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Craftsman 358.797921 Operator's Manual

Gas powered blower
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Model No.
Read the Operator's
TOvo so
Ca_ Result in Serous Injury.
Him .
Wear Eye Protection
RI:IFTSM l:l N _
2 Cycle E_gine
• Assembly
• Operation
Fuel Mix I
• Maintenance
• Repair Parts
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Sold by Sdi_,_Ro_b_Lck-a.ffd:__.o.2Ohicagd,_IL 60684 USA



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  Summary of Contents for Craftsman 358.797921

  • Page 1 Ca_ Result in Serous Injury. Sold by Sdi_,_Ro_b_Lck-a.ffd:__.o.2Ohicagd,_IL 60684 USA 153o DoNot ThrowAway Him . Always Wear Eye Protection 8___/A/,q._iC RI:IFTSM l:l N _ GAS POWER 2 Cycle E_gine • Assembly • Operation illl illl BLOWER Fuel Mix I • Maintenance • Repair Parts...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    _,| _ warranty excludes blower t_e_, spark plug, a_d air deane_; _ich _| If this Power Blower m used for commet_dal or rental pur_se_. •_| WAF.I_ "TI' SERVIC_ IS AVAILABL_ BYRETUI_LNG [i{ MEriT 1N THE UNITED STATES, This wm'fan_- applie_ only wh_e this product is in use in the United States.
  • Page 3 To avoid spreading fire, do not use blower nearleaf orbrushfires, Rreplaces, pits, ashtrays, etch. IO.Do not overreach faces such. as ladders, troe_ steep sl_pe_ rooftops, pla_ts suchas poison etc_ Use extra care when'cleaning on stairways.
  • Page 4: Know Your Unit

    I mII •KNOW YOUR D CIT A. INTRODUCTION Your blower is a high performance product designed for to_job_ Special: Features include: • Top handle for one-handed • Direct Driv_ • Vibration-Dampened Handle. • Weight- I2 lbs. e Convenlent upright storage.
  • Page 5: Assembly

    4, Assemble the vacuum tubes by aligning the danted end of the lower vacuum tube with the blower outlet as shown in Figure 6. Push the two tubes together '_ower'vacuum:tube ::_ cu.t:at an angle.
  • Page 6: Using Your Unit

    5- To attzch the vacuum b_, _ign the grooves on the elbow tube with the locking t_s inside the blower qutlet_ Figure 7 ('.reset). Be sure to align the dot on the .elbow tubew_ththe doton the blowerhousing. mser_ e_ow tube intobloweroutlet; twistelbow tube counterclockwise until parts snap together.
  • Page 7: Operating Tips_ - Blower

    12.Never run the unit without merit attached. proper air flow. always install blower tubea When using your unit posi_on. Figure 9. asa vacuum, alwaysinstall vacuum _ubesand col- surfaces lection bag assembly. Make sure collection bag as- sembly is completely zipped as shown in Figure 4.
  • Page 8: Fuelingyour Engine

    Move at least 10 feet away 'h'om thefueh_ s_-"te.' b. Holdtheunitin_he:_position m Figure 10. When using the unit as a'blb_,_ make sure the blower end is directed frompeople, animals, gIass, and solid objects. When usingtheunitasa vacuum, make sure II I I II IIII 2.
  • Page 9: Carburetor Adjustments

    2. IDLE SPEED ADJUSTMENT a. Starttheengineandruntheunltfor 10-15 minutestowarm up engine. b. Allow the engine to return to idle speed. _jusHd___unUi idlesasslowly aspossible without stalling.._ • -- Tam screw clock__ne_a_s:..' de._n. Blower S_mrting Position Throttle Adjust- Throttle U ._set). d." and repeat Switch be a result of etc.
  • Page 10: General M.a_Iten._Ice

    GENERAL MAINTENANCE. A_ Air Filter A dirty- air filter decreases engine performance increases reel _ansumption. Clean the Air FiIte_. • Frequently; • Always clean after 5 tanks of fuel or 5 hours of operation, whichever is less. Follow _ese steps: L Move the choke lever to Full.
  • Page 11 8. Move away from the i_el tank and melt the ends of the rope. 9. Allow each melted end to drip once; then while the rgpe is still hot, pull each melted end through a dean rag to obtain a smooth, pointed end. t0.
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    3. Store in a dry area out of the reach of ch_dre_ Ifyou do net want to remove thegasoline from yourunit, SEARS CRAFTSMAN Fuel Stabi- tiger (_71-33500) maybe added to ge_oline left in the tank to minimize gum deposits and acids. If...
  • Page 13: Repair Parts List

    SEARS GAS BLOWER REPAIR PARTS LIST - MODELS358.797922,358.797960,358.797982 27 _ 88 89 ,108...
  • Page 14 SEARS GAS BLOWER REPAIR PARTS LIST -_ MODELS358,797922,358.797960,358.797982 Description Part ,,, ,, 53O-O94712 Handle 530-026994 Front I_lator ,530-029111. 530-015635 530-029130 Screw 5_9-015813 5_0-0L_072 Trigger 630-027597 530-O15702 530-029117 Throttle Lock Button 5,"0-015840 _3{)- 0247T2 Sprm_ 530-029068 Shroud-Left; (Model 358.797960) 530-029610 Shroud-Left;...
  • Page 15 SF_RS GAS BLOWER REPAIR PARTS LIST - MO_ELS358.797922,358.797960,358.797982 ' Carburet0r Assembly Part Par_ Description 53O-O35014 *+ Metering Diaphragm 530-035151 *_ Metering Diaphragm Gasket 580-035016 Metering Lever Pin Screw 530-035268 1WaxtureNeedZe 530-035214 Mixvare Needle Spring 53O-O35217 Needle Washer 530-0352/8 "0" Ring Mixture...
  • Page 16 IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIlllI Iflf IIIIIIIHIII I I QUICK REFERENCE Read and follow Failure _A.WARNINGS SAFETY L Wear eye protec_on. 2. Dress safely -- boots or safety shoes and longpants. 3. Check for worn, loose, inissing, or damaged parts and repai_ 4. Keep ch_dren, bystanders, and animals aminimum B.
  • Page 17 := ... IL 60684 USA ... : servi_ or 3. The PARTDESCRIPTION 4. The NAME OF ITEM -- GAS POWdeR BLOWER ." your brder will betr_s- Canterfor handlin_ When you buy merchandise from Seam you _etan e_tra value that nobodyelse canoffer -- Sears S erd_.

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