacts, you can both manually input contacts and / or import them in from your Google mail.

  • Page 26

    (2). Once you have contacts, you can identify favorites by using the star function (3). Note that the “Contacts” application for the G Tablet operates in family mode. All contacts listed will be accessible by anyone...

  • Page 27: Email

    Email Tapping on the “Email” icon from the Home screen will bring up your email. To add an email account, tap on the “Add account” button (1). To manage email settings, tap on the gear icon (2). You will be prompted for your email address, Password, asked to select a family member (set up during getting started under profiles), and provide a name and description.

  • Page 28: To-do List

    To-Do List Tapping on the “To-Do” icon from the Home screen will bring up this application. To-Do Lists are based on profiles. There is a “Family” To-Do list set up automatically, and one for each profile. To add an action (a to-do), tap on the “+” button and input the item •...

  • Page 29: Grocery

    Use your finger to scroll the month, day and year up or down to set the due date. Once you are done, tap on “Set Date”. Grocery Tapping on the “Grocery” icon from the Home screen will bring up the application. With the Grocery List application, you can create several lists and actually set up favorites.

  • Page 30: Calendar

    Tapping on the “Calendar” icon from the Home screen will bring up the application. This application allows for multiple calendars including the “Family” calendar as well as calendars set up for each profile. Note that all calendars are accessible to all users on the G Tablet.

  • Page 31

    To select the calendar you wish to view simply touch the profile • name on the left bar. (1) Along the top left, you can advance days or go back using the left • and right arrows as well as tap on “Today” to instantly jump to today’s date.

  • Page 32: Music

    Tapping on the “Music” icon from the Home screen will bring up the application. You are able to buy music online using the G Tablet and play your music with the “Music” application. The easiest way to import your music is by using the mini USB cable connected to your PC.

  • Page 33: Photos

    Artists (2) – Tapping on “Artists” will sort your music by artist name • enabling you to find and select music. To play a song, simply tap on the artist, then tap on the album you wish to hear, and tap on the song to play.

  • Page 34

    Under “All Photos”, after tapping on an album (1), your album pictures will be displayed on the page. Here, you can tap on any single photo (1) and that photo will come up almost full screen. In this view, you can easily shuffle through your album.

  • Page 35

    In slideshow mode, tapping the “Settings” (gear icon) • button will enable you to select the transition style and the speed. To add photos to your Home screen and to add a Picasa account, tap on the settings button in the top right corner from the main photo page (1). This brings up the “Photos Settings”...

  • Page 36: Settings

    Tapping on the “Settings” icon from the Home screen will bring up the screen below. Settings allows you to manage many aspects of your G Tablet including your wireless, audio, display, profiles, date, time, security, language, etc. For detailed information on each of the categories in “Settings”, please refer to the...

  • Page 37: More, Calculator, Camera

    5-13 More Tapping on the “More” icon (1) from the Home screen will bring up the expanded Applications Task Bar showing you all applications installed on your G Tablet. 5-14 Calculator Tapping on the “Calculator” icon from the expanded Applications Task Bar will bring up a simple calculator.

  • Page 38: Es File Explorer

    Applications Task Bar will bring up the file folder system for the G Tablet. Be very careful while in the ES File Explorer application as there are critical files for your G Tablet to operate. Do not delete or modify anything you are not confident about.

  • Page 39

    ES File Explorer Tool Bar Buttons Home button / Slash button(1) – This button toggles • between the “home” icon and the “forward slash” (/) icon. The default screen that appears is the “forward slash” (/) screen (which is the “sdcard” file folder open). It has 2 important files –...

  • Page 40

    “ES File Explorer”. DCIM – file location for all saved photos taken from your camera as • well as videos taken on the G Tablet. Download – lists all of your applications downloaded from the •...

  • Page 41: Gmarket, Kindle, Search

    • purchase and download new books. Archived Items – allows you to download books you already own • onto the G Tablet. 5-19 Search Tapping on the “Search” icon from the expanded Applications Task Bar will bring up the Google search engine and the onscreen keyboard.

  • Page 42: Sound Recorder, Updates, Videos

    Air section for further details. 5-22 Videos Tapping on the “Videos” icon from the expanded Applications Task Bar will bring up all videos saved to your G Tablet. This application shows videos captured with the G Tablets “Camera”. Over...

  • Page 43: G Tablet Marketplace, Downloading Applications

    G TABLET MARKETPLACE Tapping on the “gMarket” icon from the expanded Applications Task Bar takes you to which is an online application store for Android software. This store has thousands of Android applications available for free and to pay for.

  • Page 44: Importing Files

    You will also find the application in the ES File Explorer under the “download” folder. IMPORTING FILES There are two methods for transferring media files to the G Tablet, a mini USB cable connected to your PC, and a USB memory stick. preferred method and simplest method is the mini USB cable.

