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Whirlpool AKR 806 IX Manual page 13

Evolution one cooker hood, akr 806 ix
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The hood is designed for operation in filter version only: the air is filtered through a carbon filter and recycled in the
The hood is supplied with fixing plugs suitable for most types of walls/ceilings. However, it is necessary to contact a qualified
technician to ascertain the suitability of the materials according to the type of wall/ceiling. The wall/ceiling must be strong
enough to take the weight of the hood.
Fig. 2
Place the template (Fig. 2) supplied on the ceiling directly above the cooktop, matching the centre of the template (R1) with
the centre of the cooktop (R2).
The sides of the template must be parallel to the sides of the cooktop.
Note: The side of the template with the wording "FRONT" corresponds to the hood controls side.
Drill the holes indicated on the template, and insert the plugs. Remove the template.
Fig. 3
Prepare the support bracket A, suitably adjusting the length of the cables according to the following formula:
L (cm)= X-Y-H+3 cm
L = length of cables.
X= distance between ceiling and the cooktop surface.
Y = height of hood body.
H = minimum installation height between the cooktop surface and bottom part of the hood.
After finding the right length, slide the lock nuts along the cables (Fig.3b) until reaching the required length then clamp them
on the cable with a spanner (Fig. 3c).
Important: Respect the minimum distance from burners, indicated on the first page of the manual.
Fig. 4
After preparing the electrical connection, fit the support bracket to the ceiling, running the cables for electrical connection
through the middle hole
Fix with 3 screws.
Important: Detail A (support bracket) is equipped with a wire (yellow-green) which must be connected to the earth of the
house electrical system.
Fig. 5
Fix the hood to the hooking brackets and secure with 1 screw for each bracket (COMPULSORY FIXING).
Fig. 6
Adjust the position of the hood by means of the adjustment screws.
Fig. 7
Insert the control rod in the special seat.
Note! Compulsory coupling direction, with release.
Fig. 8
Fix the connection box to the support bracket on the ceiling with 2 screws.
Carry out the electrical connection and secure the cables with the cable clamp and 2 screws.
Fix the connection box cover with 4 screws.
Important: Replacement of the interconnection cable must be carried out by the authorised after-sales technical service.
Fig. 9
Insert the cover C between the support cables, making sure they enter the slots provided on the cover.
Important: Leave enough cable so that it passes easily through the slot obtained in the cover.
Secure the cover with 3 grub screws already screwed on the support bracket A.
Note: The 3 fixing screws secure the cover by the friction they exert on the cover itself, and therefore must not be completely
Fig. 10
Fit the carbon filter, on the back of the grease filter, with the special elements F. Insert the grease filter + carbon filter assembly
on the hood.
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