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Off Timer; Menu Tools - NEC EA243WM-BK User Manual

24" led-backlit desktop monitor w/ integrated speakers
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Controls the volume of the speakers or headphones.
To mute the speaker output, touch the "RESET/ECO MODE" key.
SOUND INPUT (HDMI, DisplayPort inputs only)
This function selects Audio Input, HDMI or DisplayPort.
VIDEO LEVEL (HDMI input only)
NORMAL: Disables the expanded feature.
EXPAND: Expands image contrast and increases details in the dark and bright areas.
OVER SCAN (HDMI input only)
Some video formats may require different scanning modes in order to best display the image.
ON: Image size is larger than what can be displayed. The image edge will appear cropped. Approximately 95% of the
image will be shown on the screen.
OFF: Image size stays within the display area. The whole image is displayed on the screen.
Selects the method of video detection when more than one video inputs are connected.
FIRST: When current video input signal is not present, then the monitor searches for a video signal from the other
video input port. If the video signal is present in the other port, then the monitor switches the video source input port
to the new found video source automatically. The monitor will not look for other video signals while the current video
source is present.
NONE: The monitor will not search the other video input port unless it is turned on.
Sets the zoom method.
FULL: The image is expanded to full screen, regardless of the resolution.
ASPECT: The image is expanded without changing the aspect ratio.
Note (EA243WM only): The resolution of 1280x768, 1360x768, 1280x720, 1600x900 and 1920x1080 are always


Monitor will automatically power down when you have selected a pre-determined amount of time.
Before powering off, a message will appear on the screen asking if you want to delay the turn off time by 60 minutes.
Touch any OSD key to delay the power-down time.
You can adjust the blue LED brightness.
This function allows the DDC/CI function ON or OFF.
Selecting Factory Preset allows you to reset all OSD control settings back to the factory settings. Individual settings
can be reset by touching the ECO (RESET) Key.

MENU Tools

OSD control menus are available in eight languages.
The OSD control menu will stay on as long as it is in use. You can select how long the monitor waits after the last touch
of a key to shut off the OSD control menu. The preset choices are 10-120 seconds by 5-second increments.
This control completely locks out the access to all OSD control functions except for Brightness, Contrast and Volume.
To activate the OSD Lock Out function, enter the OSD menu, select OSD LOCK OUT, then press "SELECT" and
RIGHT simultaneously. To deactivate, press "SELECT" and LEFT simultaneously.


Table of Contents

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