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Craftsman 51461 Instruction Manual

Pruner attachment


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Model No.
Parts List
Read and follow all Safety
Rules and Operating
first use of this product.
Sears Canada,
Inc., Toronto,
M5B 2B8



Summary of Contents for Craftsman 51461

  • Page 1 Instruction Manual J€:RAFTSMA#°J PRUNER A'I-rACHMENT Model No. C944.514610 • Safety • Assembly • Operation • Maintenance • Parts List WARNING: Read and follow all Safety Instructions before Sears Canada, Inc., Toronto, 545001437 1/17/05 Rules and Operating first use of this product. Ontario M5B 2B8...
  • Page 2 Maintenance Service & Adjustments Storage Parts List Center Section Parts and Ordering Back Cover ON CRAFTSMAN ® PRUNER Sears Canada, Inc., will repair or as a result of parts that become worn during normal use. with applicable provincial do NOT allow limitations on how long an may not apply to you.
  • Page 3 Because apruner isahigh-speed wood-cutting tool, special safety precau- tions m ust beobserved toreduce the risk ofaccidents. Careless orimproper use ofthis tool can cause serious or even f atal injury. PLAN AHEAD • Read this manual carefully until you completely understand and can follow all safety rules, precautions, and oper- ating instructions before attempting to use the unit.
  • Page 4 • Avoid d angerous situations. Donot use inpresence offlammable liquids orgases toavoid c reating afire or explosion and/or causing damage to unit. • Avoid d angerous environments. not u se inunventilated areas o r where d ust orexplosive vapors can build up.
  • Page 5 • Use only r ecommended CraftsmanCR_ parts a nd accessories. • Be sure chain s tops m oving when engine idles ( see CARBURETOR JUSTMENT section ofpowerhead manual). • Keep o thers away when m aking car- buretor adjustments. • Never start the unit with the clutch housing removed.
  • Page 6 • Never let t hemoving chain c ontact any object atthe tipofthe guide b ar. • Keep t he working area f ree from ob- structions such asother trees, branches, rocks, stumps, etc. E limi- nate oravoid a ny obstruction that your c hain c ould h itwhile y ou are cutting.
  • Page 7 flames from water heaters, electric motors orswitches, furnaces, etc. • Store a ttachment soblade cannot ac- cidentally cause injury. • Store a ttachment indoors, out o freach ofchildren. Ifsituations occur which a re not c ov- ered inthis manual, use care and good j udgment.
  • Page 8 SHOULDER STRAP ASSEMBLY WARNING: Proper shoulder strap and handle adjustments are re- quired before use. The shoulder strap clamp must be installed as shown above the assist handle on the upper shaft (powerhead end of unit). NOTE: The lower shoulder strap clamp has two spacer tabs attached.
  • Page 9 KNOW Y OUR P RUNER ATTACHMENT READ THiS iNSTRUCTiON MANUAL AND SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR PRUNER A]q-ACHMENq_ Compare the illustrations with your attachment to familiarize yourself with the location of the various controls and adjustments. for future reference. Shaft PRUNER The PRUNER is designed for removal...
  • Page 10 CraftsmantR:. chain saw bar oil. If Craftsman bar oil is not available, may use a good grade SAE 30 oil until you are able to obtain Craftsman brand. The oil output is automatically metered during operation. • Never use waste oil for bar and chain lubrication.
  • Page 11 • Watch out for branches immediately behind the branch being pruned. If the chain hits the rear branch, dam- age to the unit may occur. • Be alert for springback. Watch out for branches that are bent or under pressure. Avoid being struck by the branch or the pruner when the ten- sion in the wood fibers is released.
  • Page 12 1=Use the screwdriver end ofthe chain a djustment tool ( bar tool) t o move c hain a round guide b ar t o ensure kinks d onot e xist. The chain s hould rotate f reely. Chain Adjustment Tool Guide 2= Loosen bar clamp nut until it is finger tight against the bar clamp.
  • Page 13 ,_LWARNING: Always stop unit and disconnect spark plug wire (or disconnect powerhead from power source) before performing mainte- nance, service, or adjustments except for carburetor adjustments. CHAIN SHARPENING Chain sharpening is a complicated task that requires special tools. We recom- mended you refer chain sharpening to a professional chain sharpener.
  • Page 14 all.WARNING: Perform the follow- ing steps after each use: • Allow attachment to cool before storing or transporting. • Store attachment with all guards in place. Position attachment so that any sharp object cannot accidentally cause injury. • Store the attachment in a dry, well ventilated area out of the reach of...

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