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CODIC: 3801098



Summary of Contents for Electrolux OPI3

  • Page 2 Vacuum cleaner User manual Aspirateur Mode d’emploi Aspiradora Manual de instrucciones Aspirapolvere Istruzioni per l’uso Aspirador Manual de Instruções Stofzuiger Gebruikershandleiding Staubsauger Bedienungsanleitung Ηλεκτρική σκούπα Εγχειρίδιο Dammsugare Bruksanvisning Stovsuger Bruksanvisning Støvsuger Brugervejledning Polynimuri Kayttoohje Прахосмукачка Ръководство на потребителя Vysavač Návod k použití Usisivač...
  • Page 3 In order to ensure the best results, always use en droog huishoudelijk vuil. Gebruik voor de beste Brug altid originalt tilbehør fra Electrolux, så er du sikker original Electrolux accessories. They have been designed resultaten altijd originele Electrolux-accessoires. Deze på...
  • Page 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS INHOUD INDHOLDSFORTEGNELSE Safety precautions ........8 Veiligheidsinstructies .
  • Page 5 Précautions de sécurité Cet appareil peut être utilisé par des enfants de Ne jamais utiliser l’aspirateur : plus de 8 ans, ainsi que des personnes dont les • Dans les endroits humides ; capacités physiques, sensorielles et mentales sont • À proximité de gaz infl ammables, etc. réduites ou dont les connaissances et l’expérience •...
  • Page 7 35 35 FEATURES/ACCESSORIES FUNCIONES/ACCESORIOS FUNÇÕES/ACESSÓRIOS On/off button Botón de encendido y apagado (on/off ) Botão Ligar/Desligar On/off button, hand unit Botón de encendido y apagado (on/off ), Botão Ligar/Desligar, unidade manual Handle unidad manual Pega Locking screw Parafuso de bloqueio Release button, hand unit Tornillo de sujeción Botão de libertação, unidade manual...
  • Page 8 40 40 Unpacking and assembly 2. Secure the handle by tightening the locking screw supplied. 1. Check that all parts are in the box. Fit the handle by carefully inserting Use a screwdriver or a coin. it into the lower main body. Make sure that the cable does not jam. Déballage et assemblage 2.
  • Page 9 42 42 Charging 2. Ergorapido Plus: The battery capacity display lights will come on one 3. When fully discharged, approximately 16 hours’ charging is required to 1. Ergorapido: The indicator light will come on once the Ergorapido is after another as the machine is charging after being positioned correctly in regain full battery capacity (4 hours for Ergorapido Plus).
  • Page 10 44 44 Vacuuming fl oors and carpets 2. Start Ergorapido by pushing the on/off button. 3. Adjust the power level by pushing the lower part of the on/off button. 1. You should regularly check that the nozzle wheels and the brush roll are clean in order to avoid scratching sensitive fl oors.
  • Page 11 46 46 Emptying and cleaning 1. Quick emptying of the dust container. Open the vacuum cleaner lid. 2. Emptying of the dust container. Remove the fi lters, empty the contents Ergorapido’s dust container must be emptied regularly and the dust container Clean the dust container by placing the hose of another vacuum cleaner at into a dustbin.
  • Page 12 48 48 48 48 Cleaning the brush roll with the BRUSHROLLCLEAN™ TECHNOLOGY function* The brush roll, the hose and the wheels may need to be cleaned if they become blocked or jammed for any reason. Some Ergorapido models are equipped with BRUSHROLLCLEAN™ TECHNOLOGY – a brush cleaning function that helps to keep a clean brush easily.
  • Page 13 50 50 The BRUSHROLLCLEAN™ TECHNOLOGY function is equipped with 1. Ergorapido plus: If - while holding the BRUSHROLLCLEAN™ TECHNOLOGY 2. Ergorapido: If - while holding the BRUSHROLLCLEAN™ TECHNOLOGY an overheating protection. It will deactivate the brush roll if the button pressed down – the brush stops rotating, the nozzle front lights button pressed down –...
  • Page 14 52 52 Cleaning the brush roll 1. First turn Ergorapido off . Push the brush roll release button. The hatch 2. Lift out the brush roll and clean it. Use a sharp object to remove To remove thicker threads or wires as well as on models that are not cover will come slightly free and the brush roll can be removed.
  • Page 15 54 54 Removing batteries 1. Batteries should always be run fl at before removed. Ergorapido must 2. Cut the connecting cables, remove the batteries, put tape over the Improper handling of the batteries may be hazardous. Return the complete be disconnected from the charging station when removing the visible metal areas.
  • Page 16 47 47 4a. Cleaning of dust container and fi lters. 3. Quick cleaning of the fi ne fi lter. (Recommended every cleaning). 4b. Separate both fi lters. Dust container and fi lters can be shaken clean (Recommended every 5th cleaning). Release dust container, take out both Release the dust container, pull/release spring 5-6 times to dislodge dust.
  • Page 17 49 49 49 49 1. Make sure the cleaner is switched on and stands on hard even surface. Do not use the BRUSHROLLCLEAN™ 2. Press the BRUSHROLLCLEAN™ TECHNOLOGY button with your foot while the cleaner is switched on. TECHNOLOGY function on deep carpets or long haired rugs. Hold for ca.
  • Page 18 51 51 When the button is released, the brush is rotating and the nozzle front lights are on again. You can continue to use the Ergorapido for vacuuming as usual. The BRUSHROLLCLEAN™ TECHNOLOGY function will remain disabled. To reset, the Ergorapido must be charged continuously for at least 10 minutes in the charging stand. Une fois la touche relâchée, la brosse se remet à...
  • Page 19 53 53 Cleaning the hose and wheels 2. If the wheels needs to be cleaned, remove them carefully by using a 3. Remove objects that may have become jammed in the wheel shafts. 1. Loosen the catch and pull the hose from the attachment. Remove any small screwdriver.
  • Page 20 Electrolux autorizado. Si el cable de alimentación o el cargador no están en perfectas condiciones, deberán If the supply cord or charger is damaged, it must be replaced by Electrolux or its service agent or an equally qualifi ed ser sustituidos por Electrolux, por su servicio de asistencia técnica o por personal cualifi cado, para evitar cualquier...
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