  • Page 45: Onscreen Virtual Keyboard

    5. Select the file you wish to transfer to your G Tablet. Tap on the file and hold for more than 2 seconds. A screen will pop up, tap on “Copy”. 6. Tap on the “home” button to bring you back to the “sdcard” screen.

  • Page 46

    Alphabetical Keyboard – lowercase Alphabetical Keyboard – UPPERCASE Touching this same button again, which now reads “abc”, will • bring back the alphabetical keyboard instead of the numerical (3). While in the numerical / symbol keyboard, you can touch the up •...

  • Page 47: System Settings, Status, Wireless & Networks

    Selecting “more” in any of these boxes will take you directly to the category’s specific settings page. Wireless & networks Manage the wireless settings on your G Tablet. Airplane mode – Disables all wireless connections in accordance • with airplane regulations.

  • Page 48

    G Tablet. (2) Under Bluetooth settings, “Scan for devices”. (3) After Scanning, select the desired device by tapping on it and start pairing. (4) Type the password as indicated on both the G Tablet and the remote device and complete the connection...

  • Page 49: Sound, Display

    Sound Allows user to manage audio and sounds on the G Tablet. Silent mode – makes all sounds except media & alarms silent. • Audible selection – plays a sound when touching screen or • making selections. Volume – control media and notification volume.

  • Page 50: Family Accounts, Location, Date & Time, Storage

    Manage your storage options. Tablet Storage Tablet system storage – shows total and available system storage • Tablet data storage – shows total and available data storage - • available to user Format tablet data storage – this erases your data permanently...

  • Page 51: Security

    Factory data reset – ERASES all data on the device (except data • stored on the internal data storage) putting the G Tablet back to the original factory settings. WARNING: Selecting “Factory data reset” will erase all data like Contacts and Email. Data saved on the internal storage will not be lost.

  • Page 52: Applications, Language & Keyboard

    Applications Manage your applications on the G Tablet. Download applications – allows you to manage and remove • downloaded applications. Running services – view currently running applications and select to • stop the application from running. System applications – view and control applications pre-loaded on the •...

  • Page 53: Accessibility, Battery Use

    • Tap ‘n Tap Western Keyboard – screen allows user to manage and select keyboard options including play sounds on key press, auto capitalize, quick fixes correcting commonly typed mistakes, show suggestions, and auto-complete. 9-11 Accessibility Accessibility is an Android service established for disabled individuals needing additional accessibility such as a “Text to Speech”...

  • Page 54: About Tablet, Connecting To Your G Tablet, Connect A Micro Sd Card, Connect To Pc

    You can copy or delete the files to and from the micro SD card. The G Tablet currently supports up to 64GB micro SD cards. It is recommended that the G Tablet be used with at least a 32GB micro SD card to ensure the best user experience.

  • Page 55: Connect An Audio Device, Connect A Usb Device, Caring For Your G Tablet

    LCD Screen. DO NOT use your hand to wipe the LCD Screen directly. • Turn off the G Tablet if it will not be used for a long time. • DO NOT clean the LCD Screen with chemical cleaners, acidic cleaner, •...

  • Page 56: Safety Precautions

    2. DO NOT expose the G Tablet to dirty, dusty, or moist environments. 3. DO NOT expose the G Tablet to strong magnetic or electrical fields. 4. DO NOT leave the G Tablet in the sun as it can damage the LCD Screen, especially in the car.

  • Page 57: Fcc Compliance

    12. DO NOT insert anything into the G Tablet that may result in short circuit or damage the circuit. 13. Power off the G Tablet, if you want insert / attach or remove any external devices that do not support hot-plug.

  • Page 58: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Q: How do I turn off the G Tablet when it freezes and cannot warm boot? A: Press the POWER button and hold 4 or 6 seconds to turn off the G Tablet. Then restart.

  • Page 59: Specifications

    Turn off wireless if not in use. What do I do if the camera image is not clear? A: Check that the lens is clean. If not, clean with the soft cloth. For Customer Service, please visit SPECIFICATIONS Display Features...

  • Page 60

    Wireless WiFi Bluetooth WiFi module Bluetooth module CPU Model Frequency Core Model 2D/3D Graphics Processor Video Decode Yes, Up to HD (1080P) Video Encode Audio Decode Image Processor Memory Capacity DDR2 Nand Flash Mass Memory 16GB iNAND ( up to 32GB ) SD CARD Mail attachment support Image...

  • Page 61

    Speaker 1W x 2 Microphone Built in Video H.264 – 1080p Baseline Profile + B Frame H.264 – 1080p High Profile and Main Profile (w/CABAC,Weighted Prediction and Interlaced not Support) WMV9/VC-1 – 1080p Advanced Profile Decode HD Video MPEG-4 – 1080p Simple Profile + B Frame Decode H.263 –...

  • Page 62

    Weight (kg/lbs) Regulatory UL, FCC, CE, RoHS Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. The # symbol means that the item is optional. For Customer Service, please visit USB TYPE-A Micro SD 1.3M Mpix 640 x 480 3650mAh 7.4V...

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